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4 Non-Fiction Books Written to Expose what Mainstream will not

Available at Amazon as Kindle Books, Paperbacks, and Hardcovers.

For Apple ePub versions, contact the author directly.

"I hope that you enjoy the GMJ Series. These are books worth reading if you like military history, romance, espionage and although the books have a strong South African flavor, the messages in them are directed towards the West. Keep in mind that the GMJ Books are written as a warning to those who may not understand what is happening in sub-Saharan Africa, the new battleground, as we speak. As such, the GMJ Series contain intelligence truths which some will dislike on principle, if so, I invite you to research my books. I believe the public should be informed. And that the warnings communicated in this book are of utmost importance."


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American Military Might - Debunked COVER
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