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“If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said that,” Mueller said. “We did not determine whether the president did commit a crime.”

With this statement Robert Mueller did his best to discredit Donald J Trump and in the eyes of the mainstream media and Demorat Party, he succeeded.

In court we often ask a witness whether he wishes to answer a question or perhaps, a suggestion, to keep quiet… I assure you, if he wishes to keep silent, the court will come (unofficially) to a very negative conclusion on the witness’s credibility. In fact, that witness is now destroyed as someone worth listening to. It is an old legal tactic, within the rules, and the same as refusing to give a good review, the message behind the refusal is very clear to anyone to read. I wrote about the Mueller Investigation Team in the new GMJ Book, Code Name Masemole 26, due in June 2019. I started with what the last POTUS impeachment brought to the land of the not so free: “For the White House counsel to spend 30 hours answering questions of Bob Mueller and his staff is extraordinary, talk about unprecedented. That’s an unprecedented level of cooperation with a special counsel investigation. Here is a key that no one should lose sight of -- Bill Clinton committed crimes. Richard Nixon committed crimes. Whatever this report shows, the bottom line is no crimes are being charged by those who are charged with making that decision -- that’s the Justice Department.” Kenneth Starr, the special counsel that got Billy Goat Clinton guilty on many charges, April 2019. There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton started the “Russia Collusion Coup Attempt” on Donald J Trump to explain her 2016 loss. She is the last one able to point fingers at anyone being as corrupt as any Third World turd. Starr, in his book, “Contempt: A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation,” claims she was “both a systematic enabler of her spouse’s years of cheating and was vital in helping clean up her husband’s messes.” He went on to say, and this is damning, it shows her utter arrogance in motion, “What was clear was that Mrs Clinton couldn’t be bothered to make it appear as if she were telling the truth.” (Taken from Code Name Masemole 26, GMJ Book 48.)

What more needs to be said? A lot. What is more deplorable, and then we will leave the revolting “Russia Gate Hoax,” is that Robert Mueller’s team had no less than 14 Demorats against the only 1 that was more Republican inclined. Of those Demorats, half, 7 of them, were known Hillary Clinton donors which means that they support her no matter what evidence they found. Yes, one attended Clinton’s election night party. Another actually represented the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton herself. How can anyone even begin to think that is a fair balance? How did Mueller get that team assembled? By choice or chance? Choice, obviously, which says much about him too. That was a Kangaroo Investigation Team if ever. It then came out that 2 of these splendid ones met with Christopher Steele, the former and disgraced MI6 officer that created the now totally discredited dirty dossier on Donald J Trump. You will recall, I am sure, that the “Steele-Report,” also known as the “Golden Shower Report” – a sexual term – was first published by a left-wing internet website before CNN, also known as the Clinton News Network, or Cry-baby News Network, took it mainstream. It was also used to obtain FISA warrants to justify the extensive spying by the FBI on the Trump Campaign and by all accounts, the FBI failed to inform the judges that their information was paid opposition research of no standing. That is how a coup is done in the background. What is more, anyone taking what a former MI6 operative has to say seriously, specifically when employed by the opposition to find dirt on an enemy, must be insane. Nevertheless, the 29 May 2019 Mueller Statement is going to haunt the Trump Administration to the end of times. Incredible damage was done today. It is as clear a case of covering for the spying on the Trump Campaign as can be, Deep State is in full panic mode.

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