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Capturing a Drone Vessel by Covert Operations


Code Name Unbutton exposes an operation where Chinese Intelligence has captured a US Navy drone ship. This is a new idea in warfare, to have small unmanned vessels, sailing around and acting as the eyes and ears of the manned navy by listening in with passive sonar to track submarines.

Nuclear attack boats are not defensive weapons that are hanging around your own coasts. No, like aircraft carriers, they take the war to foreign shores, not for self-defence but in order to be able to strike first.

The US Navy’s ability to hunt submarines is outdated. An older Russian Akula class nuclear attack boat spent a month inside the Gulf of Mexico in 2012. She was fully armed and able to shoot her long-range cruise missiles at almost any target inside the US with practically no warning. She could have hit what she aimed for as there are no known active anti-missile defensive systems operating on US soil. The US Navy is called upon to keep such boats away from the mainland and they failed miserably. This is disturbing to anyone with sympathy towards America. It is also a clear message that America is vulnerable to conventional attack. In other words, the US Navy cannot fulfil its primary task because they are forced, by politicians, to focus on "nation building" crap even though the conventional threat is much higher than terrorism. ​

With the growing Russian and Chinese submarine fleets and powerful surface warships, there is a problem here, and not only one of a lack of ships, but of innovation. The Qualitative Military Edge, QME, or technological advance does not exist anymore, the rest of the world has caught up (see American Military Might - Debunked).

The “solution” which today is being touted to the world are drone ships. However, they are built with Chinese circuit boards. In 2011, a US Senate investigation found that almost 1,000,000 counterfeit (fake) parts were sold to the US Military. No less than 70% of these came from China. Unscrupulous business? You decide and keep in mind the “altered” computer parts were sold by the US to China and vice versa to be able to listen in on each other, we know, the classic Trojan Horse scenario is happening. You must wonder if the Chinese can somehow, remotely, sabotage the above systems. Theoretically, between the Indian software engineers, whom I also warn about, and the counterfeit / altered circuit boards and chips, the Chinese do not need to capture a US drone ship, they already know everything about it.

We also take a hard look at how such drones will be defeated in the future, and whether or not they make sense is for you to decide after reading this book.


Spymaster extraordinaire, Angelique Dawson, is with her team in the Mozambican Channel. She is leading a combined operation with two Chinese intelligence operatives to capture a US drone vessel and download its databanks as well as uploading their own software embedded in the vessel’s circuit boards.

To do so she is flying in from a covert commercial vessel, the MV Triggerfish, at night, using powered paragliders which are invisible to radar. She is as usual not explaining much to her future husband and former Police Special Forces Company Commander, Geoffrey Foxtrot, the narrator, who is trying to keep her safe.

The presence of a US 688 Los Angeles attack boat that is keeping an eye on the surface drone is problematic. Coupled with the presence of two South African naval frigates, a Chinese Type 052D Kunming class Aegis destroyer and the uncertainty of the need for the mission makes it downright hazardous. It is expected that the Los Angeles attack boat will intervene if it becomes aware of the raid…

If you wish to read about Covert and Special Forces Operations in sub-Saharan Africa, the GMJ Books are the place to start. You will learn about covert operations, Special Forces techniques and military history not known outside the select few.

Code Name Unbutton is the 43rd book of the GMJ Series.

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