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The Link Between Terrorism and Human Trafficking
Hunting a Foreign Special Forces Team


Code Name One Alpha looks at human trafficking in much detail and the link with counter-terrorism.

I knew about human trafficking, from the news and have read articles, however, I did not understand the true scope of the problem.

As Angelique explains in Chapter 7, there are currently 40 to 43 million slaves in the world. That is close to double Australia’s population, half of that of Britain and France and about 90% of South Africa’s. Serious figures that I found difficult to comprehend. If you were to look at everyone walking around in a city like New York and imagine them in shackles... and yet you still wouldn’t get the true picture. I had the unhappy task to describe what is done to victims once they are grabbed, snatched, abducted.

There comes a time when a man must stop looking the other way and stand up and be counted. Once you read this book you have no more justifications in ignoring what is happening right now, everywhere. If you don’t want that burden, don’t read Code Name One Alpha.

The main theme is important as well, I describe how a NATO / US-based Special Forces Team will be hunted down in this theatre and destroyed when cornered and note I say “when” and not “if” cornered.

The enemy Special Forces Team stands no chance as far as I am concerned and why I say so is defined in the book. I will also explain how the South African Army’s armour battlegroups operate independently with their own infantry and supply columns.

As a cover, to explain the role of the armour in hunting Special Forces, we take a hard look at how CSAR (Combat Search and Rescue) is done here with armour formations, Special Forces, spies, multi-role air superiority fighters and whatever else is needed.

We then take a very interesting look at the history of the CSAR, especially in the Vietnam War. It is not a job for Special Forces as such but can be done by Special Forces if needed, but only when all other options have failed.

We deal with some tough realities in GMJ Books and the subjects can be difficult.  However, we strive to make this information digestible, and sometimes, some information should not be kept secret. My intention is for a better world.  Always.


Spymaster extraordinaire, Angelique Dawson and her team are in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, conducting a training CSAR (Combat Search and Rescue) mission to liberate a shot down pilot on the run.

They are working with the Army’s armour battalions and Special Forces. However, she is at the same time manipulating affairs to include an exercise to find a simulated NATO Special Forces Team that may be operating in South Africa in the future. She wishes to test the most likely response to such a threat. To do so she is calling in fast-moving armour, attack helicopters, mechanised infantry, paratroopers, Special Forces and her own people to chase the team down.

Yet, this is not all, she is also planning a secret raid on a maternity clinic in a nearby city which is being used as a human trafficking centre. She has reports that it is also trading in human organs. As far as is known, she has no official permission for the raid, the traffickers are being protected by the highest levels of corruption.

That will not stop Angelique Dawson. Her bodyguard and later husband, Geoffrey Foxtrot and his friend, legendary Special Forces officer, Geelslang Peter Ndebele have their hands full to protect Angelique and work out the logistics, plan the raid and then execute it, all under the tactical command of Angelique’s female team leader, One Alpha.

If you wish to read about Covert and Special Forces Operations in sub-Saharan Africa, the GMJ Books are the place to start. You will learn about covert operations, Special Forces techniques and military history not known outside the select few.

Code Name One Alpha is the 34th book of the popular GMJ Series.

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