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The Moscow Attack cannot be Radical Islam

As you all know, an armed attack took place on March 22 at the Crocus City Hall concert venue in the city of Krasnogorsk, just outside Moscow. At least 140 humans are dead. Countless others were wounded and the place burned to the ground. Four of the attackers were captured and presumably talking under what Americans will call “enhanced interrogation.” Others, the human rights types, will say “torture.”

It remains fascinating to me that the US can torture innocents (until proven guilty) across the world in safe houses based in third-world countries or hold them at Guantanamo Bay for longer than what Nelson Mandela was kept (after being found guilty in court). Yet, somehow, these proven acts of inhumanity do not matter to the arrogant turds in Washington and Langley. Nor is the mainstream media worried about such things at all. They actively cover for the US and NATO wherever possible as they are now covering for the Moscow Attack supporting the ISIS-K narrative coming straight from the mouths of the liars in Western intelligence.

The problem here is that the world outside NATO and the US grew up and can see the double standards. I may even say that we are sick and tired of being treated differently based on nationality. If a Russian does something, oh that is bad. If a US Marine does the same, oh, he is a patriot and thank you for your service – here is another medal for incompetency. It is astonishing to see a youngster with less than ten years’ service sporting four rows of medals whilst men like Eisenhower, Patton, and Montgomery, had one row or two at the most. Cheap medals mean low standards. Remember that next time you see an Idi Amin imitation in uniform.

Now the Crocus attack was weird. As far as is known none of the attackers shouted their usual “Allah is great” slogans during it. Nor did they try to stay on and get the maximum publicity for their cause through hostages. Nor did they fight to the death but tried to escape to Ukraine… from where they were paid. During interrogation, they admitted, or one did, as far as we know, that he did the evil act for money and not Allah. The way they obtained their weapons shows Western Intelligence involvement via pre-established caches. They seem to have got together for this attack, attacked, and tried to escape in the most amateurish fashion ever known to man. Nothing of this attack makes sense from a Jihadi perspective but it makes perfect sense from a mercenary perspective. It also shows that those behind the attackers, their handlers, and controllers, are utterly devoid of sympathy for them. They were betrayed by utter incompetence.

Russia is not going to let this go. They are winding up the helpers/assisters and will get to the bottom of the attack soon enough. Moscow will then and should use the coming trials as an indictment of the West and finger whoever was responsible. And then? Revenge? Yes, but in their usual professional and controlled fashion on all levels, diplomatic and in the shadows. You have poked the Bear once too often. The consequences will be felt for a long time.

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