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The Occult and the New World Order
Rescuing a Hijacked Train

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Code Name Rebecca 65 touches on what many will consider to be conspiracy theories. But I am not known to write anything that I cannot substantiate. It is not my concern, nor do I care, who you choose to serve as your God. These are your private beliefs but you ought not to be lied to when you make that choice. Yet you are lied to.

What I found out during my research and what is denied, is beyond belief. This is the most important GMJ Book written to date. This is the one that gives the greatest warning - that the US and UK are under Vatican control. That the leaders of the free world are bowing to the Pope. And that the Vatican serves Satan, aka, Lucifer or the devil.

This book will connect the dots to reveal that there is a direct link between the Occult, Cabalism, and Terrorism. The occult symbols are everywhere and can be found in terrorism and in cults as well as in every single Roman Catholic Cathedral / Church, and in ALL official emblems and insignia, including the official seals of the CIA, NATO, MI5, US Navy, US DOD, FEMA, FBI as well as on all the seals and flags of all Governments and the UN, yes, in all of them.

It is by design as is the design of Washington DC forming a Freemason pentagram which is an occult sign to signal obedience to Satan. For the USA it started right at the beginning with the Confession of British Army General Cornwallis to General George Washington at Yorktown.

For Great Britain, it started with the murder of Thomas Becket. This was followed by the Compromise of Avranches and King John’s Concession. We explain who is controlling US Foreign Policy and that all the highest leaders / Presidents / Prime Ministers are part of either Freemasonry or the Knights of Malta. Both Roman Catholic Orders. There is a universal language developed in the form of symbols and symbolism that is a code or a secret language. Here we explain the said code, we broke it and we can read it and it leads to the Vatican. Biblically though, it started with the Tower of Babel.


Terrorism and the occult work together. We saw that numerous times that certain dates are used by terrorists to attack the innocent. It is not by chance but by design.

This book reveals how the occult is can be found in everywhere in everyday society and why it is important to combat the deceit, also explained, of the Vatican, the first beast of the book of Revelation. There is a code / symbolism used by occultists and terrorists alike, exposed here, once you can read the code, you know the enemy.

Code Name Rebecca 65 is not only a good counter-terrorism story of a train rescue but an in-depth look at the occult and terrorism and the centuries-old onslaught on Protestantism. Nothing you see is by chance.

Spymaster extraordinaire, Angelique Dawson is tasked with rescuing a captured train held hostage by religious nuts. The train is standing on the Van Staden River Railway Bridge, close to Port Elizabeth, 252 feet above a gorge. The rescue will not be easy because of that, Special Forces cannot storm it the usual way.

Eavesdropping bugs must be installed without being seen, a rescue assault organised and negotiations done. She is, as usual, not explaining much to her future husband and former Police Special Forces Company Commander, Geoffrey Foxtrot, the narrator, who is always trying to keep her safe. He knows that there is more to the story, that on board the train is Rebecca, the One, a Swiss American woman and others of importance to many.

Failure is never an option and Angelique is willing to take unheard of risks to end the siege. She is not going to enter into protracted negotiations or give in to demands.

If you wish to read about Covert and Special Forces Operations in sub-Saharan Africa, the GMJ Books are the place to start. You will learn about covert operations, Special Forces techniques and military history not known outside the select few.

Code Name Rebecca 65 is the 44th book of the GMJ Series.

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