Deep State and the vulnerabilities of CIA agents in sub-Sahara Africa

656 pages in paperback

This is a very special book for me because for the first time in the GMJ Series I explain more about my late wife. I added a dedication:


“I wrote this book for you, my wife. Actually, all of them with their hidden codes and your ‘M’ on all the covers between my own initials. I had to keep busy or go insane after the machines were switched off - the final act of love to release you to the care of God, our Father. So I began writing the GMJ Series. Three weeks, Honey, that is how long a GMJ Novel takes no matter how long or short. Just more than two weeks to write, a few days to rehearse, and then the editor gets them to make them readable, enjoyable.

Real authors say that it cannot be done, it is impossible to write that fast. What do they know?

We have done so, 41 times in a row plus another three under my real name in between.

When will it come to an end? I am asked. How long is a rope? I reply with a shrug.
I never wanted to be an author or a widower. Truth to be told, Melissa, I don’t know the answer except to say that not one book was worth your life. I would give all I have to be with you again, even give up writing but what would be required for me to see you again, is my life. I see the irony, Sweetie, the price cannot be negotiated but you are not laughing with me when I say such things, you look angry, and so, I keep on writing.”
GMJ to his late wife on finalising Code Name Mélisse.”

In Code Name Mélisse, we carry on testing a new concept in counter-terrorism, the use of large military gliders to silently approach a terrorist nest. The glider concept must be demonstrated operationally and is.

I also show you how a joint force of current Special Forces members and spies from different nations work together. Furthermore, I went out of my way to show the planning behind a raid. For me, the shooting part is the boring part, it is the planning to get to that point and getting the lads and lasses home again that has always interested me more. That is where the military art can be found, not in the shooting. Finally I wanted to highlight how vulnerable US Military personnel and or CIA operatives are in this theatre.

In this book, a CIA Predator drone is attacked and a Jesuit priest, working for the CIA, who was behind the attack on Angelique Dawson in Code Name GSSP-40, is confronted. His birthright as an American will not save him and that is perhaps the most important lesson in this book; don’t ever think that your US or UK passport will protect you. See this book as a warning, not anti-American, it is blunt reality facing those that are in South Africa without an invitation.

The 2018 Putin new generation weapon disclosures and the Skripal poisoning incident are also discussed.


South African spymaster extraordinaire, Angelique Dawson and her team are combining with Mossad, DGSE (French spies) and MI6 teams to prove that a large military glider can be used effectively in counter-terrorism operations.

They must attack a recently discovered terrorist compound in Malawi, snatch a terrorist leader and do so at night, withdrawing across Lake Malawi to Mozambique before sunrise.

Angelique is as usual, not explaining much to her future husband and former Police Special Forces Company Commander, Geoffrey Foxtrot, the narrator.

There are other shenanigans going on as well; the destruction of a CIA operated Predator drone as well as ambushing a rogue element inside the CIA that tried to murder Angelique the previous week during Code Name GSSP-40.

Worryingly, she does not have the usual towing aircraft for the military glider and is forced to use an ageing Super Frelon helicopter which has never before been used in this way. Such complications will not stop Angelique Dawson, a superb combat pilot, she will do what is necessary no matter what.

Code Name Mélisse is the 41st book of the GMJ Series.

Book Review

Code Name Mélisse (GMJ 41)  A Most Intriguing Book!
This book, as well as the others in the series, uses fictional characters to reveal what happens in the world of special operators in a part of the planet that is little known to most of us. Africa attracts little interest for us in the West and so it remains relatively unknown. But there are some extremely intriguing things going on there.


South Africa is often depicted as the poster child of a failed state when it most definitely is not. The whites ceded the vote to blacks and so it's now a black-ruled nation, but it remains very much a First World nation. This black-ruled nation has its own arms industry and military that rivals those of the West. Their special operations people are simply the best and that makes South Africa the power broker in the sub-Saharan region. That's the reality.


Here is a fictional story based on that reality, a story involving the special operations people and their chiefs from various nations meeting to eliminate a shared threat. And to do so they are testing new methods, and reviving old ones, of insertion and elimination of threats. Yes, a most intriguing book.

​“When you hear a story, you remember, when you see the PowerPoint slides so beloved by Western Militaries, you forget within minutes and fall asleep. We don’t do boring and we count success by results, not money wasted or tons of bombs dropped, we want to win at any cost payable by the enemy.”

- Major Geoffrey Foxtrot to GMJ.

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