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AND THE WAR RHETORIC CONTINUES - reposted from 14/4/2020

No virus will stop the war mongrels in Washington & London

How far can the stupidity go? Is it really unlimited in scope as it seems to be right now? Let us look at some major headline reports which are made for panic mode and a sincere lack of appreciation on what is important:

Currently, the Chinese Navy carrier Liaoning is the only operating carrier group in the Western Pacific. I have no desire to go into the ship’s technical details here, it is not important. But, you can read Code Name Ghost and Code Name Lucy where the Chinese Navy is discussed in some detail if interested. The two US Navy carriers that are usually to be found in the area, are anchored because of the Coronavirus pandemic/panic. That is the USS Theodore Roosevelt whose captain was recently removed from command for daring to ask for assistance for his affected crew. The acting Secretary of the Navy called him “stupid or naive” and had to resign in the unforeseen, by him and him alone, backlash. The Navy Secretary before him resigned when Donald J Trump pardoned a Navy SEAL that was somehow acquitted of war crimes. Still, the Theodore Roosevelt is not leaving Guam any time soon. In Japan, the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan is docked at Yokosuka. Same reason. And so the Chinese carrier can operate at will and the reason for the panic headlines. Yet, the Liaoning with her two destroyers and two frigates and a support vessel constitute zero threat to the US or US interests. Nothing. She is not about to invade the West Coast and make anybody speak Chinese. There is no new Pearl Harbour on the cards. I must then ask the logical question, “War mongrels, what the f are you panicking about?”

Then we get the news that Boeing is opening manufacturing plants in a very limited way. And what would those plants be? Something to assist the pandemic? Nope. Read that to be the one in Renton, Washington, building military aircraft, the US Navy’s sub hunter, the P-8 Poseidon. Also, the Everett plant, building the military KC-46 Pegasus aerial refueling and transport aircraft. Yes, wonderful priorities. No doubt the company will be rewarded with hundreds of billions of taxpayer money. Just business as usual.

In the background, China is blamed, threatened and yet the paper trails of warnings to the WHO and elsewhere are available with some research. The blame game is nothing but smoke and mirrors. Nonsense that will not stand scrutiny. The real problem today is that the economies are crashing because of the lock-downs. Now logistics plays a major role in everything. Let me explain practically. That burger patty that you wish to barbecue tonight comes from a plant, that is now closed. To get the patty manufactured, the farmer needs to transport the animal to the slaughterhouse first, but there is no transport, it is shut down. He cannot keep the animal forever or the product on the land, it must be harvested or it will rot. Yet he has no workers to assist him and even if he does get workers he cannot transport the products harvested. Do you get the dilemma here? A few weeks later the shelves are empty. Money cannot buy, even if you have, which most of those laid off will not have, what is not available. Once the warehouses run empty you have hunger, shortages, and violence aplenty. Then the National Guard, Army, whoever, steps up to keep order as the plundering starts. Chaos ensues, people die, and they start calling for strong (even totalitarian) leadership. Ah, yes, one religion too, why not, different ones just cause problems. And if you listen to world political & religious leaders that is the message that will be repeated by the mainstream liars.

Solution: Stop the silly lock-downs or lessen it to support the economy to avoid empty shelves. Without that happening within the next week or two, best of luck because trouble like you have never seen before will come to your neighborhood. Normal people are already fed-up, they have had enough of the panic stations. Across the world you see civil disobedience breaking out. Tired and stressed out police officers are over-reacting and by doing so creating resentment against them. And nothing here is by chance. Every measure is designed to follow a classic Hegelian Dialectic to create chaos. Something that I warned about in so many books from Code Name GSSP-40 and further. Yet I fear that no Western leader has the moral guts to stand up.

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