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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Or a British statesman?

A few days ago, Churchill’s statue in Parliament Square was disfigured with graffiti. The inscriptions were probably done by the Black Live Matters (BLM) crowd protesting racist police murders in the United States. The graffiti painted onto the statue stated that the legendary British Prime Minister was a “racist.”

The reaction was as expected. There were shock and outrage. Many are defending the fellow, including the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, whose only saving grace is that he once described Hilarious Clinton quite accurately, “She's got dyed blonde hair and pouty lips, and a steely blue stare, like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital.” Yes, that was in 2007. Britain can be grateful that Hilarious did not win in 2016 as she tends to remember insults. Since then Johnson bumbled on, causing much distress to a great portion of the British voters/community. His crowning moment of exposed stupidity came during the so-called Skripal “Novichok” poisoning to which there is still to this day no evidence that will stand in any court that Russia / Mr. Putin was behind it (see Intelligence Briefing). Yet, Johnson wrote a flattering book on his hero, Winston S. Churchill, and he will not even think of letting the statue be removed. It will never happen, end of the story. So the statue was covered up immediately to protect it from further harm and still is as of writing this blog.

Many jumped on the bandwagon to explain that the man lived in different times and ought not to be judged by modern standards but by the standards of the day. This makes sense, it is a fair point and view. It is easy to be judgmental afterward with 20/20 vision. Who here has not made a mistake? But on the other hand, where there is smoke there is fire and needs to be looked at. Churchill, after all, mostly knew through codebreaking in advance what the enemy was up to. And yet he almost lost the war. What you read in the schoolbook approved histories are mostly written for those protecting an image, an idol, and not the whole truth. Often, in life, and especially with mainstream media, it is what is not said what is important because that is how you lay a fake/false trail of history as part of a coverup. So I tend to focus on his many failures and let the reader make up his own mind on what he was. This is fair too, in law it is called the “Audi Alterum Principle,” to hear BOTH sides before coming to a decision. The schoolbook histories and flattering biographies are one-sided in the extreme. I have a list of Churchill’s failures and shenanigans so long that I am pondering writing a Churchill book that exposes him to the ugly truth. Churchill’s list of negatives, failures, whatever you wish to call them, is impressive and listed below. Note that it is not exhaustive or in chronological detail. I will not expand much on each failure either, a blog is not the place. If I write the book, I will write a chapter on each allegation discussing them in detail. I have more than enough evidence to prove my points. I don’t consider his Dardanelle’s Campaign as a blunder so it is not mentioned here. So let us start:

1. The Sudan atrocities after the Battle of Omdurman 1898 where he was involved. Many war crimes were committed and covered up. The evidence cannot be denied and yet is.

2. His lies and war crime actions during the Second Anglo Boer War of 1899-1902 from which his political career started, according to his own account. That he was not executed by the Boers is to be wondered at. What about his spurious command and decorations for World War I services where he never saw action and was what is today called a “political appointee?” Yes, we can write about that too.

3. The constant meddling during World War I and World War II with Royal Navy operations as First Sea Lord. He cost many lives. It is even said that he wanted ships sunk to gain US sympathy and rerouted Allied convoys into waiting U-boats. So, it is said, was the SS Lusitania. He did the same with harassing the Luftwaffe into bombing London during WWII – the evidence is so clear that it cannot be denied and yet it is. His entire style of leadership was bad for the war in general. As much as my English friends don’t like hearing this, without the US and the Soviet Union, Hitler would have won. Old Winnie did not save you, the US and the Soviet Union did. And by the way, you were not alone in 1940 either, the entire Empire was with you after you ran away and out of France via Dunkirk and other places. You also suffered the least casualties. I wonder why.

4. UK and US invasion of Bolshevik Russia 1917-1919 where he advocated the use of poison gas and it was used, have no doubt. His love affair with poison gas since Iraq (1914) right through his life where he wanted to bomb Tokyo with poison gas. Some say he was drunk during the Cabinet meeting. Certainly, he was drunk often enough for US President FD Roosevelt (FDR) to refer to him contemptuously as a “drunk.” His supporters deny this. They will say it was watered down drinks and well within his capacity to handle. That is not how an alcoholic is defined. The problem comes when you cannot live without alcohol and he could not. He was a functioning alcoholic and at times too drunk to function. It is pathetic for any leader let alone a wartime leader.

5. The 1940 attack on the neutral French Fleet at Mers-el-Kébir to impress the United States and no other reasons. 1,300 French sailors died. This incident is something I describe in detail in a new book written with my wife. Then also the murders, let us say suspiciously convenient deaths, of Polish leader Sikorsky, and Admiral Darlan, of Vichy France. The coverup and denial of the Soviet war crimes at Katyn Forest.

6. The 1943 Bengal Famine, some say a Holocaust, where 6-7 million Indians starved to death. No assistance came from other parts of the Empire because of Churchill. He did not cause the famine but he did nothing to assist either. That makes him guilty. India, by the way, had to pay 1-million-pounds Sterling every DAY during WWII besides giving hundreds of thousands of men. Without them, there would be no successful North Africa or Italian campaign. Yet, Churchill had racist ideas on other nations of color. South Africa had to give all its gold reserves to the US to pay for England’s war debts. Yes, by 1941 the British Empire was broken, bankrupt, and literally begging for US assistance. It never recovered.

7. His war crime in ordering the shooting of Red Cross aircraft during and before the Battle of Britain. Yes, it happened. No excuse is possible.

8. His running away from London when the codebreakers indicated that London would be attacked or let me say, where he was situated. This is debatable. He had the right to protect his own life, yes, but let us not forget those poor Londoners who had “to take it.” They could not run away. And they could not take it either, they broke much faster than the Germans. But let us include here the vicious bombing of France, the second most bombed country after Germany. France was an ally, not the damn enemy!

9. His disturbing links with Czechoslovakian Secret Service who paid him to act as an agent of influence through the Thirties. In fact, the corruptness went so deep that he accepted money (hidden in a deceptive manner) from Jewish friends as Prime Minister in 1940. Yes, it is the new book written with my wife, I have ALL the evidence I need. The man simply could not work with money. He failed to pay debts and had to be bailed out more than once. He lived way beyond his means. Did that influence his political views? Of course! He was corrupt.

10. Zionism. Now let me state I support the right to have your own country and in that sense Zionism. What became of their dream once they created Israel is another matter entirely. Churchill was anti-Semitic in a “casual” way which is how his biographers and paid defenders call it. Listen to me, there is no such thing as “casual anti-Semitism,” you either are or you are not. There really is a lot to say on this subject alone. He supported Zionism only after being bailed out financially which says it all. He changed parties twice, skulking back when it suited his career.

11. He was a Druid Priest. Yes, I have the evidence. He was a 33-Degree Freemason to boot. He also admitted that he does not believe in an afterlife or heaven, only darkness. Therefore, whatever he pretended in public, singing Christian hymns with the best of them, he was in Satan’s service effectively. Perhaps that is why he created with his fellow Mason, FDR, the United Nations, a place that is so filled with the occult that I recently rejected a chance to visit it in Geneva. Another subject described in many GMJ Books, see Code Name Rebecca 65, Code Name GSSP-40, and Code Name Masemole to mention a few.

Very interestingly, almost all the above are either not mentioned in the schoolbook histories or glossed over or dismissed. Dr Gideon Polya, MWC News Chief political editor, checked on Yahoo and Google for the phrase “Churchill’s crimes” and got three, yes, three, results a few years ago. Is that normal? No. Of course not. That is programming censorship for you. So imagine the mirth when Google just a few days ago removed Churchill’s picture from a line-up of British Prime Ministers. Yes, only his and this is after the Black Lives Matter graffiti incident. They say it was an innocent mistake and rectified the matter after public outrage. A mistake? LOL! Of course not. But note please that I will defend that statue they wish to remove. Churchill had good qualities too, like all of us, and is worthy of the statue. To remove it is an attack of freedom of speech. It cannot be allowed.

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