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When a country relies on military strength to be a world player a major war is unavoidable.

Former US President Barack Obama wrote a new book which will be wildly popular as is the man himself when released. As it is with major book releases there are snippets taken from it “revealed” to create interest. Thus we have some insight to what he has to say and nothing he has to say is good news for those delusional enough to expect the USA to become less of a rogue nation subjected to international order and laws. Let us take a closer look since his ideas will dominate a Biden/Harris White House. Obama states that “While Russia has a nuclear arsenal second only to our own, the country wasn’t a superpower anymore, as it “lacked the vast network of alliances and bases that allowed the United States to project its military power across the globe.”

Hmm. I dealt with this particular American arrogance in the opening pages of GMJ 35, American Military Might – Debunked, a 700-page book written to dispel the myth of Western military superiority. Let me quote: “The USA is not, repeat not the most powerful in the world, not military wise anyway or the QME Myth would not exist - there would be no need to say that quality is better than quantity. Let us look at the facts. Russia has 200 more nuclear warheads than the US, 7,000 versus 6,800. Russia has the most powerful nuclear warheads also. The top 10 most powerful bombs find Russia at the number one and two spots (the RT-2UTTKh Topol-M and RS-24 Yars ICBMs). Only then comes the American LGM-30G Minuteman III ICBM which is now many decades old. The further you go down the list, the more you find that it is mostly Russia with UGM-133 Trident II – SLBM just above China’s DF-5/5A. However, China has very few nukes, 250, slightly more than the UK at 215 (even France has 300) and North Korea, well, less than 10 at last count (some say 60, and small enough to be launched on missiles, those reports are significantly overinflated and immaterial against what the US has to retaliate with). They are no offensive threat to the USA but attack them and see how they respond in kind. They will most certainly use their weapons in return on any US carrier group and South Korea in general. Unlike North Korea, a country like Russia has the ability to deliver the warheads accurately and they will, if attacked and China is getting there, delivery wise whilst the US is struggling with obsolete equipment and a lack of morale. We read of men falling asleep at their posts and failing readiness tests at an alarming rate. This is not good enough, end of story.

You may now mention to me two things, THAAD, to shoot down such ICBMs and that mutually assured destruction (MAD) will assure peace. You are correct, but the statement was that America is the most powerful country/military in the world, and that was just shot down in this arena and there are numerous such examples as you will see in later chapters. I must also point out, the 2017 test to intercept an ICBM in California, cost a cool $250 million per shot against a single target. The attack, and may it never happen, will not be like that and the exercise unrealistic in the extreme, impressing no one that needs to be impressed. A nuclear strike, a major attack, will come with MIRVs, in multiple formats (also low trajectory shots from submarines close to the shores) and many ICBM warheads at the same time, most will get through. What is more, since first publication, Vladimir Putin confirmed the technological supremacy regarding Russia’s new ballistic missiles, hypersonic rockets and nuclear-powered torpedoes lurking and waiting.”

Just a week or so ago a US Navy ship intercepted another ballistic missile somewhere in the Pacific and the armchair ninjas rejoiced with US superiority. Ahem, no. Again, the attack will not look like that and it was not a breakthrough at all but merely confirming that there is no answer today for a full-blown nuclear attack. Stop kidding yourselves, the nuclear warheads will get through in enough numbers to kill many millions outright. After that will come the dreaded nuclear winter.

Will the Russians launch if they are attacked? Absolutely. Vladimir Putin remarked with a smirk: “We would be victims of aggression and would get to Heavens as martyrs, while those who would launch the strike would just die and not even have time to repent.” He also said sometime earlier, in 2014, “It's alarming that military intervention in internal conflicts in foreign countries has become commonplace for the United States.”

No one is under any illusions here. Even that arch war mongrel, Henry Kissinger, was warning the Bloomberg Economic Forum a few weeks ago: “America and China are now drifting increasingly toward confrontation, and they're conducting their diplomacy in a confrontational way. ... The danger is that some crisis will occur that will go beyond rhetoric into actual military conflict. Unless there is some basis for some cooperative action, the world will slide into a catastrophe comparable to World War I.”

Agreed, and who will win? Not the USA and NATO. Yet it seems that people like Obama (and most Americans, sadly so) honestly believe that the US Military is the answer to everything in life. They proudly talk of 800 (or 1,000, whatever, that is even worse) military bases across the world as if that is a good thing. In fact, military wise, it is extremely stupid and costly to maintain. Those bases cannot be defended. They will be taken out in the first few days. The entire principle of conventional war is to have a Schwerpunkt, that is a concentration of forces, to ensure victory. That is also the ONLY way that the US generals can think since they have no Guderians – the words that come to mind describing them are “extreme mediocrity.” What they do is to be allowed to build up their invasion forces in a neutral country close to their next victim. Then they attack with their air force at night to neutralise the enemy air force and air defences. Then they bomb and bomb and bomb before the armour move in. Oh, they also make sure that their NATO poodles go along to make the attack more legal. Let me assure you, this tactic will only work against a Fifth World Power. It will not work against a competent military that will attack first and destroy them before they can launch properly. Which is why you will see them attacking only weak powers.

Yet this very same fellow, Obama, said in 2016 that Russia was “an important country and a military superpower. It has influence in the region, and it has influence around the world.” Mind, you will find him doing fantastic flip-flops on many important issues including gay marriage. As with all turds, politicians, they float in what they talk, his opinion is not worth much. But it stays concerning when a country starts believing that it can dominate everyone else and do so without understanding its own military weaknesses because it operates in a bubble of “exceptionalism.” Such a country will be defeated with contemptuous ease in the future unless changes are made. The first change would be to drop the arrogance and get a reality check. The second change is to demand value for money from the MIC and banning the revolving Pentagon/MIC door that creates mediocrity. And then above all, increase your standards to acceptable levels. At this moment, the US military standards are low enough to be rated as “pathetic” by me and men like me. So yes, Mr Obama, and people like you, keep on trash talking other militaries who are the pride of their nations. You are quite good at thrash talking as are most men without substance. But may you never actually be tested in combat because you will be humiliated. We can spot "wankers" from a mile away.

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