Weapons / Systems used in GMJ Books

Combat Aircraft

Swedish Gripen JAS 39 - Code Name Blue T
Swedish_JAS-39_Gripen - Copyright to att
Swedish_JAS-39_Gripens - Copyright to at
Yak-14 Glider - Code Name Angelique
T-37 Tweet ejection seats
T-37 Tweet (Angelique's instrument of te
Swedish Gripen JAS 39
Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker B+
Sukhoi Su-30MKK Flanker-G
Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker
SAAF Mirage F1AZ
SAAF Mirage F1 CZ - Code Name Blue Tang.
SAAF Mirage Cheetah C
SAAF Mirage Cheetah D & C in background.
SAAF Mirage Ceetah  over the USS_Forrest
SAAF Mirage Cheetah C  (Ceremonial Colou
SAAF Gripen, Cheetah D & 2 training BAE
SAAF Blackburn Buccaneer
SAAF Atlas Impala (Aermacchi MB-326)
SAAB JAS 39 Gripen in South African Air
SAAB 29 Tunnan - Code Name Dawn
Mirage 2000D
Rhodesian Hawker Hunter
MiGs at Mwanza, Tanzania, Code Name VET
Mikoyan MiG-35 Fulcrum-F
Mikoyan MiG-35 Fulcrum (1)
MiG 25 Foxbat
MiG 23 Flogger - Code Name Blue Tang
MiG 21
A7 Corsair II
McDonnell Douglas Phantom II
J-7 (a Chinese copy of the MiG 21)
Madden survival pack
Harrier Jet
Gripen JAS 39
Israeli Kfir in US Navy Aggressor Squadr
French Rafale
French Rafale (1)
Fouga_Magister, Code Name Dawn
Fort-Eben-Emael German Gliders - Code Na
Flare decoys - Code Name OST-M
F-117 Nighthawk Code Name Unbutton
F5-M Freedom Fighter upgraded cockpit
F5-M Freedom Fighter (Code Name Jen)
Eurofighter Typhoon
Eurofighter Typhoon (1)
English Electric Canberra - Code Name Da
Douglas Skyraider, called Sandy, Vietnam
Destroyed Fouga Magister, Katanga, Code
Chinese Sukhoi Su-30MKK
Chinese Chengdu J20 Chinese Stealth Figh
Chinese Chengdu J20 Chinese Stealth Figh
Chinese  - Pakistani FC-1 Xiao Long
Canberra bomber - Code Name Dawn
Blackjack Bomber Code Name VET 101
C-47 Gunship, Vietnam
Bundesarchiv_Bild_101I-166-0512-Ju 52 Cr
Blue Tang fish  - Code Name Blue Tang

Firearms & Explosives

Z88 Pistol (M9)
ZPU-4 Heavy Machine Gun - Code Name Moon
Vintorez Sniper Rifle - Code Name Bella
Vektor R4 5.56mm Assault Rifle
Vektor R5 5
Vektor R5 5.56mm butt extended
Vektor Mini-SS LMG 5.56mm
Uzzi SMG
Truvelo 20mm Sniper Rifle
Truvelo .338 Lapua
Truvelo .308 (7.62 NATO) Sniper Rifle
Striker Shotgun, butt retracted - Code N
SPP-1 Soviet underwater pistol
C4 Plastic Explosives
Semtex Plastic Explosives
Detonation Cord
Nobel No. 808 Plastic Explosives
ANFO grains - Code Name Phantom
Skorpion Vs61 - Code Name Devorah
Sophie XF
Saur M30 Drilling survival rifle - Code
RPD light machine gun
Rescue - Chinese Special Forces - Aircra
Rescue - bus
Rescue - aircraft, side doors
Rescue - aircraft, on wings, about to bl
Rescue - aircraft, approaching from the
Kel-Tec PMR30 - Code Name Green 41
M21 Sniper Rifle
Kahles 624 tekescope - Code Name Butterf
Heckler & Koch MP7 with optical sight
Heckler & Koch MP5 with silencer
Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-23 - Code Name Dawn
Graphite Bomb - Code Name VET 101
Grach Pistol
Glock 19 Gen 4
French FAMAS Assault Rifle
Glock 17
Fort Eben Emael Hollow Charge - Code Nam
DSR-1 Sniper Rifle - Code Name Mel's Cho
DeLisle Rifle - Code Name Bella Dawn
Dashka .50mm
Credit SAC Phil DyeMOD, Ghillie Suits, C
APS_underwater_rifle - note the dart bul
Ammunition  Depot - Code Name Phantom


Wasp Helicopter
SuperLynx with Makopa Missiles
SAAF DENEL Rooivalk, sea duties
SAAF Super Frelons at Durban
SAAF DENEL Rooivalk Attack Helicopter
SAAF DENEL Rooivalk Attack Helicopter (2
SAAF BK-117 Code Name Rebecca 65
SAAF Atlas Oryx
SAAF Atlas Oryx practising mountain resc
SAAF Atlas Oryx in flight, note wheels r
SAAF Atlas Oryx Antartica
SAAF Atlas Oryx - fastened on deck
SAAF Alouette Helicopter
M26 Helicopter  - old USSR version
Mi 8 Hip - Code Name OST-M
Rhodesian Huey
Mi-8 Cockpit - Code Name Dawn
Hughes 500 (Angelique's Chopper)
Hind D - Code Name Dawn
Chinese Changhe Z8 with the AEW fitted -
Cockpit of Mi 26T Helicopter - Code Name
Chinese Air Force Super Frelon (Changhe
Cargo hold, looking forward, Super Freel
Cargo hold of Mi 26T Helicopter
Ambhibious Helicopter - Russian Mi 8
Abandoned helicopters, Operation Eagle C

Insignia and More

Code Name OST-M, smallest RC church
French nails, Code Name Ghost
White Coach - Code Name Phantom
Van Staden Railway Bridge, Code Name Reb
Waterloo-Medal- Code Name Swan 53
Typical HALO, note the Bergen
Static line drop - note the Bergens dang
The Thing explained at the UN
The Thing - Code Name Moonlight
SOE  parachute drop- Code Name Dawn
Signal Device - Code Name Cadillac
Selous Scouts
SJ symbol, sungod worship- Code Name Reb
Secret SJ fronts - Code Name Rebecca 65.
Saiful Azam, Code Name Swan 53
Rescue Signal Mirror Code Name Unbutton.
Rhodesian Ridgeback (Angelique's dog - B
Rescue Signal Mirror, front and back, Co
Rebreather - Code Name Green 41
Ram Air Turbine, RAT, Code Name Swan 53.
PCAS - Code Name Dawn
Police Special Foces Insignia
Ouma Biscuits - Rusks
Omega Seamaster (Angelique's diving watc
Napoleon saying goodbye to his Old Guard
Moise Tshombe - Code Name Dawn
Night time HALO - copyright US Dept of D
Mao's Little Red Book, Code Name Swan 53

Places and Scenery

Bikini Island atomic bomb test, 1946, Co
Beira Cathedral - Code Name GSSP-40
Buffalo River, looking towards the harbo
Buffalo River, looking towards the inter
Chinese Satellite Interception Station i
Column-Escarpment-Arete - Code Name Hone
Dag Hammerskjold Memorial - Code Name Da
Dune driving Namibia - Code Name Ghost
East London harbour, Buffalo River, Code
dungeness sound mirros Code Name Wednesd
Fence between Botswana and Zimbabwe - Co
Hammarskjold Memorial at Ndola, Zambia,
Ear at Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq, Malta, Code Name
Hole-in-the-rock Code Name Moonlight
kaalvoet-vrou - Code Name OST-M
Lake Kariba - Code Name Missa 72
Lake Niassa
Katse Dam in summer - Code Name Alphabet
Marion Island Weather Station - Code Nam
Marion Island - Code Name Lucy
Mihrab - Code Name Wednesday  7
Mihrab-arch - Code Name Wednesday 7
Monkey Bay, Malawi - Code Name Celery 50
SOE Agents Odette Sansom & Captain Peter
Zimbabwe Tea Plantations (Code Name Miss
Zanzibar Island - Code Name Casselberry.
WIlliam_Morgan_Pillar_ Code Name Swan 53
Xai Xai, Mozambique
Washington-monument-from-above, Code Nam
small acoustic device - Code Name Swan 5
Serpent - Dragon Seal Vatican - Code Nam
Simonstad Naval Base
Simonstad Naval Base (2)
Road close to Bilene, Mozambique - Code
Prince Edward Island - Code Name Lucy
Prince of Wales red dragon, Code Name Re
Pemba Island - Code Name Casselberry
Old Cavalry Fort Mozambique - Code Name
Boerperde - Code Name Love 72.jpg
Grand Union Flag - Code Name Masemole 26
Hand sign Satanism - Code Name Malemole

Naval Vessels

Valour Class Frigate - South African Nav
Warrior Class - former Minister Class -
Typical bridge of a passenger ship - Cod
USS_Nevada-Operation Crossroads_Target_S
Submarine Escape  Training - Simonstad -
Super Ferry 14 burning - Code Name Carib
SS Narwhal being taken by Royal Marines,
Soviet Cruiser Ordzhonikidze - Code Name
Severodvinsk Class Escape Capsule
SAS Galeshewe - close inshore vessel
SAS Galeshewe - close inshore vessel (2)
SAS Drakensberg Replinishment vessel wit
Royal Navy Qeens Elizabeth Carrier, not
Richelieu Battleship, French Navy
Russian Navy Carrier
OTO-Melara-76SR-naval gun - AKA OTO Bred
Forward deck, SAS Mendi, VLS System - Co
Inside Daphne Class Submarine
Namacurra Harbour Patrol Boat (Pink Slut
Drone ship, Sea Hunter, Code Name Unbutt
DENEL 35mm twin cannon on South African
Daphne Class Submarine
Chauncy Maples on Lake Niassa - Code Nam
Chinese Navy satellite tracking ship - C
Chinese Navy passing the English Channel
German light cruiser Konigsberg - Code N
Chinese Type 052D or Kunming class - Cod
SAS Amatola - Code Name Phoenix
SAS Mendi - Code Name Willow Bay
SAS Galeshewe - close inshore vessel - n

Spies and Traitors

Eli Cohen, Code Name Swan 53
Kim Philby KGB Agent inside MI6
Vilyam Genrikovich Fisher (alias Rudolf
Oleg Penkovsky - supposed CIA  - MI6 spy
Gordon Lonsdale - Code Name Jen
Francis Garry Powers
Buster Crabb - Code Name Ghost
Mata_Hari - Code Name Bella Dawn
Vera Atkins, SOE
Sonya Olschanezky, SOE, Code Name Rebecc
Noor_Inayat_Khan, SOE, Code Name Rebecca
Nathan-Hale- Code Name Swan 53
Madeleine Damerment, SOE, Code Name Rebe
Jedburgh Mission over Occupied France, 1
Elyesa Bazna - Cicero - Code Name Angeli
King Henry II whipping, Code Name Rebecc
Benjamin_Franklin_British spy, Code Name
Chevalier_d'Eon, Code Name Swan 53
Robert Hanssen FBI Agent spying for the
Aldrich Ames CIA spy for Soviet Union
John Anthony Walker - Soviet spy betrayi
Lorenzo Ricci SJ Code Name Masemole 26.j