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Or you will not travel outside your house

“Some 70 to 80 percent of the world’s population will have to take the vaccine before anyone can hope to live a normal life again with people taking vacations, travel, and sporting events.” Bill Gates explained in an interview with Anderson Cooper at a CNN town hall on Thursday, 25 June 2020.

There is something called a “Hobson’s Choice” which is basically a choice of taking what is available or nothing at all. You might even call it a lose-lose choice. The phrase comes from one Thomas Hobson (1544–1631), a livery stable owner in Cambridge, England. To prevent the best horses from being ridden all the time, he would tell customers to “either take the horse in his stall nearest to the door or take none at all.” So it left them without any choice, effectively. They took the first available horse. His reasoning made perfect sense and no harm was intended or caused. He had no further aspiration than protecting his horse, a valuable investment.

I wonder about Gates’s statement. While it is great to say that no one will be forced to vaccinate if they don’t want to, it is totally undermined when also told you either get vaccinated or you cannot have a normal life like “taking vacations, travel, and (attending) sporting events.” What if you wish to see your grandchildren? What if you wish to go somewhere? What about the pub? A fine old British tradition. Nope, you will not unless you can show me your vaccination papers. That is what is coming. And that brings me to my point, how do you track who was vaccinated and who not?

Probably, almost certainly, the Chinese Corona Virus Model will be followed. That is where you scan with your cell phone a bar code at the entrance of the event, the border crossing, or before boarding anything from a train to an aircraft. The information is collected as will be everyone else’s. Should any of them or you be tested positive, they are traced, or you, and locked into quarantine. And if you have a temperature you are taken to an isolation camp immediately. It is impossible to even get into a mall without this procedure, so I am informed.

You will wear your mask too even if there is no real and acceptable scientific evidence that it prevents infection to yourself or to anyone else. Simply because a virus is a mighty small thing, it will go through the mask as if not there. In fact, for the virus, the mask is not there! It is like saying an ape is 99% a human... well, so is a banana, and yet a human stay at the top of the chain. There is a remarkable difference between the three, I would say. It is thus an entirely stupid argument that a mask will stop 99% of whatever but not the virus you are wearing it for... Then why wear it? Nevertheless, you already have no choice with masks. You will not fly anywhere without the silliness being forced upon you. Except if you have your own private jet. Some pigs are more equal than others.

Can you be forced to be vaccinated? Yes, by law you can be and so can your kids even if you refuse. Will the vaccine be dangerous? Probably not much, no. It will be very much harder for them to enforce it if it causes immediate death to millions. So I don’t foresee obvious signs of distress but there will be a lot of harm in the background. A certain percentage of those vaccinated will react negatively and their lives ruined.

So what is behind this? Why? What is happening here behind the scenes? Subjection? Chaos? A new Saviour that will arise? A New World Order? A New Normality? Well, you say these words, and you are immediately classified as a “conspiracy theorist” and banned from social media. The learned professors, proven wrong time after time, with their ridiculously untrue predictions of death rates, will shout to the heavens and so will their lackeys in the lamestream media. Yet, millions are saying exactly this in different ways. Not all will be subjected. That is certain.

There are serious issues here with tracking apps to see who was injected and who not. I mentioned them before in various blogs as well as those under my real name – once you agree to be tracked whatever follows from that is evidence in a court of law. It comes down to the information collected being abused by “our protectors.” Worse, this, to me, comes down to control more than anything else. It is mass obedience that is demanded in the background and enforced slowly but surely. I don’t trust the solemnly given assurances that they will not do so and neither should you. The measures are interfering with your right to freedom of movement which is something taken for granted when outside jail. But let me say also that most will subject and think that they are doing the right thing by doing so. They will be outraged at those that say no. There will be public swaying attempts, that is, shaming, into following the sheep blindly. Such people will always be with us. They will not be a problem for the authorities and never were. Those that refuse or raise concerns will be made to understand how little personal freedom really exists behind the facade. You are only tolerated as long as you keep quiet and are dutifully staying inside the sheep pen waiting for slaughter. Peace upon them, they know not what they are heading to but I do. And I am saying straight that we are heading for grave times. In a way I really admire those running this Hegelian Dialectic since they are succeeding and will succeed. But I also know where this will end and it is not in their favor at all. Why? Because I read the Books of Revelations and that of Daniel many times. I understand fully what is happening here and I am glad it is happening.

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