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The Joke of the Year 2023

It seems that MI6, the UK's James Bonds, trained a unit of 100 Ukrainian fighters/Idiots/Nazis to commit sabotage in Africa back in 2021 to be deployed right now. Okay, the news article is quoted below and from Let us read it and either cry or laugh depending on your mood or both:

"MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The United Kingdom's Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as MI6, has prepared a sabotage unit of 100 Ukrainian fighters to be sent to Africa to counter Russia-Africa cooperation, a military-diplomatic source has said.

"According to information confirmed by several sources, the British intelligence service MI6 has formed and prepared for deployment to the southern continent a sabotage and punitive detachment consisting of militants of Ukrainian nationalist and neo-Nazi formations to counter the development of cooperation between African countries and Russia," the source said.

NATO Instructors Trained Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion Soldiers in 2021

6 August, 10:31 GMT

The source added that Kiev, at the request of London in July 2023, ordered that Ukraine's Security Service and the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (GUR) "provide maximum and prompt assistance to representatives of the British intelligence MI6 and SAS special unit in the selection of 100 fighters from the Ukrainian national formations with significant combat experience on the 'eastern front.'"

One of the main tasks of the unit in Africa will be "sabotage of infrastructure in African countries, as well as the elimination of African leaders oriented towards cooperation with Russia," the source added.

The unit is planned to be sent to Africa by "a chartered civilian ship from the [Ukrainian] port of Izmail to the [Sudanese] city of Omdurman during the second half of August," the source said.

GUR officer Lt. Col. Vitaliy Prashchuk, who has experience of "successful liquidations" and participated in MI6 operations in Zimbabwe, will head the unit, the source said."

Let us get say there is some truth to the above and take the discussion further as if it is the truth. To begin with, let us get to reality here, shall we, old chaps? Forgive my best Pukka British accent attempt to humour because this reminds me of something mentioned in many GMJ Books. When Gen Petraeus, US Military/Cheating Husband/CIA Head wrote the new US Military Counterinsurgency Manual I read it. Would you know, the two most successful counterinsurgency models in modern military history, Rhodesia and South Africa, did not feature. Were not looked at, and nothing was learned from them. Okay, so they did include studies of the French war in Algeria (which ended by that time almost 50 years ago) as well as the British Army, which was by that time only chased out of Africa since the middle 1960s. Not one of these countries had any relevant experience in the subject.

As predicted, the "Surge in Iraq" ultimately failed miserably with the West's own creation, ISIS, running amok. The recent "Biden Debacle in Afghanistan" with outright murder and war crimes committed by US Forces during the withdrawal from Kabul is well known. When the Ukraine War started because of NATO expansion to the East against all promises made and against all logic, the NATO/US weapons failed just as miserably as predicted in "American Military Might - Debunked"written by me in 2017 and updated a few times since. And now, we find out the Ukrainian Nazis trained by the never-so-great MI6 with SAS assistance (I rate them below average) now wants to operate in Africa committing acts of sabotage and probably murder too.

Note please that MI6 has a splendid record of failure starting in 1939 and is never ending - for more details read the GMJ Books where their failures are exposed. They have achieved nothing of significance except perhaps preventing Argentina to get working Exocets anti-ship missiles (with French assistance and millions in bribes) during the Falkland Skirmishes. Oh, a "former" member that later committed suicide when financial shenanigans came out created the so-called "White Helmets" during the Syrian Civil War. You know, those heroes of Western Propaganda who was seen often at ISIS executions and never helped the Syrian Arab Army people but always those of ISIS. How weird, especially when flown with Israeli assistance to Canada after yet another US-led defeat.

The thing is that most African nations have good counter-espionage units to keep their despots in charge. Especially Zimbabwe is known for their brutal effectiveness and is a nation that dislikes the Pommies as much as any. It is also so that all BRICS nations share intelligence. I warned about this in many books, and therefore whatever the Russians picked up would have been shared long before the news article came out. Practically, the Ukrainians simply do not fit into the nations they targeting. They cannot speak the languages. They have no clue about the culture and will be liquidated in return if they try anything seen as a threat and not a joke as is now. They are dead people walking. A warning, not a threat. Cannon fodder for the West.

The same can be said of any other Western intelligence agency including Mossad. Simply a joke in that theatre and often warned in my books to stop hiding behind fortress-like embassy walls and start mixing with the people who might be willing to assist (no one will assist Ukrainian Nazis, forget it). I can go on for hours but it is easier to simply say read my books and laugh with me at this folly. And remember something else, MI6, Six, as I call them, does not have money for this type of operation. They beg and borrow from their masters in Virginia, CIA to you. They are the real ones behind this idiocy if true (which I hope not). The CIA, like the US Military, have no real success in Africa. They arrive, they murder the innocent, they create chaos, and then they run for home declaring a fake victory. So be prepared for a nasty surprise waiting for these Nazis. Africa does not need or want such people close by.

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