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American Military Might - Debunked (GMJ 35) 
​No One Guaranteed Pearl Harbor was a One Time Event.
I gave this 5 stars because they won't allow me to give 15. If you've ever wanted an honest, objective analysis by someone with the knowledge and interest to do it well, yet with no political agenda to promote then your ship has just come in. The writer is well versed in military matters with years of practical experience with "boots on the ground". A proud Afrikaner, he is none the less a true friend of the American Republic and provides information here you won't get from the left or right wing media, your congress critter, and certainly not the defense contractors raking in their billions of dollars while offering lucrative employment opportunities to former military/civilian leaders who have proved "helpful". Think of this as getting a third opinion from an imminently qualified physician who specializes in your area of need, but with nothing to gain or lose either way. What you read may be frightening, upsetting, even offensive. Most straight talk between close friends about a problem often is. But remember, no matter what other voices may say about this book the one thing they can't say is "It isn't true."
​Come on America, wake up and smell the threat analysis.

VOICES - War Crimes USA (GMJ 46) 
"I just read your amazing book! It is one of the best books I have ever read and from now on my favourite one! Not a compliment! I am going to recommend your book to everybody." Investigative reporter Dilyana Gaytandzhieva.
This cannot be covered up any longer!
"When it rains, it pours . . . as the old saying goes. After reading Voices I am now continually finding references to more and more cover ups of American war crimes. You know, it seems to me after reflecting on this a bit that American military culture has evolved to the point where a leader feels it's his greater responsibility to "take care of my people", to be "the good guy", to be known by his men as a guy who has their back. It's no longer about justice, it's no longer about doing the "right" thing, it's about protecting one's men. This is a "no balls" attitude, almost seems to be the result of a fear of fragging for a commander to take the side of his men, even when criminal behavior is involved, than to do his duty by law, by common sense, and by his God." Elek, Vietnam Vet.

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​“When you hear a story, you remember, when you see the PowerPoint slides so beloved by Western Militaries, you forget within minutes and fall asleep. We don’t do boring and we count success by results, not money wasted or tons of bombs dropped, we want to win at any cost payable by the enemy.”

- Major Geoffrey Foxtrot to GMJ.

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