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Capturing Enemy Weapons for Further Study

A Combined Mossad Operation

517 pages in paperback

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Code Name VET 101 looks at several subjects of interest. The first is regarding captured weapon systems and how they can be abused against you. This is why all weapons, fuel, vehicles, whatever, must be destroyed before surrender or capture. As can be studied in history, unfortunately, this does not always happen.

The same rules apply for counter-terrorism and counterinsurgency, nothing that can be used by the enemy should be captured by them, although, this too, is wishful thinking.

In 2017, the Taliban displayed US Special Forces equipment, an FN SCAR rifle, ACOG scopes and night vision equipment on the internet. Before that, ISIS also displayed a great many captured Humvees and other military hardware. A concerned reader wrote to me that in Afghanistan the Taliban have more captured or stolen American night vision scopes than the official Afghan Army. They decimated an Afghan platoon with their newly acquired night vision scopes. The platoon lost more than 20 men in the first few minutes, killed one by one. You may deduct then that the Taliban had the technological upper hand here. Americans and other NATO soldiers are going to be shot dead as a result. Yet, there are no warnings in mainstream.

Secondly, we look at concentration camps in some detail. GMJ readers know that I mention the British Army Concentration Camps against the Afrikaner during the Second Anglo Boer War in my intelligence briefings. Historically, one third, yes, one out of every three Afrikaner women and children died in those camps that existed between 1901 and 1902. It is a very big deal since many historians, myself included, believe that this caused Apartheid. No one has ever officially apologised.

We also discuss the better-known Jewish Holocaust. One that was apologised for by Germany, retribution paid many times and most importantly, the fact that the State of Israel could and did take revenge. This was denied to the Afrikaner.

Finally, we expose the absurdity of the US mainstream media and the Senate regarding the 2017 Niger Ambush where four Green Berets died. The tragic events were exactly what I warned could happen.

Apparently, none of my warning messages reached those that needed them most and just about everything was done wrong. Unfortunately there will surely be another similar fiasco.


Spymaster extraordinaire, Angelique Dawson is in Tanzania to assist Mossad Team Leader, Devorah Arik, to capture a newly upgraded Soviet Era ZSU-23-4 “Shilka.” The SPAAG (Self-Propelled Radar Guided Anti-Aircraft Weapon System) has what is known as the Giovanni Racer upgrade making it deadly against low flying attack aircraft and incoming missiles.

Angelique is, as usual, not explaining much to her future husband and former Police Special Forces Company Commander, Geoffrey Foxtrot, the narrator, who is trying to keep her safe. He suspects that the Shilka capture is a cover up for something else. He knows that there are two companies of Israeli Special Forces in Nairobi, Kenya, for “a combined operation with the Kenyan Army.”

However, the presence of the top Mossad Team combined with Angelique’s people indicates something else is brewing. He is not wrong…

If you wish to read about Covert and Special Forces Operations in sub-Saharan Africa, the GMJ Books are the place to start. You will learn about covert operations, Special Forces techniques and military history not known outside the select few.

Code Name VET 101 is the 38th book of the popular GMJ Series.

Book Review

Code Name VET 101 (GMJ 38) US Troops in Niger... and Other Important Commentary!
Information I'd not read before, information I learned from this book:
1) U.S. Special Forces in Africa
That recent fiasco in Niger where US troops died is more fully explored here. The author speaks frankly of drones, air support, and selection criteria for special ops people, and why the Americans failed in this one and will continue to fail in other operations in Africa.

2) Sanctions don't work!
During the Apartheid period, when trade sanctions were supposed to cripple their nation, the South Africans instead created their own first-rate arms industry which remains to this day competitive on the world market. They even built their own nuclear weapons!

3) Foreign aid doesn't work!
First world nations giving money to developing nations is absurd; it simply takes money from the poor in rich nations and gives it to the rich in poor nations. There simply are no visible signs in Africa where foreign aid has benefitted the people.

4) The Korean War was a Cold War diversion!

I'd not thought of this before, nor had I seen this written before. There was a massive build up of arms and opposing armies in Europe in the late 1940s with a real risk of war. Stalin instead provoked the war in Korea to force the West to divert its resources and strength thousands of miles away from Europe.

I've learned a lot from these George M James books. This is vital information not easily found elsewhere. This book and the others in the series need to be read by all who care about history and policy in today's world.

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