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How desperate must they be to blame Russia for everything... And if not Russia, well, China. And if not China, well, a scapegoat will always be found to divert attention from the Hegelian Dialectic being played

Recently the New York Times claimed that Russia is paying or did pay bounties for every US (and Coalition) soldier killed in Afghanistan. There is no evidence to support their claim. Frankly, it is absurd. Why, because it suits America’s enemies when the country burns its Forces and equipment out in stupid unwinnable quagmire wars. It suits America’s enemies when the US Forces are spread thin around the world. They are exposed then. They are easy to conquer, overrun, one by one. All that needs to be done is to cut the reinforcement routes across the Atlantic and Pacific. And that is being worked upon with relentless efficiency. Once the logistic lines are cut it is over. Read what I say in American Military Might – Debunked, the surrendering will start. Therefore, there is no logical realpolitik reason for Russia to pay anybody to kill US soldiers in Afghanistan in an effort to have the troops withdrawn. The Taliban will do so for free and with great glee and proficiency. I pity those exposed to the world’s media.

Russia, the Taliban, the Afghan Government, the White House, and official intelligence services all denied the NYT claim. Nevertheless, many jumped on the bandwagon as if the gospel truth: “The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post have confirmed our reporting,” the NYT story’s co-author Charlie Savage tweeted proudly. The Washington Post‘s John Hudson: “We have confirmed the New York Times’ scoop: A Russian military spy unit offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants to attack coalition forces in Afghanistan.” And obviously: “We matched The New York Times’ great reporting on how US intel has assessed that Russians paid Taliban to target US, coalition forces in Afg which is a pretty stunning development,” Wall Street Journal’s Gordon Lubold. Okay, this reminds me of Jesuit writers, always prescribing their fellow Jesuits’ books. Always supporting their own cause to the detriment of everyone else. That is also known as bubblehead talking. It means nothing in real life.

Not to be left behind, enter the strange people, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow: “Not only does the president know… there was that unexpected and friendly conversation he had with Putin… President Trump got off that call with Putin and immediately began calling for Russia to be allowed back into the G7… That’s how Trump is standing up for Americans being killed for roubles paid by Putin’s government.”

Then came MSNBC morning news host Joe Scarborough: “Donald Trump has known about Putin killing Americans for months and has refused even to condemn Russia diplomatically. What Republican senator will speak out against this shocking dereliction of duty?” Well, one or two did. They looked very stupid indeed.

Again, let me repeat, the NYT gives no evidence and the reporting was done on “unnamed sources” which means bullshit from the beginning to the end. It is nonsense. But let us see who else blindly supported the article: CNN with the headline “Russia offered bounties to Afghan militants to kill US troops.” The UK’s The Guardian: “Russia offered bounty to kill UK soldiers.” Sky News: “Russia paid Taliban fighters to attack British troops in Afghanistan.” The last at least claimed to have “confirmed” the story with anonymous British spies (who cannot be named, cross-checked, or have provided any evidence and are anyway rated as low as the CIA). Despite the lack of supporting evidence, Demorat Candidate Joe Biden and other idiotic turds jumped on the bandwagon too and no doubt so would their supporters. Anything to get Donald J Trump. Why I would not know, he is part and parcel of the cabal. This leaves only one logical conclusion, a Hegelian Dialectic, something I write extensively about in Code Name Mélisse, the longest GMJ book at 650 pages.

This kind of reporting is a joke and ought to be dismissed as nothing but election-year nonsense or is it? As I always say, whenever an intelligence officer opens his mouth he is lying as much as is the Pentagon and other officials. Without irrefutable evidence, you may dismiss their views with contempt. And the lying goes back a long way. In Code Name Phantom, GMJ 24, I reminded the readers of something published by Carl Bernstein in the 1977 Rolling Stone Magazine editions. He exposed the way that US journalists worked as CIA informants, spies and agents of influence. He exposed names, for instance, one Joseph Alsop, a leading syndicated columnist, went to the Philippines to cover an election in 1953. He was asked and probably paid to do so by the CIA. Bernstein claimed that more than 400 American journalists carried out secret assignments between 1952 and 1977 when the article was published. He got his information, and no one ever tried to sue him for defamation, from official documents. The journalists provided a full range of clandestine services to the CIA. He mentions “simple intelligence gathering and go‑betweens with spies in Communist countries.” Some of these men were Pulitzer Prize winners. Others were CIA operatives working as journalists and the rest stringers, that is those working as freelancers or on contract for the newspapers, stringing along part-time. Legally, this action, distances them from the newspaper itself and that was not by chance but carefully planned (plausible deniability). Woodward would be ignored in 2018 when he stated he found no “collusion” between Trump and Russia, even after two years of investigation). As the Mueller Report showed, despite 99% anti-Trump investigators, the entire Russia Gate was a hoax. It never happened, should not have happened and definitely both Joe Biden and Barack Obama were deeply involved with Watergate II. Much more will come out in the future.

In history, we saw this before. There is truly little new in the world. The great Communist double agent, Kim Philby, started life as an international correspondent working for The Times (of London), making a name for himself in the Spanish Civil War. After leaving MI6 when exposed as the “Third Man,” he went back to being a journalist, this time in Beirut, from where he escaped to the Soviet Union and banishment. If you think about it, a foreign correspondent is the perfect cover for spies. He travels where most of his countrymen would not, he spends time building contacts in foreign governments and wherever else needed. Yes, they were very integrally involved with their nation’s intelligence apparatus then and still are, make no mistake. This means of course that the intelligence agencies have enormous influence on your daily life in three ways that you should take note of:

1. They can destroy a man’s reputation by releasing secret recordings via their media connections, US General Michael Flynn is a recent classic example of such shenanigans. The charges had to be dropped last week. I hope that he sues the hell out of them and justice is done.

2. Secondly, the intelligence operatives are known to lie openly to the media, Congress, and the President. Really, they do and frequently so. The best example here, they lied to two congressional hearings on Pearl Harbour. More recently they lied to get Iraq invaded in 2003 and where else? Do a quick Google search and find out. They are in general not honest people. Thus, by doing so, they influence policy, a scary thought. Especially when you have a man in the White House that is very easily played like a badly strung violin.

3. Thirdly, they withhold information. What the President reads, is carefully put together to make him think their way. The planting of ideas is extremely easy to do. You simply write what you want the message to be, not showing where you are speculating, as if it is facts. There is no way that the recipient can know he is being played before it starts exploding in his face after the fact (and then you accuse the President of being unpatriotic, not wanting to support the intelligence community).

Such is life in the shadows, an evil shadow hanging over democracy. No country needs them or should want their advice. Without catches and balances, intelligence agencies can be disastrous and frequently are, and what is more, imagine the scenario because it is happening right now and has for decades, of mainstream media and the intelligence community controlling behind the scenes whatever you read and see? That is why the world is in such a mess and unlikely to get out of it anytime soon. It is also so that the CIA is known as “Catholics in Action” because they are so intricately linked with the Catholic Church. Yes, see Intelligence Briefing, as well as Code Name GSSP-40 where this link with the Jesuits is exposed and explained. It is not by chance, it started with the OSS chief, Bill Donovan. You can read the story yourself.. And should you quote “The Art of War” to me, regarding the use of spies, I will advise you to read Code Name Masemole 26 to where that book came from and who wrote it, a Jesuit priest. What you are witnessing today is evil in action.

PS Reports are now streaming in of death threats against the Russian embassies in the US and UK. How stupid can people get? What happened, tell me, in 1914 when an Arch Duke was assassinated? What will happen if a diplomat is attacked today or tomorrow? Do you think that there will be no price to pay?

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