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All spy agencies do so, including your own.

I warned in many books that the Western Intelligence Agencies became liberal left-wing since the First Cold War ended. When a CIA head says that his proudest moment was to see the LGBTQ rainbow flag flying at CIA headquarters and MI6 became the preferred LGBTQ employer (more than once, duly voted as such) you better understand that the days of conservative spies are over (in the West, at least). The idea behind the liberalism is good – that someone that is “out of the closet” is not subject to blackmail because there is no shame and no need to hide either. Okay, so far so good but it is a nonsensical element because it is not acceptable behavior in many other countries, countries where the LGBTQ spy needs to work and conduct his official business. This will never be inside his own country (do you hear the roars of laughter? Of course, they spy on their own inside their own countries). I pointed this out many times as I said that the average LGBTQ community inside countries is about 3%. Yet, only 1.5% of US Military personnel came out as LGBTQ since Obama opened the door. Something which Hilarious Clinton, by the way, never supported, not even Billy Goat Clinton’s “don’t ask don’t tell principle.” So, half of the LGBTQ community inside the US military is still either in denial or hiding. Oddly, as I said in the anti-right-wing book, Code Name Bella Dawn, gays actually make for good soldiers that are highly respected by their comrades. Many feel that they have something to prove and act accordingly. The above are the studies and statistics summarised for you.

Right, so how do spies recruit informants, Impimpis, or “sources” or “assets?” They focus on what is needed and who has access to what they need to know or confirm. All agencies do this including yours. Since no man will betray his country for the hell of it (I would hope) the source must be compromised (if not willing – political disagreement, money, and a green card are the chief motivations for the willing traitors). Thus, you are well-trained to become very suspicious when an attractive woman (in my case, a man or a child will never attract my attention in the same way) suddenly “come on” to you. You report the contact immediately and then may play along or not. But you never fall for that trick.

In South Africa, in my time, there were two interesting incidents that may have happened and certainly are well known among those in the shadows. First, a French national was trapped in bed with a woman that was not his wife. He had access to Mirage fighter jet spare parts which we wanted and thus he was confronted with the pictures, videos (with great sound, the man was French after all). He asked for some time to think things over, walking away shaking his head, and muttering to himself. A few days later he invited us to meet him. With him was his wife. To our astonishment, the wife said that she never realized that her husband “still had it in him, and she would like to have a threesome, so to speak, which we could tape too if we wish.” At that we handed the compromised material over and walked away, shaking our heads and muttering to ourselves. In the end, for money, he gave us what we needed. The almighty Kruger Rands did the deal.

Then there was a famous (locally, not anywhere else) actress with very liberal notions about life. She would be used as the honey (inside the trap) using her undoubted charms to compromise those that fell for her charms, which were damn well considerable. And so, she got us a military attaché from a north African country with close links to Moscow. The two met secretly, it was Apartheid after all, in a country to our north where we had the hotel room staked out. Now, to act normally, the female might not necessarily know that the encounter is being taped. She had no idea and confessed to the fellow that she was there to ensnare him, asking for forgiveness. She fell in love with her target. The biggest screw up, forgive the pun, possible. He acted like a trained intelligence officer would (we respected that to this day) by comforting her, asking a few probing questions about her handlers, swearing eternal love, and left for home (to his wife) immediately after without even going back to South Africa. And I may assure you, his people warned everyone about our actress… she became useless to us overnight. Her handler was furious, she had to seduce him, so it is said.

And this is my point. If you have access or can at some stage become an agent of influence or is somehow connected to someone with the above qualities, you will be identified. Your human weaknesses will be explored. Do you have money problems (most do)? Do you feel frustrated at work for whatever reason? And lastly, lust, what will make you drop your pants? A man? A boy? A girl? A woman of certain features, blonde, brunette, big-chested, small chested, whatever, it can be supplied. Where the Chinese are involved a certain amount of finesse is involved, they are not crude operators, only ruthless. See Code Name Unbutton where I described Chinese Intelligence (based entirely on the Russian/Soviet model). The encounter is usually “by chance” and cultivated over time if needs be. This first approach is known by them as a “positive incentive.” Since they are exceedingly good at spying in their own country, they usually invite the target to China for business (which is real, very lucrative) and then you meet the woman of your dreams and the rest is a sad tale of abuse.

Okay, so what happens, I asked this to Western Intelligence officers and got no answer, when the LGBTQ agent falls in love with this trap as happened so many times before? What then? What use is your liberal openness then? Do you suppose that LGBTQ agents do not fall in love as much as heterosexual people do? Of course, the answer is not to do something compromising – that is not to date an attractive Chinese spy as did a US Demorat congressman recently and got away with. But then again, life is not that easy. Not all have the desire to report the contact and run away. As long as there is spying the honeytrap will be used effectively. I lost count on how many US (and NATO) servicemen are compromised as we speak. They are not the highest-ranking officers (them you simply buy with money and fake honours, they are easy targets, sex too, amazingly easy) but middle ranking. Why those ranks? Tactical intelligence, the ones who will be deployed first, and who can cause their own the most casualties by talking to the enemy. It is a merciless world.

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