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How much taxpayer money is abused to bring the right message across? And why only one side?

I took the time to do a quick online search on how much money the authorities spent on pro-vaccine advertisements. Let us see what came up:

New York City health department has spent more than $100M on COVID-19 ads and this is up to May 2021. It is much more now.

Inside the $250 million effort to convince Americans the coronavirus vaccines are safe and this was up to December 2020. You can triple this amount now.

The millions spent on ‘disturbing’ covid advertising and this was only up to March 2021. I have reports of up to 600 million UK pounds being mentioned.

From the above, you can see that governments went all the way to convince people to take the vaccine because it is so safe and efficient to prevent death. Now whether you do so or don’t is your concern and that of your personal doctor and not mine. I could not care less. But for a while now I was following the advertisements that the above taxpayer money bought. Fascinating, it is the same across the world as if in a clear pattern. You always have the below type of story screaming at you. It is paid for advertising, even if true. In fact, it is propaganda, actually, since it follows and attempts to enhance a government view and nothing else:

"Anti-vax father, 45, who ignored wife's pleas to get vaccine dies of Covid after three weeks in hospital. Gligor Kedioski died on January 2 after being admitted to hospital in December and placed in induced coma. Family not sure how he contracted virus, but he had not been jabbed despite wife's attempts to persuade him. Now, they are battling to repatriate Gligor's body to his native country of Macedonia, in line with his wishes. Paying tribute, friends described him as a generous man full of life and always talking about next adventure." (

Right. Then some pictures are added of the fellow with his family and the comments are usually very sympathetic like in “so sorry” “so sad to hear” and so forth. It seems to me that no one sees this as what it is – pure government propaganda and one-sided too. Let us rewrite the other side which is also happening and totally ignored.

"Widow, 81, twice vaccinated by the Phizer vaccine, dies alone in the hospital of Covid. She did everything that the authorities and her eldest children demanded to no avail. She died within days of being admitted to the hospital. The Covid vaccines obviously did not work well against new variants and are now ought to be classified as a waste of money and a scam. Children unable to attend her funeral because of travel restrictions paid tribute to a woman that had no enemies and only did good for others."

Tell me, how many fully vaccinated are dying as we speak? A lot. Yes, the fully jabbed are also in the hospitals dying and believe me, every death is a sad occasion for someone somewhere. It is serious, not a joke. And yet there exists an utter silence on the vaccinated deaths. It is as if it is not happening and yet it is. No such article as I wrote above about my own mother who passed recently will be seen in the mainstream media. And that is the part that annoys me most. You cannot make informed decisions without hearing both sides. That is basic law. And if one side of the story is totally wiped out, suppressed with an eagerness not seen since the Middle Ages, and the other is promoted with the same eagerness, then something is clearly wrong. And it is bloody well time to speak up.

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