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When mainstream works for the Evil One.

No one denies Covid-19, I had it myself for 42 days, but at the same time, no one is saying that the survival rate of the pandemic is something like 98% depending on the patient’s prior condition. The elderly and infirm will always be at risk of any disease, not only the Corona Panic that is gripping the world once again and once again without substance. As before, a single line is followed by mainstream without explaining that your chances of surviving are actually exceptionally high. So they create panic and by doing so the sheep (ignorant non-heretic citizens) are allowing draconian measures and laws that will be abused in the future as I warned so many times before in books and blogs.

So, let us summarise. The so-called “Omicron” version was recently discovered in Southern Africa (probably first in Botswana) and made public by South African scientists. Now South Africa is something of a puzzle. A country that had working nuclear weapons (without much Israeli assistance – see Code Name Angel) by 1978. It is a country with surprisingly good scientists and in many ways not “African” at all but First World. Military wise, many will be surprised reading this but research all you wish, it is rated higher, more powerful, than Switzerland, Norway, and The Netherlands. Yes, even today, but it must be admitted that with Switzerland that is not a great achievement. Despite the Swiss martial airs (in pubs and behind keyboards and nowhere else) no one takes the Swiss Military seriously in the real world. So, South Africa had some great advancements and yet it is so ridiculously badly managed that the economy is folding, and people are starving. Nevertheless, it stands to reason that the scientists, those remaining, and the doctors, those remaining since most left, know what they are talking about. Especially since they are the ones that studied the new mutant/strain (Omicron) in detail before giving the warning to the world. However, they forgot to add that the strain is mild and not scary at all to those that got it. Dr Angelique Coetzee, chair of the South African Medical Association, said time after time that the patients all experienced “extremely mild symptoms.” Not one patient thus far ended in hospital and not one in ICU because of the new strain. Not one, no reason to panic.

Nevertheless, Southern Africa was immediately discriminated against, and flights were banned by almost every European country and including the USA besides many others. That is your reward for bringing bad news, for being honest. The tourism industry, already broken and waiting for the summer influx took yet another grievous hit for no reason but cowardice from the so-called leaders. Of course, the strain became hysterical news everywhere with concerned leaders looking suitably grim-faced with ridiculous projections. The WHO first said (this was even before Omicron) that 500,000 Europeans will die in the next few months. Then two days later that became 700,000 and two days after that, 2million. Ah yes, only wrong by a factor of 100 as it was with previous rubbish claims designed to cause panic. Let us note also that that ICU is always filled. It is never empty and waiting for patients. All statistics, the so-called “science” show that there are always patients in dire straits with or without a Corona Panic going on. It is the nature of human development that people die at some stage.

My word, you would think that these people fear death and wonder why they do so – what is not right in their lives that they have such fear? Well, if you look at any Western leader today you will find them making the occult signs, handshakes, and signals to each other. Yes, they all belong to the occultist clubs like the Freemasons and Knights of Malta, Knights of This and That and all bowing down to Rome to create their New World Order where they will have one religion, the one of Rome serving Baal, and no freedom whatsoever. If you don’t believe me, please read what I wrote since Code Name GSSP-40, GMJ 40, and cumulating all the research into Oath of Evil – The War on Protestantism, GMJ 51, which does not claim to be fiction or fictionalise but outright non-fiction. Of course, the book is severely suppressed and attacked from all sides. Get it while you can because it will not be available forever.

I wonder, and I wrote about this in other blogs, what do you call it again when private companies start doing the State’s work? You know, where social media companies ban or soft ban whatever the State wants to be banned but cannot do so because of its Constitutions banning censorship – it is known as Freedom of Speech. Such actions, the mixing of State and Private Enterprise, is called Fascism, Rome’s favourite political system according to itself – again – the quotes are inside Oath of Evil.

Do you even know that Rome piously claims never to have executed or persecuted anyone? A claim so pathetic in history that it is laughable. Yet, in their way of thinking it is true – a “heretic” (that is someone that thinks for himself, the actual definition) would be handed over to the State, duly tortured into confession, and burned at the stake. Yes, this happened tens of millions of times. And it is happening again. In the last hundred years, more than 90 million Protestants died because of senseless wars started by the occult leaders. And today you see the social media leaders and owners bowing to Rome and dutifully banning everything contra to what Rome wants. There is no freedom of speech left and there it will get much worse. So be prepared for what is coming, times of trouble that you have never seen before.

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