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Most of the GMJ Books are now available in hardcover format.

Amazon KDP has a beta project going where the author has the choice to make his books available in hardcover format. When asked to participate I jumped at the chance since it reduces the price for the softcovers, aka paperbacks. This is logical, the hardcover will always be a few dollars, about 3 on average, more expensive because of the way it is manufactured. But it should last longer and look better on your bookrack or study and so is an investment in knowledge. And because the author is subsidizing the sale price the paperbacks came down with about the same amount. I say “subsidize” since the profit after taxes (30% to Uncle Sam and I am not even a citizen) and Amazon’s take (another 30%) is half as much on hardcovers than paperbacks. So the author makes less on hardcovers but nevertheless, I like hardcovers more. Sadly, the limitation is 550 pages and many of the books are longer than that. Until this is sorted out by Amazon I cannot do anything about it.

The Kindle price stays the same, still a wonderful bargain due to modern technology. As we stand now, the eBook versions are not being sold legally (I am aware of the pirated copies, shrug, you get such thieves everywhere) in ePub (Apple) version anywhere. As I always say, if you wish to read them in ePub contact me directly for a copy. I am not an admirer of Apple since i,t refused to help the FBI on a terrorist case despite a court order to do so (2015 San Bernardino). Thus, not one of my books will be legally found on Apple websites, ever. Shrug, I doubt if they care or give a hoot, but I do and I make the decisions and so it is. Money has never been the purpose behind the books. The books were written to assist, warn, explain, to expose what needed to be exposed so that changes can be made before it is too late, and you are forced to speak Chinese at home. Mind, with the rubbish coming from the White House and other Western “democracies” these days, Chinese might be clearer.

Let it also be known that I am grateful for every reader be it on my blogs or books and for every good review as well as the many personal emails and subscribers. Thank you. It is appreciated. Spread the word please. These books save life. I hope that you will find enjoyment in the new format.

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I would recommend you to also read the new GMJ book, OATH OF EVIL - The War on Protestantism, where a lot more is revealed, i.e. that the USA is a hijacked country taken over by the Papacy - as predicted in the Bible. We are seeing it playing off right in front of us. A complimentary electronic copy of the 700-page book is available at the bottom of the home page of this website. You need to subscribe to receive it in either EPub or Mobi format. You can unsubscribe later. It is a gift from me. Please read it and spread the word.

* All 51 GMJ books deal with modern military subjects like espionage, counterterrorism, military strategy, military history, and exposing mainstream media lies/propaganda. The GMJ books are a delight for lovers of military history with content to be found outside the schoolbook-approved histories. What is revealed in the GMJ books is shocking to the uninitiated. Prepare to find out the true state of affairs that no mainstream outlet will publish. If you wish to read about Covert and Special Forces Operations in sub-Saharan Africa, the new battleground where the radicals are to be found, the GMJ Books are the place to start. You will learn about covert operations, Special Forces techniques, and military history not known outside the select few.

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