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47 Fiction Books in the Order as Written

Available at Amazon as Kindle Books, Paperbacks, and Hardcovers.

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​“When you hear a story, you remember. That is the African way of teaching and it works. We tell stories and get results. 

When you see the PowerPoint slides so beloved by Western Militaries, you forget within minutes and fall asleep. 

We don’t do boring and we count success by results, not money wasted or tons of bombs dropped. Why, because we want to win at any cost payable by the enemy. And we always do. We are the best operators, most elite, by far. We understand war, counterterrorism, and counterinsurgency, in this theatre, better than any other outfit. Yet we are virtually unknown in the West. That is the secret of our success. We know the enemy and Allied Forces, they know nothing of us...”

Major Geoffrey Foxtrot to GMJ.

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Pour Angelique Cover jpeg.jpg
Phoenix Cover jpeg.jpg
Lise Cover jpeg.jpg
Dawson Cover JPEG.jpg
Foxtrot Cover jpeg.jpg
Angel COVER jpeg.jpg
Odette Cover jpeg.jpg
Sanford Cover jpeg.jpg
Honey Bee Cover jpeg.jpg
Devorah Cover jpeg.jpg
Willow Bay Cover jpeg.jpg
Missa 72 Cover JPEG.jpg
Cadillac Cover jpeg.jpg
Blue Tang Cover jpeg.jpg
OST-M Cover jpeg.jpg
Wrangler Cover jpeg.jpg
Casselberry Cover JPEG.jpg
Bella Dawn COVER JPEG.jpg
Green 41 Cover JPEG.jpg
Celery 50 Cover jpeg.jpg
Caribbean Cover jpeg.jpg
Butterfly Cover jpeg.jpg
Phantom Cover jpeg.jpg
Mel's Choice Cover jpeg.jpg
Halloween 38 Cover jpeg.jpg
Anika Cover JPEG.jpg
Lucy Cover jpeg.jpg
Moonlight Cover jpeg.jpg
Oath 19 Cover jpeg.jpg
Ghost Cover jpeg.jpg
Jen Cover jpeg.jpg
Alphabet 32 Cover JPEG.jpg
One Alpha Cover jpeg.jpg
Ndebele 14 Cover jpeg.jpg
Dawn Cover jpeg.jpg
Vet 101 Cover jpeg.jpg
Angelique Cover jpeg.jpg
GSSP-40 Cover JPEG.jpg
Melisse Cover jpeg.jpg
Wednesday 7 Cover JPEG.jpg
Unbutton Cover jpeg.jpg
Rebecca 65 Cover jpeg.jpg
Swan 53 Cover jpeg.jpg
Masemole 26 Cover.jpg
July 27 Cover.jpg
Love 72 Cover.jpg

Available at Amazon as Kindle Books and Paperbacks.

For ePub versions, contact author directly.


“Price is what you pay. Value is what you gain in knowledge.”

Major General Angelique Dawson-Foxtrot to GMJ years ago.

“She was spot on, as always. No one reads a GMJ Book without learning something or so I am told... but I paid dearly for the knowledge. When I walked out of operations, they asked me what will you do? I said I wanted to be normal. They said it is impossible, that I am not normal, I was chosen, born to be special, for the Great Game. No one walks out of operations. I said I wanted to be normal.

An older colleague stopped me, we shook hands, and he said, if you want to be normal, find love, find a good woman that will love you no matter what. You will slowly become what is in your DNA and not your training. I asked him, if you know this, why didn’t you walk away years before? He said he could not find a woman to love him that much. He died a few weeks later in an operation in Burkina Faso.”


GMJ to Rebecca, the One, August 2018.

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