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Intercepting a Covert Intelligence Gathering Vessel


In Code Name Moonlight, we take a hard look at counter-espionage and not our usual subjects, counter-terrorism and espionage. It is seldom that you find someone liking both fields, the two groups don’t usually mix well.

When Angelique Dawson inherited the counter-espionage desk (like a department), she was not overly impressed. She is at heart a spy, not a counter-espionage operator. But what Angelique likes most in life, professionally wise, is to prove that a woman is as good as, if not better than, any man and when playing chess with human lives, which is the game of spymasters, she is the best in the business.

There are also standing death warrants in this world. If you see someone on it, you will take the shot and make an end, no questions asked unless you did not take the shot.

The modern Western Agencies pride themselves in that they don’t do “wet work” as the KGB refers to it, that too is just so much nonsense. If you target a fellow for death, and Special Forces find that fellow and “laser paints” his house for an airstrike, it is “wet work” since the results are the same as if walking up to him and shooting him numerous times at close range (the traditional Mossad way). The rules are clear, if you can get close to a designated target, then you do so.

In Moonlight, we shall see how two enemy agents seem they are defecting and then turn deadly. I furthermore wanted to illustrate how an intelligence gathering vessel may meet clandestinely with agents. It happens even on US coasts. A submarine may be used but that is dangerous for many reasons - the submarine is a major asset. The Admirals are not amused when asked to help the spies out. The other problem is political. Whereas a spy gathering vessel, a converted trawler or whatever, can be denied, a warship cannot be. Spy vessels are seldom attacked directly and never by warships, if attacked, it must be done by other means or a conventional war could break out.

Angelique finds out that a clandestine rendezvous is about to take place and she wants the spy vessel captured in the act. However, there may be a double bluff going on, and perhaps, she is the real target…


Spymaster extraordinaire, Angelique Dawson and her team are in Zululand, South Africa, close to the Hole-In-The-Wall, a well-known landmark. She has been informed that a clandestine meeting is about to take place between an intelligence gathering vessel of unknown origin. Enemy agents are trying to smuggle someone or something out of the country. She decides to capture the enemy vessel in order to uncover more, however, she is unknowingly heading into a trap.

The enemy agents are organizing the rendezvous using broken communication lines in order to expose a friendly agent inside their ranks who is reporting to Angelique. They are also after Angelique herself, she has an automatic death warrant against her. If the two groups shall meet, much violence will follow.

Her long time bodyguard and later husband, former Police Special Forces Company Commander, Geoffrey Foxtrot is doing his best to keep Angelique safe, but she is her usual “otherwise” self.

With the help of his best friend, legendary Special Forces officer, Geelslang Peter Ndebele, they set up an ambush for the enemy vessel. They have plenty of unplanned surprises, and Angelique is not amused with some of the events that follow.

If you wish to read about Covert and Special Forces Operations in sub-Saharan Africa, the GMJ Books are the place to start. You will learn about Special Forces techniques and military history not known outside the select few.

Code Name Moonlight is the 29th book of the popular GMJ Series.

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