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How Donald J Trump is undermined, worked from behind and betrayed by his own staff

The way the US Government operates is mysterious to outsiders and that, according to most GMJ readers, includes everybody outside Washington. It seems that all US Presidents are undercut by bureaucrats and it is not a new phenomenon either. Harry Truman once said about Dwight D Eisenhower: “He’ll sit here, and he’ll say, ‘Do this! Do that!’ And nothing will happen. Poor Ike - it won’t be a bit like the Army.” And it was not. Yet, many say today that the Eisenhower years were the last years of decency in Western politics. Of course, that is not quite true. For the Brits, Mr Eisenhower is the one man that broke them as a major power during the Suez Canal Crisis. Their much acclaimed “special relationship” did not help them one inch as it will not in the future since it does not exist to begin with. It is a myth based on nothing. For those interested, we deal with the Suez Canal Crisis in several books, notably Code Name VET 101. It was the first time that helicopters transported troops at a large scale as an air assault (into nothing, French paratroopers already dropped on the place but it is the idea that counts).

What do you say about a presidency where the senior people seem to arrive to get the titles and then leave in disgrace, all of them, chased away like little pooches to write revenge books? Books that are so against the man that appointed them with great pomp that their political enemies admire them for a short while. They don’t understand that they will then be discarded again like an unwanted pooch. Failure and rejection seem to be their only desire, not respect and victory. Which makes them rather stupid as human beings. But again, what do you say about a White House where it seems to me that nepotism is being practiced? Why are Ivanka and her husband even at the White House doing exactly what? What possible qualifications do they have to be there? I understand that husband cannot and could not pass the security vetting because of his extraordinary close ties to Israel. Even this is weird. I recall right at the beginning of the presidency a tumultuous press gathering where Mr Trump was accused of being anti-Semitic. Since then he became or was and is so pro-Israel that he is seen as the new “Messiah” to save them. He is also to establish the “Third Temple” so that Jesus can return (see my blog on this idiocy at Iran bears the brunt of this outrageous breaking of international laws and established rules. So much so for a “rules-based society.” There is none where imperialism is. But I wonder, since it is so easy to insult the Trump White House, and he proved to be a man that can be influenced and played by those around him with contemptuous ease, how far does the rot around him go?

Why is it that he cannot keep loyalty or close leaks from those that are in positions of trust. The world press, not only the US failed attempt to journalism, is close to 100% hostile in the extreme with one negative article after the other. It is tedious to see the same old patterns repeating year in and year out. Pathetic really, and entirely predictable. Now Twitter declared war on Mr Trump by flagging his tweets as “manipulated” and or “lies.” Facebook declared Trump Campaign ads to be linked to the holocaust (extremely debatable yet removed) and Google is actively censoring websites that support Donald J Trump. Websites like Zero Hedge. Yes, that is where the once-revered “Beacon of Freedom” stands today. Suppression is everywhere. Even Communist China is respected more and certainly loathed less. None of the above shenanigans will work to make Mr Trump a one-term only president. Only the voter will decide that, but it clearly shows the sheer hatred from the left. It seems to me that there is no more middle road and only gutter politics as explained by Mr Eisenhower: “The middle of the road is all of the usable surface. The extremes, right and left, are in the gutters.” Don’t you think that it is rather juvenile to insult and suppress instead of sitting down and having a frank discussion? We are past that, by the way, there is no discussion anymore. No, there is serious talk of a new civil war, of an election postponed because of a fake virus, martial law because of riots on racial equality, manipulated electronic voting, and more. The list is endless. It is turbulent times and then there are the betrayals at the highest levels.

The latest disloyalty is from John Bolton in a self-serving book already dismissed by those who were present at the described meetings, as nonsense and vengeance attacks for being fired. He is a man whose credentials and antics I described in many books. I called him a “war mongrel” and explained how he ran away from Vietnam (as did Donald J Trump). He is also a dual Israeli/US citizen, something that no man in his position ought to be. You are either one or the other. And this has nothing to do with anti-Semitism – there is nothing anti-Semitic in my books, the opposite, rather. The fact is that John Bolton was a disaster as NSA. He was one that tried his best to cause major wars that the US cannot afford and will lose as certain as the sun rises tomorrow. See American Military Might – Debunked, 673 pages of destroying the myth of American superiority. But people like Bolton and most Americans don’t believe it. They live in a bubble of self-created exceptionalism which the rest of the world clearly see through. I know of many that are looking forward to the coming US military humiliation in the hands of China. Something I personally hope to never see. But I wonder, how far do the betrayals of a President go before it becomes treason? What do you think the rest of the world thinks when we hear that the US Intelligence Agencies are withholding intelligence from the President because they play partisan politics? Or, and this is worse, were almost certainly involved in bugging his campaign ala Richard Nixon? Can you blame us if we feel only contempt and walk away, declaring neutrality until you get your act sorted out? If you wish to be a leader, even self-declared and unwanted, then act like one that can be respected. I have been saying this repeatedly in many GMJ Books and those under my real name, you simply cannot afford neutrality when hunting terrorists or are fighting for survival. You need us a lot more than what we need you. What is happening in the US right now is a disgrace and humiliating to observe. What we see is a president under siege.

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