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A SPECIAL PURPOSE – why the GMJ Books were written - reposted from 28/10/2019

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

You never know where a journey will end when you start it. Most readers will know that I wrote the first GMJ Novel, Code Name VFO565, in the months after my wife, a great American Patriot, died unexpectedly on 21 May 2014, age 41. I used this name to include her initials, M, and for the safety of my remaining family. And I had a great desire to use my knowledge for the betterment of mankind, that is, those that are not classified as terrorists by me. And so the journey kicked off. As is, I am busy with book 50 now, Code Name Love72.

I am often surprised at what comes out of the GMJ research simply because it is most often against what the mainstream media, as well as the Pentagon, are sprouting to the public in their latest versions of the notorious Saigon Five-o’clock Follies. In fact, I say straight out that whatever is said at the White House, Number 10, or the Pentagon (including any US/NATO officer), are probably lies or distortions of the real facts. They lied so much for so many years that you just cannot take them at face value anymore. Take for instance the announcement that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdad killed himself and three of his children by detonating a suicide vest during a US Special Forces raid this past weekend. I must ask, why did the Russian Military officially deny the operation taking place in the area under their control as claimed by the US President (that even thanked them)? Why did the French sound so sceptical about the events? What really happened? I am sure that a future blog will reveal more but for now, whatever, perhaps, perhaps not, who knows. Such is the world that we live in today, created by the less than ten massive media corporations that own the internet and mainstream media. I wonder how many of you reading here know that both Fox and CNN have large Saudi investors? Do you ever wonder why the stories are always the same? See my blog published on 28 August 2019, Whatever.

I grew up fighting communism and saw anything communist as evil, end of discussion. I still do, by the way and so do most Russians. Socialism too when taken to absurd lengths where a man is able to abuse the system designed for honest people. There is nothing wrong with hard work, by the way. And even less in accepting a helping hand when needed, but it ought never to become a lifestyle. At school I was the history boffin. I knew more than the teachers because I read far more than most. Very soon, as a child, probably because where I grew up, I became interested in military history. I wanted to know everything. Something which in later years went over, again because of circumstances, to the Great Game as espionage is called in popular literature. In fact, it is not a game for those right at the edge, it is a damn serious business, the theatre of the real where no rules except winning is the only way. I loved it, by the way, even if out now for close to ten years. But there was a lot that I did not know as a young man that shocked me as I wrote the GMJ Series. For instance, I never realised that the NATO Air Forces probably would not have obtained air superiority in the 1980s. With that went all ideas of winning a conventional war against the Warsaw Pact. NATO would have lost despite the claims to the contrary. And yes, there is a major South African factor in this - the look-down/shoot-down system known as Kukri System given to the USSR by South African Navy Commodore Dieter Gerhart, today a retired struggle hero. But, you can read about this in either Code Name Blue Tang or American Military Might – Debunked. The two books have more than one thousand pages combined. I cannot even begin to summarize my reasons for the above statements here. The more I researched, for four years I wrote one GMJ novel every 2-3 weeks, all on various military subjects, I realised that the outright lies will murder today’s youngsters serving to the best of their abilities. I began to see historical points, or warnings, if you wish, and the patterns are repeating. Sadly, as they would when you have a society that looks down on history. As I say in many of my books, history degrees are rated much higher by spymasters than any other degree including legal ones. Nothing you do in the Great Game (for the actual spies) is legal. What the spymasters realized is that history predicts the future. The patterns are there to study and make logical conclusions which give you the ultimate supremacy in war (and the Great Game, the Shadows, is a war scenario). By knowing history you have the ability to know what the enemy will do before they even know it themselves.

I explained the concept in several books, including Code Name Willow Bay, on how a spy vessel can be identified, tracked and then ambushed all on behaviour patterns. It was as clear a warning that I could give to the West that their spy vessels are known (not that anyone listened or cared, whatever). The book also revealed the utterly unique entry method to get Special Forces to a hijacked or enemy controlled or enemy warship by stealth. That method, known now as the Willow Bay Method, is used by several militaries excluding the NATO versions (they are not open to change and have zero forward thinking abilities, a lost cause). In Code Name Angelique and in Code Name Mélisse I explained how modern gliders can be used in counterterrorism. Again, the NATO forces did not take any notice but the large Eastern One did and implemented what I said. From my side, again, whatever. The same for Code Name Butterfly, the unique way to track enemy snipers which is unknown to the rest of the world. In Code Name Pour Angelique, I explained why the US Secret Service “Rush” defense will fail against a determined enemy. Whether they take note or not is not my concern. I did what I had to do, warn.

I suppose, that is the purpose of the GMJ Novels, all of them, fictionalised and non-fiction, to educate, train and to warn. I have no desire to see youngsters killed in action because of lies told by the Merchants of Death and their own leaders. I recall the times during my own service years where we, in the Police Counter-Insurgency Units, had to use whatever we had available or get (by other means, usually highly illegally) what we needed from the Army Units. You also tend to grow up very quickly when you see your own dead. At such times, statistics in how many died for every one of you, become f meaningless. Therefore, a large majority of America’s foreign wars Vets, since 2003, say that it was not worth it. Despite this, the insanity continues unabated. The sad reality is that unless you are there, smelling the blood and gore and gunpowder, you will always be without an incentive to stop lying to the public (their low informed voters being played and humiliated in private). Unless your towns and cities are bombed to pieces and your dead remain unburied you cannot understand war or the consequences of bad soldiering. This needs to stop. An entire industry to lie and protect the elite is functioning today to spread the lies. Books like mine are rare, suppressed and dismissed by those that have most to fear from them. Whatever, the purpose was and is to educate. Somewhere someone is reading a GMJ and learning new skills. I am happy.

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