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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Every man is free to choose whatever religion he wants, that is my belief and whatever you choose is your problem, not mine. But you would think that when fellow worshippers are being murdered, tortured, and abused, that those professing to be of the same faith would stand up and be counted? Nope, not when Christian, not at all when you look at mainstream media.

As I said in Code Name Masemole 26, GMJ 48, it is peculiar how the constant attacks on Christianity in Western Europe are hidden and played down by the modern mainstream media. Let me give examples: In 2018 more than 800 churches were attacked in France. The buildings were damaged to various degrees with beheaded statues, smashed tabernacles and human faeces thrown on the walls if not worse. Many churches were burned and otherwise vandalised. The Basilica of St Denis, an important landmark where all but three of the Kings of France are buried, was attacked by a presumably Muslim refugee from Pakistan whose identity and religion was withheld by mainstream, of course. Several of the stained-glass windows were broken and those windows cannot be replaced. Copies can be made, yes, but they are never the same. The few reports published stated that the basilica’s organ, considered to be a national treasure built between 1834 and 1841, was nearly wrecked by the Pakistani. That was on 5 March 2018.

Question. Who burns the most US Embassies? Which country? Pakistan. There is more, much more. In Code Name Wednesday 7, I explained the radical mosques that suddenly started appearing in sub-Saharan Africa. I said that the money for them came from Saudi Arabia, that great friend of Donald J Trump and the US Merchants of Death. Let us see what Republican Senator Rand Paul said in October 2018: “It’s a fact that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest sponsor of radical Islam on the planet, and no other nation is even close. Since the 1980s, over $100 billion has ‘been spent on exporting’ Wahhabism (the brand of Islam that controls Saudi Arabia and is most prevalent in madrassas). According to Foreign Policy Magazine, an ‘estimated 10 to 15 percent of madrassas are affiliated with extremist religious or political groups,’ while the number of madrassas in places like Pakistan and India has increased exponentially – from barely 200 to over 40,000 just in Pakistan. Even the State Department noted during the Obama administration that Saudi Arabia was the ‘most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide,’ and said Qatar and Saudi Arabia were ‘providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups.’ Thus you may be sure that Pakistanis, they are all Sunni Muslims, are being used to do the dirty work as they were before.

I often write about the Jesuit Principle of Ordo ab Chao aka the Hegelian Dialectic – Code Name Masemole 26, Code Name July 27, Code Name Rebecca 65 and more. It is pure evil, the dark side of mathematical intelligence and used by spymasters all the time. That is the way you destabilise a country or organisation. That is what is behind the shootings, bombings, economic crises, wars, revolutions, etc. It forms part, no, it is the key component of the Luciferian system. As an example of a Hegelian Dialectic in motion, most will know that President Roosevelt’s favourite Uncle Joe, aka Marshall Stalin, murdered many millions in the Soviet Union. Yes? But do you realise that most of the victims were Christians such as Orthodox & Protestants? Why is that? Why them?

Another Hegelian Dialectic example, we know that about six million Jews were murdered in the death camps, I write about the camps in Code Name VET 101, but that no one is troubled about is that between 350,000-500,000 mostly German Protestants were killed by Allied strategic bombing campaigns. If you were Satan, and you wanted God’s children dead, abused, and humiliated, would the sight of wars between the Protestant Nations not be something you would love to see and enjoy? Twice in less than 40 years Germany, the place where Protestantism started, just about destroyed? Yes, you would. And the second war brought the atheist communists right into Western Europe where they stayed for fifty long years. Who won? From a higher view than earthly, tell me, who won and scored the most from two world wars that killed a hundred million people?

Then, if you should look at where Christianity started, the Middle East, crossing to Asia Minor, how much of that is left? Nothing almost. How did that come about? A counter was created, Islam, then came the crusades which was a nail in the coffin for Christianity in that part of the world. Do you even know that 90,000 Christians are murdered for their faith every year? That is one dead Christian every 5.8 minutes… Yes, that is what Italy’s CESNUR (Center for Studies on New Religions) religious study group said happened in 2016. Three pages from now, remember this, another Christian somewhere has been killed. It is the great unknown and unwanted news in mainstream media that never report on it and so I will, “Christians are now the most persecuted religious group in the world,” Massimo Introvigne, director of CESNUR. Another Italian journalist warned in 2002, “In two millennia of Christian history, about 70 million faithful have given their lives for the faith, and of these, 45.5 million - fully 65% - were in the last century.” (“The New Persecuted” / in Italian, “I Nuovi Perseguitati.”)

The political correctness that slays Christians are to be found all over the world. We think of Pope Francis, the Village Idiot, as we call the Jesuit Pope. During May 2016, Pope Francis, rescued 12 persons from Syria to be moved to Italy on a Vatican sponsored deal. Not one of them was Christian, they were all Muslims. You must laugh cynically at the denied politics behind this: “Their privilege is that they are children of God...” the village idiot proclaimed proudly, “It's a drop of water in the sea. But after this drop, the sea will never be the same.” The mainstream media made much that the last quote is attributed to Mother Theresa, a woman that is seen as a saint by most of them. Yet, we have a picture of her praying to Buddha on 7 October 1975. Why is that? How odd. Her care for the dying was atrocious according to numerous medical professionals and there are many questions to the way she handled the millions of USD donations that her foundation received. She was no saint by any stretch of the imagination. Only the most delusional will make a human being into a ‘saint.’ It is a task which we are not burdened with and thoroughly unbiblical. In fact, it is a Roman Catholic invention and nothing else. But why would the head of the supposedly Christian Church rescue not his own? It is insanity but not as bad as what happened during Easter 2019 in Sri Lanka whilst writing this book.

Recently, Sri Lankan Orthodox churches were attacked by Muslim terrorists, they claimed responsibility, and hundreds died, sadly so. Easter, like Christmas, by the way, is actually a Pagan Fest and not Christian, by the way. The days were incorporated into Christianity by the Papacy and the rest of the world followed meekly. There is nothing Biblical about the days as they are celebrated right now, nothing. Barack Obama tweeted: “The attacks on tourists and Easter worshippers in Sri Lanka are an attack on humanity. On a day devoted to love, redemption, and renewal, we pray for the victims and stand with the people of Sri Lanka.” Then came Hilarious Clinton: “On this holy weekend for many faiths, we must stand united against hatred and violence. I’m praying for everyone affected by today’s horrific attacks on Easter worshippers and travelers in Sri Lanka.” You would note that neither of these two pillars of the Demorat Party bothered to use the word “Christians” in their tweets, they use “Easter Worshippers.” Why is that? That description is unknown in the Christian world. When Jews are murdered anywhere, they are called what they were, Jews. When Muslims are murdered anywhere, they are called what they were, Muslims. Not a word here on which religion was attacked and thus deliberate.

History proves my statement.

The Obama Administration welcomed anyone if they were not Christian or proclaiming any other religion but Muslim. Yes, look at the figures - 2,184 Syrian Muslim refugees versus 53 – that is 2.4 % - Christians in 2015, the year before it was 96% Muslims and that is not by chance at all but by White House strategy, a clear pattern. What about Obama’s utter failure to call a terrorist by its name? His administration was ensuring that obvious Muslim terrorist attacks are classified as “workplace violence by closet homosexuals you should feel sorry for.” What about the blatant attacks on Tea Party movements by the “independent” Obama IRS people, they are still delaying explaining why they did what they did? The breaking of the US Military by openly allowing gays, lesbians and transgenders to destroy discipline? The open support for civil unrest against the Sheriff Departments trying to keep order, crying on national television whenever a black man is shot but never when a white man is shot, why is that? The $9 billion a year to the United Nations to do what with? The hundreds of millions given to Iran? The constant rumours of wiretapping a political foe, i.e. Donald J Trump, the same what Richard Nixon did and what is going to be proven as fact soon. Are these matters, failures, home goals or treason or just plain old incompetence? You tell me? I don’t do conspiracy theories, I look for patterns and what I am pointed out, is scary. The patterns are there, make up your own mind.

In the UK the police covered and turned a blind eye on six years of rape of 1,400 English girls by Muslim “grooming gangs” in Rotherham and elsewhere. Dereliction of duty in the name of political correctness. It is a clear pattern. As far as these people are concerned Christianity is not worth defending and yet they are nominally Christian themselves. By chance? Of course not. Choices were made. I find it fascinating that the historical records show that most of the world’s evil dictators were all technically Roman Catholics. Why is that? Let us look at the “bad” guys. The list is endless. Just in our time, since the 1930s, we find Leon Degrelle, Belgium, Ngo Dinh Diem, Vietnam, Engelbert Dollfuss, Austria, Francisco Franco, Spain, Emil Hacha, Bohemia-Moravia, Konrad Henlein, Sudetenland, Father Andrei Hlinka, Slovakia, Miklos Horthy, Hungary, Father Anton Koroshec, Yugoslavia, Pierre Laval, Vichy-France, Ferdinand Marcos, Philippines, Benito Mussolini, Italy, Ante Pavelic, Croatia, Henry Petain, Vichy-France and Antonio Salazar, Portugal. What makes this list and it is not complete, thought-provoking, is what happens when you Google “Protestant Dictators” and the list is just not there, try it. A few discussions on who may have been Protestant and a dictator are there but in general, nothing. That is unusual. I expected a list compiled and ready for distribution and found nothing. So you see, you have two sides here and millions die when they clash. That is a Hegelian Dialectic for you. Then, I recalled something else, history shows us that the most successful (recent) countries economically and military, are all Protestant. Yes, all of them, not Roman Catholic... why is that? I made my deductions, but you can figure it out for yourself or disagree, whatever. Their inspiration is seen in their deeds which is not from a loving God. Lastly, we showed in Code Name Rebecca 65 that the UK is a Papist Vassal. Yes, the forgotten Compromise of Avranches. King Henry II capitulated to Rome, followed by King John in 1213 where England was signed over formally. It saddens me. Silence is not golden here, it is murder.

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