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Do you wish to continue the Afghan war, yes or no?

I don’t like Joe Biden. The reason why is not political but his Jesuit connections which I explained many times. He attended Jesuit schools. Sent his brats to Jesuit schools. Stated on television how much he admires Jesuits and the Pope. In fact, he broke every known rule regarding the holy separation between Church and State. But so did Ronald Reagan, the Knight of Malta, a Catholic Organisation, who appointed the first US Ambassador to the Vatican (still illegal under the US Constitution). Then, if we look at the US Presidents in history almost all, virtually every single one, was a Freemason (under Jesuit control) or belonged to other secret organisations. And all came from one European royal family. Yes, it is in my books. I am not going to repeat the evidence here, read OATH OF EVIL and you will find the answers to what might be shocking to you right now.

Why am I upset with the Jesuit connections which Donald Trump also have? And every other US President? Well, they exist to wipe out Protestantism. Like in killing everyone who is not from their side. They were behind the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and both World Wars. They created the USA to act as the Second Beast of the Book of Revelation (Code Name Masemole 26) Read their oath and wonder how any sane person can take such an oath never mind act upon it. See how their puppet, Anthony Fauci lies - just recently stating that 99% of those dying of Covid-19 is unvaccinated when his own CDC says it is 15%. That 96% of doctors are vaccinated when less than 40% are. That is a Jesuit in action. Take note of the fact that you have not one Protestant on your Supreme Court, all are Catholics with perhaps one Jew. Who appointed them? Unlike so many these days, I will declare that I am Protestant and proud of it. This does not mean that I hate Catholics, not at all. I hate their system which is that of Babylon, warned against in the Word of God. Again, read OATH OF EVIL, where all is explained.

Yet I find myself in agreement with Sleepy Joe regarding the current Afghanistan fiasco. It seems that every conservative is now shouting “Disgrace, humiliation and that the world will never trust the USA again…” Okay, the world does not trust the USA and stopped doing so a long time ago. That alone is no reason to go back and be defeated once again. You lost the war. You were defeated because you don’t have a clue about winning or counterinsurgency operations. We who were looking from the side warned for years and were ignored. There is no way out of this debacle except what is happening now. You are out of choices. You either go back and rekindle the war and lose again or you run for home without dignity as you are doing now. Those are your choices and your only choices. Biden is not wrong to say that the Afghans must sort out their own crap. Yes, your people died for nothing. I am sorry. They were abused by those below. The money you wasted will not be returned and China will now step in to replace you. And you do look like fools. Even more so when blaming everyone except your low standards military, incompetent Generals, bought politicians, and your MIC that cannot manufacture weapons without ridiculous prices and ones that actually works.

What is worse than all this is that the blame is then removed from the above guilty ones to people like me that brings the bad news. People that warned you for years that this will happen. So, this is one of those situations, and this for all the running for home NATO nations, shut up and bear the pain. Stop the whining at Fox News and prepare for the same in Iraq. It is coming. Change your ways and learn from this before you lose more than just a non-existent reputation. Next time you might find out what it feels like when missiles and bombs rain down on your homeland.

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