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Expected Jesuit Behaviour. After all, lying is part of their oath of evil.

Unexpectedly it is coming out that the “liberal Jesus” (In Fauci We Trust… etc.) was informed that the Coronavirus “appeared bio-engineered and likely came from a laboratory.” He not only ignored this advice from many scientists, experts in their field, but together with Big Tech (Facebook Rubbish, Twitter Rubbish, and the rest) actively suppressed the information. He also let Donald J Trump hung dry when the former President aired his suspicions.

More importantly, the US Taxpayer, that abused fellow, paid and contributed almost $700,000 to what is known as “gain of function” research (something banned in the US and other places) where a virus is engineered to be more transmittable to humans. Which seems exactly what Corona is according to many experts. Note this does not mean that the virus did escape from Wuhan as claimed in the US, but it is the Wuhan Lab that conducted this research paid for in part by Fauci’s department – something he lied about in Congress. This means, in law, that the US is as guilty as is China (if proven that the virus escaped there). Thus it is understandable why the US is now going nuts in accusing China – it is often, Nah, always, that way with the USA these days – accuse others on what it is doing and thus gain the moral high ground. But note further, since you paid for it, enabled it, you are as guilty as those that you accuse. In law, this is the “Dealer Is as Guilty as The Stealer” Principle.

Then there are the masks which Fauci, by his own admittance, knew could not and would not work simply because the virus is so small it passes right through them. Any idiot could and did say so and was banned and ridiculed by the so-called “scientists” – one of which now is exposed for what he is. Some masks may work, yes, but not the usual crap stolen from friendly nations (remember the “great mask and ventilator heists conducted by Mossad and US Intel?”).

Yet the masks are still enforced almost everywhere and let us not forget that it was a “young Davos” fellow that pushed it all the way, duly supported by Fauci, the Pope, and others. Blindly? No. Not at all – as I said in OATH OF EVIL (which will not remain free for long anymore) the enforcing of masks will bring from an Ordo ab Chao viewpoint the following:

1. Well, if you wish to remind people to be fearful then wearing a mask is a great way of doing so. The mere act of seeing a mask or putting it on creates a nice reminder that the virus will get you or your elderly parents.

2. It also shows obedience disguised as “responsible behaviour.” Those that refuse (even on the best of grounds without political motives) will be identified and punished. Yes, punished, not only by the sheeple with their “holier-than-thou” attitudes but by State with fines and jail time. Even speaking out on Facebook may lead to your arrest in your house by armed police as happened in Australia (

There were more incidents after this which is Nazi behaviour without any justification. It is worrying that no mainstream outlet or organisation could be bothered to speak up against the bully-boy intimidation tactics. That is mind-blowing since they usually have a lot to say about everything else. If this happened in China or Russia the condemnations would have been through the roof. Yet, here, nothing. You may be sure that the trend will not only continue but get worse. And then there is something that I warned about so many times in my books, that you are closely monitored online and especially on Facebook. Additionally, that you will be betrayed by “concerned citizens.”

Now the betrayal part is exactly how the Nazi Gestapo got most, almost all, of its information from. Post-war statistics showed that 80% of all Gestapo investigations were started in response to information provided by denunciations from ordinary Germans. Only 10% were referred by other branches of the police apparatus. Most of the denunciations were without a known motive which translates to sheer malice or fear, perhaps. The second most popular reason to call the Gestapo was personal conflicts between the parties. Especially where Jews were involved in a sexual relationship with non-Jews or any form of “unnatural relationships” (homosexuality, classified as such) by anyone, was reported. This should frighten you as it is extremely ominous. I dare say that the above will be part of the “new normal” where no dissent will ever be allowed. SS officer Werner Best, one-time head of legal affairs in the Gestapo stated, “As long as the police carry out the will of the leadership, it is acting legally.”

But there is more…

3. The masks keep the churches empty but rioters can do what they please, that is okay, somehow. Yet this makes no sense except politically if you have dark motives and want destabilisation inflaming a population.

4. The masks create a “Them” vs “Us” scenario so typical of cults and all that goes with it.

Yet most will stand by the wearing of masks because psychologically, as part of Project Fear, the masks work fantastically well as it is a moral question as is to vaccinate or not. And the world’s moral criteria are determined by the Pope. That, I suspect, is the real reason. They even want to remove money, that is physical banknotes so that your credit card and payments can be followed more easily. That started with the lack of coins which forced buyers to use their cards. Now the scientists say that Covid-19 live on physical money, and so, money must be removed. It does not take much to see the pattern here. Everything must be online. However, as we know, that is not the Mark of the Beast. It merely is a trial run for further lockdowns, this time linked to “Climate Change.” Now whether climate change exists or not is outside the scope of this book. But that will be the reason used and given once the Corona Experiment ends. (From OATH OF EVIL- The War on Protestantism.)

What about Covid-19 treatment – apparently Physicist Erik Nielsen sent Fauci recommendations of two drugs that could help, one being Hydroxychloroquine. Of course, we know what happened when Donald J Trump said so, he was ridiculed and called names. Fauci kept quiet without defending him. What does that tell you of his personality? Well, he is a Jesuit. What did you expect?

But the most annoying thing here is how Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg worked with Fauci to abuse those speaking up by banning all “dissenters” who now might have turned out to be correct. And suddenly, overnight, Big Tech changed their minds, causing even more chaos… Is this by chance? I warned before that the same methods were used to create the right conditioning for the Second Iraq War. This time China is the target and I wish you luck with that one. I don’t need to repeat the likely outcome which will be total humiliation for those wanting war against a powerful nation. Just yesterday I read a ridiculous report written by the US Military that “China’s lack of recent military experience” gives it (the US) an advantage… Well dream on, your recent little wars, which you lost, by the way, have nothing to do with a major power confrontation where you will fight on many fronts including the home one. Your ships will be attacked, your Air Force will have to actually fight against better weapon systems and more experienced pilots, and your infantry will find out what enemy bombardments are. All that you have or gained from the idiotic recent military adventures is used-up and worn-out equipment besides being proven once again as having zero imaginative military leadership. Now you are recruiting woke people to your ranks, lol, yes, and you get angry when respected US Senators contrast that with what happens in Russia. Yes, you frighten only the week and not even much these days. But who won here with the Fauci lies which were fully supported by those considering themselves better than you? I will tell you, billionaires and shysters, only. By chance?

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