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Yet another drone strike for political reasons.

I waited a month before writing this blog. Primarily to see what other evidence will come in on the murders that took place on 29 August 2021 when a drone strike killed ten civilians in Kabul. In short, the US Military intercepted a vehicle and blew it up with a drone strike. And they were so proud of their achievement. We got to hear the expected lies from the Pentagon like in “the vehicle was known to be an imminent ISIS-K threat…” and that the victim’s “movements were suspicious…”

In fact, the victim was an aid worker, Zemari Ahmadi, 43, who was seeking asylum in the USA. He was loading his car with water jugs. Not explosives and the car were surrounded by children when the Hellfire missile struck. All in all, a clear-cut murder case. There is no possible excuse in law.

The Pentagon then lied further stating that “We still believe that it prevented an imminent threat…” Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley defended the strike as “righteous” which is also bullshit in the laws of war if not humanity. US Marine General Frank McKenzie, the commander of US Central Command (USCENTCOM) under which Afghanistan falls, said that the strike was in “the earnest belief based on a standard of reasonable certainty that it posed an imminent threat to American forces at the Kabul airport.”

Absolute bullshit, as always. That strike was for political reasons and nothing else. Just go back and see the righteous news outlets cheering. And it is not a new thing to kill innocents. Let us see what whistle-blowers on the US Drone Program have to say. The vetting, to begin with, was all wrong, they would be tested on video games and shown “kill TV.” Those that asked questions were removed, those that did not were recruited. Now you had people with borderline psychopath symptoms and no sense of military honour operating drones from their air-conditioned offices close to Las Vegas. They are paid six-figure salaries (when contractors) to murder women and children since they miss 96.5% of the time.

Many became disillusioned quite quickly: “I was under the impression that America was saving the world, like, that we were Big Brother and we were helping everyone out...” One female whistle-blower stated bitterly, “It’s so primitive, raw, stripped-down death. This is real. It’s not a joke. You see someone die because you said it was okay to kill them. I was always shaking. Sometimes I would just go to the bathroom and just sit on the toilet. I mean just sit there in my uniform and just cry.” Eventually, she was diagnosed as suicidal.

Two of her colleagues did commit suicide and others abused alcohol and hard drugs. That is how an honourable person ought to react. This is also why the US Drone Program is being moved to the CIA, away from the USAF and any type of scrutiny. “National Security” will now be used to classify the results and strikes. We know why. It is a cover-up.

Former imagery analyst, Michael Haas, “Everyone drank. There was a lot of coke, speed, and that sort of thing. If the higher-ups knew, then they didn’t say anything, but I’m pretty sure they must have known. It was everywhere.”

When another reported for service at the base, Metallica heavy metal music was being played as part of the indoctrination. The welcoming speech? “Gentlemen! Welcome to Creech. While here, it will be your job to blow shit up and kill people!”

Creech is the US Air Force base outside Las Vegas where the drones are controlled from. I will remind you that music is moral law according to Plato, the famous Rationalism philosopher: “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and everything.” Or to work up a state of mind to commit murder against the laws of war. So it is not only USAF pilots that are drugged out when flying missions, so are the drone operators.

As far as I am concerned, and many analysts agree with me, the Pentagon lost all credibility with their pro forma statements of “surgical strikes” which they are so proud about in the bubble in which they live and operate. Frankly, you don’t have the capacity to conduct surgical strikes because you don’t have competent people on the ground directing strikes and you go into panic mode when attacked, you overreact with predictable results and so the terrorists are playing you for fools, generating sympathy to their cause. That, by the way, is what happened when a bomb exploded killing 13 Marines at Kabul the day before the drone strike. The remaining opened up with automatic gunfire, in total panic, like always, and killed close to 200 innocents (according to numerous eyewitness reports).

Curiously, no one is saying anything about that aspect. Or perhaps not curiously, expectedly so.

The fake excuses, apologies to the Ahmadi family means nothing if no action is taken against those responsible. And nothing will happen to those responsible. That is the problem here. A lack of responsibility that leads to war crimes. The only reason why Foxnews and the rest are going on about the murder/drone strike is that it makes Joe Biden look bad. I must ask, what about the thousands of innocents murdered in the past? Why is nothing said about them? Because they are forgotten. But I wonder, if the South African Army did that, kill innocents like that, what would the liberals have said? Oh, I know the answer.

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