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And start praying that she does not react because you have no idea what will be unleashed.

There are interesting developments in the world which I need to place on record here. China, it seems, is now target number one for the NATO countries as the new and great enemy. Suddenly the Wuhan Lab is the "source for the Coronavirus" or will be by the time that the shysters in US Intell give their report in a few months (supporting the new "Christ" - Jesuits Dr Anthony Fauci). You will recall that when Donald J Trump said the same thing and started to refer to the virus as the "Chinese" or "Wuhan" virus it was "a hoax, nonsense and fake news" according to our Ministry of Truth Agencies - Facebook, Twitter, the rest of the Big Tech Cabal. Yes, they banned those who said the same and their "fact-checkers" had a great time supporting them.

Now they are changing their tune saying "well it might be..."

Note something here, the line between "might be" and "absolutely f is" is not far. I predict that their tune will soon change to certainty as caution is thrown in the wind. Does this matter? It might be if you wish to have a war with China, yes, as the folk at SkyNews Australia are clamouring for (God knows how the Aussies will survive such a war even with US assistance, which is doubtful, but anyway). The accusations will also create popular anger and resentment against China. Already calls for boycotts and are heard and for the last few weeks Chinese looking people were attacked physically in the USA. This is so damn obvious.

Right, so we like to connect dots here at GMJ, that is what we do. So let me summarize that we have a few criteria here:

  • Either the virus is natural or it is not (meaning lab-made or altered).

  • Either it escaped or it came to the world naturally, spreading around.

The fact is that we simply don't know the answers to the above. Some professors say it is natural, some say it is manmade and both sides have smart men stating their cases. We just don't know and thus I never speculated on either before but I will say this...seen that the Covid-19 exercise brought draconian laws including massive surveillance... it is probably a manmade planned operation. Especially when you see the occult signs in the reporting - for instance, that most US States announced 33 new cases during the scaremongering exercises. Note also how the world leaders use the same words (including Isreal's new enemy, Gretha) "Build Back Better..." Yes, every single Western leader including both Clintons says those words that come from the so-called WEF, World Economic Forum, or Davos Crowd. Yes, the same people that brought you the masks and the social distancing which many reports now confirmed as nonsense from a medical viewpoint. But from a fearmongering view it worked very well - I gave the statistics in my books, OATH OF EVIL, and will not repeat it here. This shows there is a central control here. Someone is telling these leaders what to say and what to do.

* And while we don't know where the virus came from we do know that it is real. If you are in an elderly age bracket or have underlining conditions, get the vax but make sure that it is not the new one that attacks your DNA. That might lead to greater problems later as we simply don't know the long term effects. But we do know that the hatred between the sceptics and the vaccinated will grow and intensify in the future. There are two classes being created. Expect a major clash between them in the future.

We also know that the US Intell Community are known as liars. We think of the WMD lies, the lies over Libya, the lies over Trump being a Russian asset and so many more. You cannot take them seriously at all and should not. Yet they are going to finger China and therefore we need to wonder why, what they are up to, and see also how the dutiful mainstream media follows their lead. Again, control from a central point. It is fascinating, a 180-degree flip-flop last seen with Barrack Obama on gay marriage (also in some GMJ Books). My theory, for what it is worth, is that we are dealing with a Hegelian Dialectic here to create chaos, fear, and violence. I will not accuse China unless there is solid evidence. Nevertheless, let me warn once again that it is by no means sure that NATO (US included) will win a war against China. Why not, read my warnings in American Military Might - Debunked, and other books. You are lacking in every department and you are facing a different kind of enemy, not some punk with an AK47 and nothing else. But let us see how this plays out.

And for those able to speak Afrikaans - we have the first interview with a former South African Army Special Forces legend at the Legacy Conversations Channel. He speaks of his Selection to Special Forces, there are another 9 episodes waiting - I asked him to record in English too and that will happen soon. You might also want to check out our new page here where two videos (in proper English) describe the Special Forces background as well as that of the SA Police Force (for the new channel).

Be safe, we are heading towards very uncertain (or certain) times.

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