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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Why always the Christian one?

When you watch a Hollywood movie you always find the name of “Jesus” being used in a manner which is a swearword and highly offensive to me and people like me. It is never done to Mohamed and or Allah. And we know why. It would lead to riots and worse, murder. You will have a death sentence hanging over you for the rest of your life. It might even give people like Hilarious Clinton an excuse on why a US Ambassador died under her tour of duty in Libya. And so it is expected from Hollywood. We do not even lift an eyebrow anymore when they swear at God. It is part of every movie as is grotesque violence and graphic sexual scenes. It is totally over the top and devoid of reality to most people. They even thank Satan at their ceremonies. Why anyone would want to support them I would not know but I support your right to do so. Yet there was a time when this type of thing, the abuse of God, would have let to State sanction and a public hanging. Even today, if you insult Allah, in the Middle East and Pakistan, you might be jailed with 1,000 lashes in public. That is how serious the abuse is seen. And it is wrong, by the way, read Code Name GSSP-40 where we discuss the separation between State and Church and why it is so important. You might substitute “Church” for “Mosque” or whatever here. Same principle in law and life. The two can never be mixed. We don’t want them mixed. Wherever this principle is broken and not adhered to chaos follows. Tyranny takes over and so it is. You will have the Spanish Inquisition soon after.

I wrote in many books and other blogs on how Christianity is threatened, nay, abused, and how Christians die every day for their faith. When you are done reading here, another would have been killed. Those are the horrible statistics that I read and quote in my books. I don’t need to repeat myself and so I will not. I warned often enough, and besides, I expect nothing but Christian abuse from Hollywood – see Code Name Swan 53 where we reveal much on their inner workings. Most people ignore these things and simply carry on. The occult language has no effect on me or any other believer. I see it, yes, even with Donald J Trump standing in front of a statue of Pope John Paul II waving a Bible around. I described the ominous Jesuit influence on the White House in many books. (Note that John Paul II was not a Jesuit, the secret Roman Catholic organization created to destroy Protestantism.) It will worry some but to me it is laughable. I know how the story ends because the Bible tells me. I also know that my reward is in heaven, not on this earth which is not home. I have peace.

Yet, respect is demanded. It is just good manners. Let me explain. Wherever I write of Islamic Terrorism or Moslem Radicalism, the words that Barrack Obama still cannot utter in public, I am courteous. I always point out that radicalism and fundamentalism are vastly different. I point out that a very tiny minority is guilty of radicalism and or terrorism. I say that a terrorist can be of any color and religion or no religion. I always write the “Holy Koran, Mohamed, and Allah, the Compassionate, Allah, the Merciful” as in the accepted spelling – that is with capitals where needed. It takes nothing away from me to be polite and to respect the views of many hundreds of millions that have separate beliefs from me. So imagine my surprise to note yesterday that two blogs that I follow, they are usually entirely sensible, suddenly writing “God” as “god” and “Bible” as “bible.” When and where you use those two words in one sentence you mean the Christian God, the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Ghost. There cannot be any doubt about what you mean.

So why the small letters? Is that a mistake? No. When you write a book or a blog or anything at all you check and recheck and you know what you wrote. You leave messages in for the reader. Just yesterday I finished a book under my own name, written with my wife, where I left a message: “Sit Dominus noster Jesus benedicat vobis omnia quae hic legi possunt.” I know that many will read it and understand. Some might even copy and paste to Google translator – it means “May the Lord Jesus bless you all that can be read here.” So when you read something in any blog or book or article it is extremely deliberate. Writing God” as “god” and “Bible” as “bible” is to offend and insult the followers of Jesus. It is to belittle the concept of Jesus, of God, and His Holy Word – the Bible. And that is the author’s privilege. He has that right. It is mine to block those blogs right out of my existence and off my computer screen. There is nothing further to say about the matter. There is no need to even discuss it. I will not read one of their blogs again.

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