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I am sure that the Chinese lost no sleep over two B1 Lancer bombers in the South China Sea last week

It seems that even the obvious Coronavirus Panic cannot stop the Washington war mongrels from convincing themselves that they are indeed “the mighty.” It is also interesting that only about 3% or less current US Congress members have military experience or children in the military. In life, I found that the biggest war mongrels are always those that stayed behind when fighting was to be done. And so the saber-rattling goes on unabated. But who is to be impressed? Let us look at the last few weeks...

No less than two (yes two, or as we say, almost f all) US Air Force B-1B Lancer bombers flew from South Dakota “to conduct operations over the South China Sea” as part of a bomber task force mission.” More, four (yes four, or as we say so f what) flew to Guam, a small island in the Western Pacific. Okay, so what was the purpose of the 32-hour flights? Let us hear what the USAF proudly says and is posted everywhere:

“This operation demonstrates the US Air Force’s dynamic force employment model in line with the National Defense Strategy’s objectives of strategic predictability with persistent bomber presence, assuring allies and partners. The Pentagon has moved to adopt the ‘dynamic force employment’ system as a way of keeping its adversaries off guard by breaking up routine deployments and force movements.”

The Chinese described the event: “Reality has proven once again that the US is the biggest facilitator of the militarization of the South China Sea, and is a trouble-maker for the region's peace and stability. The PLA will remain on high alert, and adamantly safeguard national sovereignty, security, and development interests, as well as the peace and prosperity of the region.” Senior Colonel Wu.

Okay, reality check. During the middle of April 2020 the news broke that the USAF had five (yes five, must I make another sarcastic comment?) B-52s and six (yes six, OMG) KC-135 Stratotankers conduct an elephant walk on Guam. They even had one (I am tired of this) helicopter and (gulp) a single drone (some reports say two, what f ever) joining them on the runway. For those that do not know, an “elephant walk” is where aircraft are taxiing slowly nose to tail a few hundred yards down a runway and then not take off and go back to their hangers. Or, as I would say, a wonderful target for missiles, mortars, and your granny to destroy them all at one go. It is utterly useless as a military manoeuvre and only done for press releases to the gullible public. Indeed, that is what it was supposed to be:

“The elephant walk was meant to demonstrate the ability to ‘generate combat airpower at a moment’s notice to ensure regional stability throughout the Indo-Pacific,’ according to the unit’s website (nice security).

This was after two US Navy carriers had to dock because of the virus panic. Remember those news flashes and the fact that the only carriers operating in the Pacific are now those of China? Oh gosh, they have not yet attacked and bombed California? My oh my. Time to say thank you to the USAF (sarcasm). And less than a week later the elephant walking B-52s left Guam forever to be stationed stateside. Yes, they took off and went home. So much for your bravado. So much for that.

The US Bullshit truly baffles the brains. What is more, the clown show never ends. Today we learned of the already described USAF B1 flights. This is a supremely unimpressive bomber that no one wanted when brought to service and nobody fears today. The B-52s, well, without complete air superiority being obtained, merely big old sitting ducks waiting to be shot down (what more than one Russian and Chinese fighter pilot told me). Yet when a Russian Navy squadron sails through the English Channel as it has every right to do, the West’s mainstream go insane with articles of the Royal Navy (what f navy is that again?) saving the UK from invasion and worse. What utter nonsense. What utterly bizarre bullshit (here MS Word gave me a warning that I am insulting whoever I am writing to). But you know what, it is insulting how low our IQ's are reckoned to be. It is insulting to see how the Chinese are laughing at your feeble attempts of intimidation. Intimidation, yes, that is what it was supposed to be and not. It was failure beyond ridiculousness. A waste of time. What a joke.

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