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Let us look at recent events and where they will lead to.

I often write about the Hegelian Dialectic but let me give the definition used by spy agencies: “The Hegelian Dialectic is a framework for guiding thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead to synthetic solutions which can only be introduced once those being manipulated take a side that will advance the pre-determined agenda.” The other way the learned folk describe this is to say “Controlled-Opposition-Problem-Reaction-Solution.” What it comes down to is what I described above. You use two total opposites to create enough fear to get people to do what you want them to do in a pre-determined way, this effect gives you, the spymaster or whatever you are, a controlled solution, a pre-determined outcome.

In the USA and elsewhere, you create populist figures and let them rub their opposition so much that a reaction will follow. Obama was the first, Trump was the answer, the counter. And today we have the USA on the brink of civil war. We have two camps that hate each other, there is no other word and no middle ground. It was Mr Eisenhower who said, truthfully, that if you are not in the middle of the road then you are in the gutter. What you are seeing today is gutter politics of the worst kind and from both sides. And the last should not surprise you since the two parties are the same, they bow to the same powers, make the same occultic signs and have the same idiotic belief that they are “exceptional.” I suppose that some did not foresee a mob storming Congress on the day that Joe Biden would be confirmed as the new POTUS even if there were serious discrepancies in the 2020 election. Discrepancies that were not explained and not tested in court, the usual way to release the pressure. Neither did the leaders do much to reach out to each other. The result is clear to see and exploded in January 2021. But, unless you have a great imagination, that was no coup attempt whatsoever. A coup is accompanied by military leaders and soldiers taking over by force. A clear leader is identified and, at the forefront, declaring martial law etc. No such thing took place here. An unarmed mob stormed into a building that was not sufficiently guarded (for unknown reasons which are very suspicious indeed). The building was not burned down, no lawmaker was killed as usually happens with coups. The local police panicked and shot an unarmed USAF Vet, a female, dead. That was murder and the entire incident must be investigated and all those guilty (of the entire incident) be punished according to the laws of the land. That is how you keep control in a civilised nation, you follow the law and clamp down on unlawful behaviour.

I have no doubts that few Americans would have understood that the evil of the US Intelligence Communities is now right at home. Usually, when you see a mob storming Parliament in a foreign country, with inevitable CIA and State Department support, as in Ukraine, as in Venezuela, and 60 other countries since 1948, you cheer. Yes, you issued stern-faced warnings that the elected government should surrender to the “will of the people etc.” I don’t need to quote, they are well known. And now this came home to you and you are in shock. It is laughable. Mind, the lawmakers were not in shock. They were urinating themselves in fear and shaken beyond words. And so now it is time for revenge. You will now see new Acts coming out that will take away your last remaining freedoms as happened after 9/11. The Social Media giants already showed their colours by banning free speech everywhere and only against those that they disagree with. Once again, I don’t need to give the examples, they are well-known. With this arrogance, the unilateral censorship of a sitting US president and all that support him, Social Media and Big Tech have proven it’s more powerful than any government. Whoever controls those companies are your new masters, yes, unelected, and yet in charge. Make peace with that, they own your electives also.

This had a long run-up starting when Barack Obama played the race card so constantly and mostly without reason. Then when Donald J Trump was crucified by the mainstream media since he went down the stairs to nominate himself for the Republican ticket. It went on and on and on with utterly irresponsible reporting, one-sided in the extreme, and without any attempt to find a middle ground. You cannot now even discuss politics without being banned, suppressed, or cheered and promoted. This is a classic indication of a Hegelian Dialectic and it is working well. The consequences can be described practically as follows and we will see in a few months if I am wrong or right: “Religious freedom is guaranteed in most countries as long as it does not clash with the laws of the land. For instance, Sharia law demands public stoning, flogging and amputation... Such acts, in a non-Sharia country, will certainly ensure that the perpetrators end in jail a short time later even if no charges are laid by the victims or their families. All forms of Sharia law are against the laws of the land, consent cannot be given legally for such acts. The only way to overcome that safeguard to protect citizens is to become the State. To make State and Islam, religion, one concept. Then the Sharia laws are the laws of the land, as in every Muslim nation you can mention, every one of them. Then whatever you do, the public stoning, flogging and amputation will be legal. Therefore, whoever controls the State, controls the religion, and vice-versa. It is a mixture designed for war, not peace. Therefore, State and Church / Islam / Religion must always remain separate from each other.” (From Code Name GSSP-40.)

Congress will enable laws, in the way of the example given above, that will make it impossible to even pretend to be a democracy in the normal sense of the word where a difference of opinion is accepted and respected. From now on any view but the state one will be banned and suppressed as much as it was in the Soviet Union. You have now lost what made you great once, freedom.

Good luck.

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