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The "Muslim Truce"

How The Wave of Radicals Were First Spotted

544 pages in paperback

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Since the very first GMJ Novel, Code Name VFO565, was published in late 2014, I have spoken about the “Muslim Truce” which is something that is officially denied by the authorities.

I stated that the new South African Government reached out to what many will call “Islamic Radicals” and offered or negotiated a deal that they will be welcomed to recuperate and be protected in this sphere but only if they behave.

This is the spirit of Ubuntu. 

From about 2005 we started noticing new mosques springing up across sub-Saharan Africa. We wondered why this was happening as this is not a predominately Muslim area, it is nominally Christian. There simply was no logically reason why there were so many new mosques, thus we kept a close eye on them.

In Code Name Wednesday 7, I explain how the mosques were penetrated and what other startling things we discovered. I also take the time to explain Islam versus radical Islam so you can have a much better understanding of these important differences.

In fact, the knowledge in this book is imperative to the understanding of Islamic counterterrorism. Unfortunately most do not know this which saddens me. We have studied radical Islam in detail to get the complete picture and to understand the way such people think. Please note, the radicals are an extremely small percentage of otherwise good people. This is not, repeat not, an “anti-Islam” book.

Next, we take a hard look at PNES aka Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures. This is not caused by abnormal brain electrical discharges as is normal epileptic seizures but by psychological distress which can be caused by the brutality of man, sexual abuse and other causes.

In my books, I often write about “Lucy,” a counter-terrorism agent that got caught by a warlord. During her captivity, she was cruelly abused. PNES (and PTSD) is the price that Lucy paid for staying alive after her escape, which less than 1% succeed in doing. When she is not suffering from PNES she suffers from nightmares and PTSD as do so many like us. We show what happens during a PNES attack and what treatment is needed. PNES is a lifelong sentence which few family members are willing to deal with. It is also closely linked with PTSD. These diseases are difficult to say the least and are certainly not dishonourable nor shameful. I found that the lack of knowledge regarding PNES is tremendous and it is my sincere hope to help those that suffer through awareness and information.


Spymaster extraordinaire, Angelique Dawson is with her team inside Malawi. From about 2005 the South African Secret Service started noticing new mosques springing up across sub-Saharan Africa. Angelique finds out why this is happening and takes matters into her own hands.

She is, as usual, not explaining to her future husband and former Police Special Forces Company Commander, Geoffrey Foxtrot, the narrator who is trying to keep her safe from all harm and especially her own counter-espionage desk that is helping the Islam radicals.

In a combined Mossad and CIA operation, she goes after the new mosques and destroys a MANPAD missile cache.

If you wish to read about Covert and Special Forces Operations in sub-Saharan Africa, the GMJ Books are the place to start. You will learn about covert operations, Special Forces techniques and military history not known outside the select few.


Code Name Wednesday 7 is the 42nd book of the popular GMJ Series.

Book Review

Code Name Wednesday 7 (GMJ 42)  Startling Revelations!
Don't expect a soft message from this writer. He's a South African and they are noted for their blunt and direct way of speaking and you will find all that in his books. You must not interpret his manner as anti-American; clearly he's very pro-American but he holds no punches when criticizing the American way of war and our errors in policy. It's a message that must be given if we are to adequately know what's really going on, what we are not learning from the main-stream media.


James does not preach to the choir here; he tells it like it is. Example: "When the CIA got the Bush 43 go-ahead to torture prisoners, they had no idea how to do so, yes, they asked us for assistance, rather embarrassingly so for themselves. They adopted the SERE training to this effect and they failed miserably. When they opened secret and illegal prisons across the world we warned them not to do so, that it will come back to haunt them. We said that if you wish to be effective you must go all the way, that is to kill the prisoner afterwards or don't detain him in the first place. Simple, effective and deadly as a message as well as calculated. They would not, they did not have the moral fibre to do so and and still don't, but they don't mind launching Hellfire missiles at innocents and feeling proud about their efforts which are pathetic in efficiency.

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