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When the New World Order becomes normal.

What do you say when people suddenly love despotic behaviour from the so-called elected officials? How is it possible that your freedoms in terms of movement, association, and more, are taken away and people say, “are we not lucky that our leaders worry about us?” Yet that is exactly what is being done and said and the reaction must be very reassuring to those turning the screws under the disguise of “common good.”

Okay, so is this a form of the Stockholm Syndrome studied by all dealing with hostages and hostage rescues. Let me explain what it is, taken from Code Name Wrangler: “Back in 1973, a robbery took place at the Kreditbanken in Stockholm, Sweden. Several hostages were taken and held for six days. Oddly enough, the victims & hostages became emotionally attached to their captors, so much so that they even defended them after they were freed. Since then, this bizarre but common psychological condition is called the “Stockholm Syndrome” and it is closely monitored by the rescuing forces.

We see it in movies as well as in real life. In one old James Bond movie (Never Say Never Again) Sean Connery, (the most attractive man in the world when younger, according to Angelique Dawson-Foxtrot) rescues a woman and then gets stabbed by her immediately afterwards. That is classic Stockholm Syndrome behaviour on her side.

Another example used is in the blockbuster movie, Bridge Over the River Kwai, where the colonel does not want the bridge destroyed. Hence, he tries to find the bombs to remove them and this is against all logic, he should be glad that the bridge is destroyed, it is an enemy bridge.

Then in real life, we find Patty Hearst, a well-known Stockholm Syndrome victim. She was kidnapped by the so-called Symbionese Liberation Army or SLA. What they wanted was guerrilla warfare against the US Government and destroy what they called the “capitalist state.” Observably, they were idiots of note but caused a fair amount of trouble for the FBI. Soon after her kidnapping, Hearst was seen (CCTV) robbing banks with her kidnappers, fully armed. When caught, she was sent to jail for seven years of which she served two (her legal defence was not accepted by the jury, wrongly so in my eyes). On a lesser historical note, when Mr Bush (43) was inaugurated as the new president, he had to wait for Mr Clinton, known to us as Billy Goat. He was busy signing official pardons by the dozen, including Patty Hearst’s presidential pardon, rightly so, she should never have been found guilty. Fascinatingly, part of her process of being turned was the use of constant rock music exposure.

You get the syndrome in many levels of severity. The classic example is one that every military veteran reading here will comprehend. Do you remember that nasty drill sergeant who abused you during basic training fondly? Yes? You really should not. He made your life hell, and yet these days you speak admiringly of the bastard, you have a mild form of the Stockholm Syndrome.

We also see it with victims of abuse (and it was proven Miss Hearst was physically abused during her ordeal) where the wife keeps on forgiving her violent husband. It makes no sense to “normal” people when reading about it and yet it is common, one out of three hostages will turn.

There is a reverse of the Stockholm Syndrome, called the “Lima Syndrome” where hostage-takers develop sympathy for their hostages. It is named after a hostage incident at the Japanese Embassy in Lima, Peru in 1996 (the actual siege was at the ambassadorial residence, not the embassy, Angelique). Within a few hours, the kidnappers released the most valuable hostages due to uncalled for (from their view) sympathy. This is obviously good for the safety of the hostage, but it does not happen a lot.”

Let me be clear. Where your rights as a citizen are reduced it will never be returned. Remember the 15-day lockdowns promised to “flatten the curve”? Those lockdowns went on for months and in certain cases, more than a year and are still ongoing? Hmm? What about the promises of no vaccine passports? Hmm? Gone also, introduced, and enforced everywhere. Hmm? Do you think that is normal behaviour? Well, it is in the new world order that is established right in front of us.

What is very interesting is how State and private companies are taking hands to enforce the mandates even where they are not enabled as laws yet. As an example, flying anywhere without a vaccine or a negative PCR (highly unreliable and expensive) test? What about trying to enter a theatre without being vaccinated? The examples are endless and guess who is enforcing the rules? Private companies and legally they have every right to do so.

Now, what is this sick public-private enterprise called again?

Joan Veon, the late historian and journalist explains (quoted from OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism: “Through public-private partnerships, the balance of power shifts from the people to the partner who has the most money. As the power shifts to the deepest pockets (the corporation), we have then moved into fascism rule by big (reinvented) government and big business. The two key elements to introduce fascism are (1) the downsizing of federal government in order to fit into the future global governance, (2) the government’s shift to privatization of public services through public-private partnerships.”

That is called Fascism, by the way, and it is happening as we speak. It happened before. Then it was called the Inquisition. The church would find the heretics (meaning free thinkers) guilty and hand them to the State for burning at the stake. Yes, that is history, undeniable. So be careful when you are so happy that your leaders are taking care of you. Just have a look at how they flaunt their own regulations when they are in private and wake up to reality.

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