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Combining Spies and Special Forces

with Conventional Artillery

414 pages in paperback

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In this book, we take a hard look at the way secret agents combine with conventional and Special Forces at times, in this case, using self-propelled artillery and mobile rocket launchers, causing mayhem to their enemies. Spy games are not always simply the cloak and dagger type, the attack may well be in the form of heavy shells and rockets which accurately rain down.

I show how such an artillery strike is set up by using the South African designed G-6 howitzer, a tremendously effective self-propelled 155 mm or 6.1-inch weapon which is able to accurately shoot up to 43 miles away. This is twice as far as any other comparable system. The 46,000-pound armoured vehicle has twice the fuel range compared to any other system, by design. Furthermore, the G-6 is fast, twice as fast, being wheeled, not tracked as would be any other system in that category but you can read the details for yourself in the book. Here the G-6 howitzer system is backed up by two 127 mm Valkiri MLRS platforms making it deadly and mobile as, again, it has twice the fuel range of any other comparable system.

I found with my books that there is a great lack of knowledge regarding any weapon system not designed and deployed operationally by the US, NATO and even Russia. In this respect you would do well to read GMJ 35, American Military Might – Debunked. South Africa is leading the world in many military spheres, not your normal “African” country at all. These weapon systems and other advanced ones are being sold to places like China, Russia, Iran and others. In fact, to the traditional enemies of the West and that is not by chance either. This should be worrying.


Spymaster extraordinaire, Angelique Dawson and her people are setting a trap for the Zimbabwean Army Forces who are chasing a four-man South African Army Special Forces Team towards western Mozambique. They deliberately betrayed their patrol on her instructions in order to lead their pursuers into a deadly ambush. Angelique wants to destroy the Zimbabwean Army Unit (company sized) in a carefully crafted ambush by using heavy artillery in the form of a G-6 howitzer self-propelled 155 mm or 6.1-inch system backed up by two 127 mm MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) Valkiri vehicles. The airburst shells and rockets must explode simultaneously on the Zimbabweans to be effective.

At the same time, the running South African Army Special Forces Team with the legendary former Special Forces officer, Geelslang Peter Ndebele as liaison officer for Angelique, must be far enough away and under shelter to survive the incoming artillery strike. Angelique’s ground commander and later husband, former Police Special Forces Major Geoffrey Foxtrot needs to get everything in place first, then call the artillery strike at the right time and place as Geelslang leads them closer. Any mistake will lead to friendly casualties that cannot be afforded.

Meanwhile, Angelique is also up to other things, not explaining much to a very concerned Foxtrot. She is flying a Super Frelon helicopter to launch a separate rescue mission for a captured agent inside Zimbabwe, a place where she is wanted dead or alive. If captured, she would be tortured to death.

Foxtrot is worried about the hostile air cover they face. Zimbabwean Aérospatiale Alouette gunships are above the chasers, trying to corner the running Special Forces Team in the classic Rhodesian Fire Forces Principle used so often during the Bush Wars. The helicopters need to be shot down before they find the hidden artillery. He decides to take them out with Chinese MANPAD missiles manned by Angelique and her troubled agent, Lucy. They have one shot each.

If you wish to read about Covert and Special Forces Operations in sub-Saharan Africa, the GMJ Books are the place to start. You will learn about covert operations, Special Forces techniques and military history not known outside the select few.

Code Name Anika is book 27 of the popular GMJ Series.

Book Review

Code Name Anika (GMJ 27)  A Great Read
"This GMJ novel, like the others in the series tells of a fictional love interest among two South African Special Forces operators, but the author also uses that story to reveal some real-life commentary about weapons, tactics, and policy. He emphasizes that he's not anti-American or anti-West in any way, but he does express some valid criticism that should be heeded. Following are some quoted passages:

"It is not Special Forces’ job to fight but to conduct important reconnaissance without being found, there is no place for any other ideas. Yes, we can fight and better than anyone else but that is not our first task."
"Once you read the book you will know what to do and that is another point most miss when reading GMJ Books. The narrator is actually telling you how to operate in this sphere and he is revealing Special Forces techniques you did not know about and I assure you once again, others are taking note, your enemies. Yes, they are studying these books with great attention."

"Special Forces, or the American and British version are by tradition 'heavy' forces. They have to be supported with air cover and they always (justifiably so) want the ability to extract to safety when in difficulty which is often. This is a weak point in this sphere for reasons I will explain below and one which will bite them in the ass in the future. Historically, we operated without any air cover for up to eleven months at a time, for years, behind enemy lines, something rather unique in South African Special Forces history ... "

"What is the use of having highly trained and specially chosen troops if you don’t use them properly? We will never understand the way the US Military is wasting their Special Forces using absurd tactics and the difference is clear to see in Syria, even NATO admits that the Russians are winning hands down and are achieving a lot more than the US & NATO efforts could do for many years. The Russians also won hands down in the Crimea, Georgia and Ukraine by the way, the US trained troops could not run away fast enough. Whatever Mr Putin is doing, is noticeably working. And whose fault is this but a White House unable and unwilling to say the words 'Muslim Terrorist' among other things? If you cannot name something for what it is, you cannot deal with it, it really is that simple and it shows a deeply flawed personality trait ... "

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