I am told that no one reads a GMJ without learning something.


All books deal with modern military subjects like espionage, counterterrorism, military strategy, military history, and exposing mainstream media lies / propaganda.


The GMJ books are a delight for lovers of military history with content to be found outside the schoolbook approved histories. What is revealed in the GMJ books are shocking to the uninitiated. Prepare to find out the true state of affairs that no mainstream outlet will publish. ​If you wish to read about Covert and Special Forces Operations in sub-Saharan Africa, the new battleground where the radicals are to be found, the GMJ Books are the place to start. You will learn about covert operations, Special Forces techniques, and military history not known outside the select few.


​ The GMJ books are like no other and often used as training material by elite units across the world. I write what is needed to read or expose.​ I  warn, educate, and use our past experiences for the betterment of mankind. To me it is about education, saving lives.  As such, all GMJ books contain a  large element of truth even where officially classified as fiction or fictionalized. They are 100% technically correct and based upon historical events.


 The GMJ Series consists of 51 books.


​George M James

Code Name July 27 (GMJ 49) 


The South African Way of War
In this book the author once again returns to the subject of covert and special forces operations in Sub Saharan Africa, the new counter-terror battleground where he is an expert. And he again asserts that his own nation, South Africa, has one of the world's finest Special Forces Units. I wonder how his readers react to that. Does the American reader dismiss that claim as mere baseless boasting and say they surely can't be better than the SEALs? Will the Briton dismiss that statement with his own patriotic defense of the SAS? And I ask myself if our rush to judgment is a simple dismissal of anything African being of lesser quality. If so, that would be latent racism. Let me remind the reader here of the undisputed reputations both the white Boers and the black Zulus have in warfare. Both gave the British Empire one hell of a go long ago. And now both groups, among others, constitute the present Republic of South Africa.

And let me also remind the reader that South African warrior skills were further honed by their long (1966-1989) Border War as well as the Rhodesian Bush War where South African Army Special Forces, Air Force pilots, and Police Counter-Insurgency Units learned the tricks of the trade. The fact is that the South African Army has not lost a battle since Tobruk, under British Command, in 1941. In 1978 they conducted the largest parachute operation since World War Two and in 1987-1988 won the largest tank battle in Africa since World War Two. And they did so with homegrown equipment that was and are superior to what the West or the USSR could produce. They still lead the world in many fields as is explained in many GMJ Books.

As an American Vietnam Veteran, I recognize that my own nation was deeply affected by the Vietnam War but it was of short duration and far away. For South Africans their war was long and at home, virtually an existential event for them. Surely every middle-aged man today can say he did his obligatory service. We all know of far too many exemptions certain American classes obtained (Bolton, Biden, and others) during our war while I doubt that many exemptions were given in South Africa, and shameful if indeed received.

I think we can accept the author's claim that his nation's Special Forces, and indeed its entire military, are proven to be far superior to any other on that continent. The same can be said of their covert teams roaming around in secret fighting in the shadows about which nothing is written or known. Let's read this book with an open mind and learn something of the South African way of war. If you read between the lines you will see the reality that the author warns about. There is much knowledge gained from reading the GMJ Series, knowledge that will save American lives if implemented.

American Military Might - Debunked (GMJ 35) ​

It's Time to Listen Up Folks!
This South African author knows his continent and he knows how it fits into the scheme of world events. His nation is a part of the BRICS coalition of nations which share their innovations in arms and technology, much of which rivals and surpasses that of the West. Yes, it's time to listen up, folks! He writes:

"And guess who are BRICS partners? Russia & China, the leading ones, helping each other (as do the rest) with technology and espionage. I can tell you, the Russian and Chinese carriers are very worrying to the Western intelligence analysts and they should be. Carriers only purpose in life is to attack first or to close sea-lanes and no other logical reason and they are expanding their capabilities all the time. Why? You think about this, all the patterns are clear and indicative to what I am writing in my books which is not to say it will happen but they are setting themselves up in case it happens."

"The Yanks, I believe, had become so arrogant that they don't believe their carrier groups can be sunk. They are in for an awful surprise if such a war ever breaks out."

George M James has written 51 books in his Code Name series, all of which depict fictional characters in real-world spy, intelligence, and Special Operations scenarios. Each of those books also contain some very valid history and analysis of world events as background for the fictional events. This present book is a compilation of the history and analysis in those other books and foregoes the fictional story. It would seem the author wants us to read this book as a wake up call about some serious and scary deficiencies in the West's power structure. After reading this book I am convinced he's right. James’s books are like no other, he combines history, fiction and hard (researchable) facts to bring his messages home. He is blunt, to the point and has no fear in pointing out, always in a reasoned argument, why he is stating what he is stating. Since he writes under a pen name I don’t know his exact background but he does know his sphere of interest, so much so that his books are read at military academies. Be prepared for the unexpected.

Code Name Lucy (GMJ 28)  


Great Real - World Military / Police Analysis!
I've read many of the GMJ series and continue to be impressed with the author's policy analysis and research into weapons systems. Here's just a sample of what you'll find in this book:

"T]he Chinese thought long and hard on what they wanted and then started building at a rate which will make the Chinese Navy larger and more powerful than the US & Royal Navies combined and with modern vessels (the Roosevelt-Dreadnought Principle again, Angelique) within the next two decades. What is particularly impressive is that they are doing so in a very planned and systematic way. Again, let us analyze the patterns here – first came the smaller escort vessels in large numbers combined with advanced submarines using the best technology from anywhere (Russia, South Africa, Israel and home grown). Then only the large aircraft carriers, experimenting to see what works for them in a combination of size and quality, the age old Chinese outlook of more is better.


My sources tell me that they would rather have twice as many aircraft groups as the US Navy, even if smaller, than risking all on a few vastly expensive Ford & Nimitz & Queen Elizabeth class carriers. Ironically, what the West jeer at – the Russian designed 61,000-ton heavy aircraft-carrying missile cruiser – is seen by them as the baseline to start from. Their aircraft carriers will be smaller, I am told, but they will have many more of them and they will have steam catapults, time will tell. However, what we see right now is smart, really smart, thinking, they are setting up the groundwork very methodologically."

I remind the reader that these books are written and sold as novels with three very-dangerous but very-entertaining main characters in the spy and counter-insurgency trade. But the author often uses his characters, as you see from the quote above, to introduce their "shop talk" which is real-life policy and intelligence

Code Name Wednesday 7 (GMJ 42)  


Startling Revelations!

Don't expect a soft message from this writer. He's a South African and they are noted for their blunt and direct way of speaking and you will find all that in his books. You must not interpret his manner as anti-American; clearly he's very pro-American but he holds no punches when criticizing the American way of war and our errors in policy. It's a message that must be given if we are to adequately know what's really going on, what we are not learning from the main-stream media.


James does not preach to the choir here; he tells it like it is. Example: "When the CIA got the Bush 43 go-ahead to torture prisoners, they had no idea how to do so, yes, they asked us for assistance, rather embarrassingly so for themselves. They adopted the SERE training to this effect and they failed miserably. When they opened secret and illegal prisons across the world we warned them not to do so, that it will come back to haunt them. We said that if you wish to be effective you must go all the way, that is to kill the prisoner afterwards or don't detain him in the first place. Simple, effective and deadly as a message as well as calculated. They would not, they did not have the moral fibre to do so and and still don't, but they don't mind launching Hellfire missiles at innocents and feeling proud about their efforts which are pathetic in efficiency.


OATH OF EVIL - The War On Protestantism


OATH OF EVIL - The War on Protestantism, is unusual for a GMJ Book in that it deals with the battle of the mind and not earthly warfare or counterterrorism as do the rest of the series. The book is exactly what the name says, the secret war raging upon Christians. It is deliberately and purposely only on Protestants even though many Catholics and others died too. It is being waged by the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church. The Jesuits are winning for now. Those that stay outside the shenanigans and hold firmly onto the Word of God and only the Word of God are relatively few.

We must remember that the reverse effect of destroying Protestantism is also true. Once destroyed, there will be a new world order. Yes, similar to the one that existed during the Middle Ages with one church, one leader, and one world and zero political or religious freedoms. History is repeating. That is the forgotten part of the Jesuit war on Protestantism. We forget that what they will achieve will have dreadful consequences to the rest of us. We will be back in the Middle Ages with total Church / State unity. That is exactly what is not wanted and yet is predicted by the Bible.

Now should you be one of those that dismiss the Bible as poppycock, conceivably a nice story, or hatefully politically incorrect, and of zero importance to you, then this book will make no sense to you either. Nevertheless, try to read on and see how history supports the Bible prophecies. It is a remarkable story backed by historical events that cannot be denied. And know also that the Biblical predictions and prophecies will come true in the future. You will not escape your choices. Not even death can save you from God’s coming judgement. This book strives to counter the false prophets and their Jesuit thinking / policies. It is needed and should be read by Christians. Time is short and the deception is great.

Description: A book about the secret war raging upon Christians, deliberately and purposely only on Protestants although many Catholics and others died too. It is being waged by the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church. It started when the Society of Jesus, SJ, was created almost 500 years ago. Destroying the Reformation is the only reason why the Catholic Military Order exists according to their oath of office. But it is not only to destroy Protestantism. It is to create a new world order with one religion, one leader, and one government, all controlled from the Vatican. The battle is for the mind, yes, but hundreds of millions already died. Today, Protestantism is penetrated, confused, and being broken up from within.

Biblical subjects covered are Origins. Historical Context of The Reformation. The Jesuit Oath. Evolution vs Creation and The Big Bang Theory. The Bizarre Links Between Roman Catholicism And Islam. Fundamentalism, Radicalism, and a Cult. Jesuit Influences: The 1,260 Day Prophecy. The Third Temple Fable. Jesuit Education. Mary, the Mother of God. The Art of War. The Rape of China. Jesuit Theatre and Hollywood. The Occult Code. What is the Mark of the Beast? The “Grace Defence.” Sunday Laws. Loyola’s Spiritualism. The Doctrine of Purgatory. The Second Coming. Hell. Secret Organisations. The Knights of Malta, and the Compromise of Avranches. Roman Catholicism and the Pope Identified as The Antichrist by All the Reformation Leaders. Bible Changes. Freemasonry in All Its Forms. How the Jesuits Created the United States as The Second Beast Starting with the Cornwallis Confession. Practical Indications that The USA is Acting Like the Second Beast.

OATH OF EVIL - The War on Protestantism, is the 51st book of the popular GMJ Series.

Press Release


In this book, George M James discusses the possibility of the United States being created by Jesuits to be the Second Beast of the Book of Revelation. The result is 691 pages of Biblical prophesies, history, and exposure of deceit at the highest levels of government.


James stated that “Of the dozens of books that I wrote on modern counterterrorism this one stands out since it links the dots together like no other book in this genre. I used the original occult books as sources besides the King James Bible and what I saw in the shadows hunting terrorists for decades. It is an astonishing combination of history and Biblical prophecy coming together right front of our eyes.”



OATH OF EVIL - The War on Protestantism
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 “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”

Leon Trotsky

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