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Bill Gates To The Rescue? Again?

A look at his new book to discuss "the lessons we can learn” from Covid-19" and more.

So, Bill Gates, who has no medical degree or much knowledge of the subject, will publish a book coming May 2022 on the lessons from Covid-19. This means to me that the pandemic will then be declared over. To learn lessons, logically, you have to look back and see what you did right and what you did wrong. Thus, the end is in sight for this particular virus or so we hope.

Over or not, the laws will stay in place. Nowhere do you see that the rushed lockdown & mandatory vaccinations are removed from the law books... and I wonder why not. Is it because Gates is predicting a much worse pandemic? Almost certainly, yes. After all, the fellow has a way of predicting the future in ways that no normal human can do. Who will forget his Ted Talk of 2015 on almost exactly what happened in 2019 to this very day? Besides that, I can tell you now, without reading the Gates book, that there will be great emphasis on lockdowns, masks and also vaccines. Because in God we trust not but in Anthony Fauci, the Jesuit, apparently we do. Well, some of us anyway. I don't and never will.

There is a report that came out in January 2022 which was ignored by the media, obviously, because it concluded that “lockdowns in Europe and the US found lockdowns had little to no impact at reducing Covid 19 deaths during the early phase of the pandemic in 2020 - in fact it only reduced mortality by 0.2%. It found no evidence that lockdowns, school closures, border closures, and limiting gatherings had any noticeable effect - but did have a devastating effect on economic activity, unemployment, schooling, domestic violence, among many other social ills.” This is from “A Literature Review and Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Lockdowns on COVID-19 Mortality by Jonas Herby, Lars Jonung, and Steve H. Hanke. The above gentlemen are from The Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise. Not exactly Mickey Mouse people, I would say. But the Gates book will ignore the above. And the evolutionist, Fauci, see my previous blogs, will support this as the new Bible. He might even get the Noble Prize for something.

Let me also look back at the recent past. Just as winter started in Europe the WHO (who is that again?) predicted an alarming 500,000 Covid deaths by this time (February 2022). They then upped their idiotic prediction to 700,000 and two days later stopped at more than a million dead in Europe. I am asking now, where are the dead? It never happened. The real figures are not even a fraction of that. It was pathetic scaremongering and certainly not based on science, so to speak.

Do you know that it is not science but computer modelling based upon "assumptions" that gives the alarming predictions upon which lockdowns and the other "emergency but actually forever" laws and rules are based. Therefore they are always wrong and always much worse than reality. Almost two years ago the first warnings came out that Project Fear is working only too well - the figures are in my book "OATH OF EVIL - The War on Protestantism" - let me quote:

"The induced Corona Virus panic is clearly described in the following research report: “Covid-19 Opinion Tracker, edition”, published on 27 July 2020, by Kekst CNC, a global strategic communications company which is part of the Publicis Groupe – says that 1,000 men and women were asked two questions in the UK, USA, Germany, Sweden, and France:

1. How many people in your country have had coronavirus?

2. How many people in your country have died from coronavirus?

The results are astonishing: to the first question relating to the numbers who have contracted Covid-19; people in the UK answered 22% (4 times higher than official figures);

• In the USA, the answer was 20% (20 times greater than confirmed cases);

• In Germany, the answer was 11% (46 times greater than confirmed cases);

• In Sweden, the answer was 16 % (20 times confirmed cases), and in France, the answer was 12% (46 times confirmed cases).

They were way off, beyond belief off, not even close to correct.

On the numbers of deaths, the figures are even more exaggerated:

• In the UK, the response was 7% (100 times greater than confirmed deaths);

• In the US, the answer was 9% (225 times greater than the confirmed deaths);

• In Germany, the answer was 3% (300 times greater than confirmed deaths);

• In Sweden, the answer was 6% (100 times greater than confirmed deaths);

• and in France, the answer was 5% (100 times greater than confirmed deaths).

So in real terms, the public in the UK think 4.6 million people have died of Covid there rather than the actual 46,000 up to date.

In the US, people believe 29.5 million have died from it, rather than 155,000 as to date ( It is rather unbelievable and yet true.

And yes we regret every death. But clearly Operation Panic / Fear worked brilliantly."

* Many more died since the above, the point is the inflation of non-existent numbers through fear, not the actual deaths.

But there is more. I must ask, is it by chance that the leaders of the western countries with the worst lockdowns and mandates were all graduates of Klaus Schwab’s WEC Global Leaders for Tomorrow school? This list includes former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and California Governor Gavin Newsom. Besides these, also on the list is Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates as well as Pete Buttigieg, the small-town mayor who came from nowhere in the 2020 US Presidential elections to be a serious contender. Just like Macron, he appeared from nowhere. How odd. It is also so that Tony Blair suddenly officially became Roman Catholic after his disgraceful terms as Prime Minister (of Protestant Great Britain) ended. Oh, and then recently (late 2021) he was awarded to be a Knight of the Garter, the highest UK honour despite huge opposition. Why? Well, you need to read on and learn about the Compromise of Avranches to understand who controls the United Kingdom all the way from Rome. It is in my book.

Yes, such is the mess that the West is in today. Fake figures, fake predictions, no common sense and even less responsibility to those who are always wrong and cause incalculable harm. I think that I will not bother to read Bill Gates's book.

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