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They become untouchable money wasters in the pockets of big business

Spending money like crazy is not the answer to military problems. The best way is to avoid war and you will not have any military problems that are usually based upon egos and nonsense in brewing inside empty-headed echo chambers. “Conventional War, in effect,” as any spymaster will tell you (with a superior smirk) “is the cumulation of failure by politicians which they were trying to prevent.” It should be noted that the shadow wars are entirely unconventional in nature and much more brutal because of that. And as I described in many books, Code Name Anika, Code Name Lucy, and more, conventional weapon systems can be used to great effect. But still, that is never what is known as a conventional war. The spies claim, nodding seriously at you, that they work for peace and keep peace by what they do. They are correct.

Of course, it is somewhat more complex than above, but the point is that killing at a mass scale as in conventional war is seldom needed. It stays a failure to humanity when war breaks out and there are dreadful consequences. Many reading here might be surprised but Ulysses S. Grant, the famous Civil War hero and later President, felt the same: “There never was a time when, in my opinion, some way could not be found to prevent the drawing of the sword.”

So did other famous officers. It was the Duke of Wellington, the famous British General and later Statesman, that defeated Napoleon, that said in 1815 after the Battle of Waterloo: “My heart is broken by the terrible loss I have sustained in my old friends and companions and my poor soldiers. Believe me, nothing except a battle lost can be half so melancholy as a battle won.”

Unless you have seen what war does, what a bullet or bomb does to the human body, smelled the blood and gore, heard the anguished cries, you do not understand what war is. But then came the era or remote wars with relatively few casualties and no real hardship to the population who carries on like always except for newsreels and some newspaper articles. Wars fought on television in faraway countries always against a minor power unable to strike back at the homeland. The opponents almost always were of a different skin color and religion, almost aliens with strange names and strange languages. With that came arrogance finally shattered on 9/11 when the war came home to the US homeland.

As an interesting side fact, do you know that 9/11 is a great occult number and was predicted in The Simpsons? Do you also know that the Madrid (Spain) train attacks where 2,000 people died took place 911 days later (or were supposed to, the terrorists forgot a leap year day due to ignorance). How anyone can deny the occultic influences in terrorism, whether official (that is using official forces as terrorists, i.e. Western Special Forces wherever they are) or “freedom fighters” is beyond my understanding. I revealed the occultic system, numbering, signs, and language, to be found in all official flags, symbols, letterheads, and even buildings, especially in Washington DC, in many books including the latest, OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism.

What though was the result of the War on Terror? In the first place, millions of innocents died or were forced to flee into poverty. Entire economies were destroyed. Everything that could be done wrong was done wrong. America is now the most mistrusted and, in some places, hated country in the world. Since 9/11, the incompetence of the US Military and Allies created four times more terrorists waiting to attack the homeland. That is called FAILURE.

Moneywise, astonishing wastes took place. Coalition Forces have lost no less than 400 aircraft in Afghanistan and Iraq because of brownouts or as they call it, “Degraded Visual Environments (DVE),” since 2002. The US taxpayer, that wonderfully abused fellow, had to pay for the airframes to the amount of $1,000 million. 152 lives. And practically all the above were due to pilot incompetence in not being able to fly and land properly. It is pathetic standards exposed and laughed at by many. My books reveal many more statistics like the above.

At the home front, let me explain, and it is much worse now since this 2014 report came out from the conservative think tank, the CATO Institute: “If the $75 billion expenditure is expected to reduce the risk (of homeland terrorism)… by 50%, those expenditures would need to deter, disrupt, or protect against…. 150 Boston-type attacks per year, 15 London-type attacks each year, or one 9/11-type attack about every three years.”

With the increase of spending since then (Stimson Center estimate of $186 billion) the “expense of fighting terrorism only economically breaks even if it prevented 372 Boston marathon-type attacks each year, 38 London tube bombings per year, or a 9/11-type attack nearly every single year.”

The local terrorism threat is totally overblown, and it became a money-making exercise beyond anything ever seen before and it is breaking the US financially. Yet the Nazi behavior, “Guns before Butter,” continues with fake terrorism. Columbia Law School’s Human Rights Institute, July of 2014, it is worse now, found that all except four cases of domestic US terrorism after 9/11, had direct US involvement in the form of agents or informants: “All of the high-profile domestic terrorism plots of the last decade, with four exceptions, were actually FBI sting operations - plots conducted with the direct involvement of law enforcement informants or agents, including plots that were proposed or led by informants. According to multiple studies, nearly 50% of the more than 500 federal counter-terrorism convictions resulted from informant-based cases; almost 30 percent of those cases were sting operations in which the informant played an active role in the underlying plot.”

Another word for “sting operations” is “entrapment.”

The Boston Marathon bombing is one of those excluded, where the FBI apparently did not play a role, but they were warned by the Russian (see the irony) FSB. This should be extremely worrying if you are an American reading here. It means that the Deep State – that is the CIA / FBI and IC bureaucrats, actively encouraged the attacks, they are ultimately behind them.

Right, now the threat has changed away from terrorism but note, the spending on countering it did not, the budget merely increased to counter the new threat identified as China, Russia, and Iran. They must be countered by spending money without any consideration of getting bang for the buck. The words “Force Multipliers” almost certainly do not exist in the American Military since I have yet to meet one officer that can explain the concept to me. To them, it is all about “Shock and Awe” and “overwhelming strength” which is fine and good if achievable… which it is not. Not against countries as big and well-armed (see American Military Might – Debunked) as Russia and China. There you will be defeated, and the war will come home to you when that happens since they will counterattack everywhere. It will never stay a localized conflict to be watched on television. Why else do you think China is investing heavily in offensive weapons, and Russia more on defensive weapons but an increase of offensive submarines that are better, quieter, more automated, than the US counterparts. Cheaper too which means more value for the money spent. On this topic, it is astonishing to me that “how much we spent at the Pentagon” is always used as the winning formula. It is probably based upon the erroneous thinking that the Soviet Union went down because of the arms race. Yes, it played a part, but there were many other factors too, factors that we see clearly today in the USA and Western Europe. It is about spending wisely and expecting value back. Not blowing money on wild ideas. Increase your standards and you will see a major difference in war. But no, it is all an MBA game of numbers.

In Code Name Unbutton, I looked at the US Navy’s robotic ship ideas. I said that it is as much a losing dead-end avenue as were swept-wing aircraft and the so-called stealth aircraft (which they are not even close). Yet we now hear that the US Navy wishes to increase to a fleet of 530 ships, many of which would be unmanned. That is robotic ships. The problem is this and read the book if you want to know more, China and Russia are already way ahead in that technology. They are leading the world and therefore also know how to counter such weapon systems. Furthermore, they know how vulnerable the US homeland is against counterattacks. You certainly will see Chinese carrier groups sail around the US coasts in the future. I wonder what then. Will you then still be so adamant that “Freedom of Navigation” exercises are wonderful ideas as you now claim when sailing into the death traps (for you) in the Persian Gulf, South China Seas, Black Sea, and other places where you have no business to be and where no one has refused any ship going about its lawful business. And yet the idiocy for pushing all the time for war is continuing from one country only, the USA. You do not see other countries doing the same thing. They prepare for war because of Washington’s policies, proven already to be failures, proven to be militarily ineffective, and with widely opposing civilian sides looking like a new civil war is about to break out. Tell me, who do you think will win if the Generals are left in charge to waste money at a scale that cannot be repaid ever? That will increase inflation and cost millions a decent life. Where is the accountability? Do you understand that if you leave people alone they will almost certainly leave you alone? Do you understand that 9/11 took place because of US interference and deploying troops to Saudi Arabia? Do you understand that war is not a certainty and can be avoided? I doubt it.

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