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Asking the US Military for assistance…

According to news reports, and this is confirmed, the US embassy in Mozambique (Maputo) announced that “US Special Forces will train Mozambican marines for two months, with the country also providing medical and communications equipment, to help Mozambique combat the insurgency.”

The problem lay in Cabo Delgado Province, far to the north on the border with Tanzania. The area is mined by TOTAL, the French company, for liquified natural gas. As it is with Africa, look at the history of Biafra (Nigeria), most of the locals feel left out. And now an Islamic insurrection is taking place there with thousands displaced and dozens (some reports say hundreds) of beheadings and other nastiness taking place. There is no way that the Mozambican Armed Forces can cope with this. It is not a country that spends on its military and it is a poor country, to begin with, even if beautiful in the extreme sense of the word. Beautiful white sandy beaches, normally friendly people, and great seafood is part of the deal. So, this is a tragedy and will become a thousand times worse with any type of US involvement. You may ask me why? What is wrong with US Special Forces training Mozambican Marines?

Allow me to point out what the US Military presence achieved in this theatre and weep: “Overall, militant Islamist group activity in Africa has doubled since 2012. There are now roughly 24 active militant Islamist groups operating on the continent, up from just five in 2010; 13 African countries face attacks from these groups — a 160% increase over that same time span; and the number of violent events across the continent has jumped 960%, from 288 in 2009 to 3,050 in 2018.” Defense Department’s Africa Center for Strategic Studies. It is worse now.

Okay, so what did the US Military then do to rectify their pathetic attempts? A small surge: “Since US Africa Command began operations in 2008, the number of U.S. military personnel on the African continent has jumped 170%, from 2,600 to 7,regional-based000. The number of military missions, activities, programs, and exercises there has risen 1,900%, from 172 to 3,500. Drone strikes have soared and the number of commandos deployed has increased exponentially along with the size and scope of AFRICOM’s constellation of bases. The US military has recently conducted 36 named operations and activities in Africa, more than any other region of the world, including the Greater Middle East. Troops scattered across Africa regularly advise, train, and partner with local forces; gather intelligence; conduct surveillance; and carry out airstrikes and ground raids focused on “countering violent extremists on the African continent.” Nick Turse, American investigative journalist, historian, and author, 29 July 2019.

“The sharp increase in terrorist incidents in Africa underscores the fact that the Pentagon’s overly militarized approach to the problem has been a dismal failure. If anything, attempting to eradicate terrorism by force may be exacerbating the problem, provoking a terrorist backlash and serving as a recruiting tool for extremist groups.” William Hartung director of the arms and security project at the Center for International Policy.

And now I am forced to say a few words on AFRICOM as I do in many other books and blogs. Let us look at the US reasoning for this failure: “China and Russia are expanding their influence across Africa where they interfere with US military operations and pose a significant threat to U.S. national security interests.” Fired in disgrace US National Security Adviser John Bolton, December 2018.

“To thwart Russian exploitative efforts, USAFRICOM continues to work with a host of partners to be the military partner of choice in Africa... China is actively working with African partners to open new bases in several locations across the continent. By working with other (African) nations … we may be able to ensure that when China or Russia do gain military access to ports, bases, or airspace, that they are unable to take full advantage of that access to threaten US freedom of maneuver in and around Africa.” Former head of US Africa Command, AFRICOM, Marine Corps General Thomas Waldhauser.

We know already what was achieved, abject failure. We know that surge did not work and wasted everyone’s time as much as the Iraq surge did not work in the long run. Yet, nothing was learned.

General Thomas Waldhauser – AFRICOM - on why US soldiers are stationed in Africa: “We’re trying to prevent something from happening before it does. If the US does not maintain a presence in Africa, Russia and China will step in...” He then mentioned the newly built Chinese Naval base in Djibouti as an example. Evidently, he does not even know about the Chinese satellite intercept station or the massive Chinese Air Base in Zimbabwe – see Code Name Mel’s Choice – or the Walfish Bay Naval Base – see Code Name Ghost, before carrying on: “It’s important that we are there, that we are present, and the African people see our commitment to their overall desires.”

I must ask, what commitment? No, it is not, General, you are too late and the chances of an African regional based Muslim terrorist group sailing to America to invade you, conquer you, and subject you to their radical beliefs are less than zero. All that we can conclude from this wisdom is that the presence of US soldiers and the evils that comes with them have nothing to do with combating ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, and Al-Shabaab as is claimed but keeping the Chinese and Russians out. If so, you are too late. Then you have lost your reason to be here, go home before more of you die. Or, and this is much more serious than the deaths of US soldiers in countries that US Senators cannot even pinpoint on a map, you cause even more terrorism with your incompetence.

And it got even worse, when the Clinton News Network, CNN to you, discussed the Niger Ambush on 24 October 2017 they brought a Middle East Al-Qaeda expert to advise them on West Africa. OMW! Yes, don’t wonder why we find you ridiculous. Let me warn you even more plainly since it seems that few authors are doing so, and let me say that I do understand that such warnings are seen as “anti-American” and therefore bad for book sales, yet, I must warn because if I don’t, who will? The sad fact remains - every time that you lose a man and the US lamestream media make a big political noise on what comes naturally to soldiers, dying in combat, your enemy cheers gleefully. Yes, he is rejuvenated by the snowflakes’ comments. Make no mistake, he reads your websites. He sees your news and infighting and rejoices. He follows your opposing views closely because it is music to his ears. He says to his mates: “Brothers, let us kill more infidel US soldiers. They will run for home like they ran from Vietnam and elsewhere. Yes, let us do a ‘Mogadishu’ on them, let us cause more casualties. Allah is great! They will run away when the body bags arrive on US soil and a political uproar takes place for those martyred. Allah is sending the infidels here to be killed by us!”

Thank you, Billy Goat Clinton, that is your legacy in Africa, you made that. Perception is important in war. Read the first chapter of American Military Might – Debunked and see what took place and how much face you have lost already. This is not the first time I warned, like my views or not, whatever, I am an expert in this theatre. I do not warn to insult but to get you to understand how far wrong you are. Let me show you how far China replaced you already, quietly, without publicity.

China replaced the US as the main African trade partner in 2009 already, leaving the US to be the biggest aid donor which is a nothing burger. You will know if you read GMJ Books before, that Africa cannot be saved. The continent is lost, not even a man like Mr Mandela could do much or even tried. In a short few years China “aided or financed the building of over 3,000 miles of railway and roads, built more than 200 schools and nearly 100 hospitals, and trained more than 160,000 professional workers in Africa...” according to Liu Xiaoming, China’s ambassador to the UK. The US is not doing that, the money is used for “counter-terrorism” actions. In Kenya, the East African Nation, China invested $3.2 billion in Kenya’s rail network, the US spent $100 million a year in security assistance and I assure you, Kenya is no safer today than what it was yesterday, the opposite. The place is worse off.

Okay, so let me state to you the real reason for the US military presence in Africa, and this is common knowledge, not a secret except for US citizens, it is to build-up relations with African militaries and sell close to useless military gear that will not work. The mere presence of the US Military is from our viewpoint a very sinister force at work because it means that if and when that African Nation is seen as hostile to US interests, then they are hoping that they can influence the local military to stage a military coup or they already know the place, making it easier to invade.

Yes, that is the real reason and why no foreign military presence will ever be allowed in South Africa and many other nations, a few visiting officers and training groups, yes, to see what they do and say, but no more. Trust is not required here and believe me that there are none as far as any major power is concerned. We know that any country having oil is a hundred times, yes, times, not a percentage, likely to be invaded or meddled with. In our sad history, we saw what gold did to us, the British Empire could not steal it quickly enough, destroying two Boer Republics that existed for 50 years, model republics with Constitutions based on the US Constitution minus the slavery clauses.

The official reasoning behind the staged US-supported coup, also called “Regime Change,” is always the same, yes, “terrorism” and or “saving the innocents” and then they are invited to stay (see Iraq as an example), and thus they can counter Chinese influence by being in place or so they hope. Now I wonder, why then are the Chinese here? Did the US policy work? No, obviously not and guess who pays the price? Yes, the lad on the ground not even knowing why he is there except that at some stage he will be tested and may die in a country that not even his elected Senators can pinpoint on a map. And then it gets worse because wherever an American soldier is attacked, he responds by calling in excessive airstrikes to destroy the enemy and everything around him, innocents die, and he just gave the terrorist the greatest gift of all, a new recruitment base built on genuine anger. That is what happens when you try conventional warfare tactics in counterinsurgency or counterterrorism. Still, the pattern continues unabated. Who wins here? Not you, not the invaded country, no, the Merchants of Death and their cronies that are from all sides of the political spectrum, all sides. My word, this is so easy to spot and yet you read nothing in the mainstream media on this. What you find is Hollywood making vastly patriotic movies now and then, the “good guy” image is portrayed. Everything is good, but actually, it is not, that is not the image at ground level. A fool’s paradise as existing in the White House and Pentagon will not change the bottom line, the political shenanigans are known and being countered on many levels.

I can go on for hundreds of pages but will end with the following: AFRICOM is a joke and should go home. Get out of sub-Sahara Africa. My views are based upon what I witnessed and actual results. Simply put, the US-military is not good enough to work in Africa. They are causing terrorism and are out of their depths. And NATO? Oh please, just go home to mommy before more of you die. The German army rifle, the G-36, as well as the Eurocopter Tiger, cannot function properly in the heat and dust. Yes, their reports, research if you wish. And then they crashed because of bad maintenance, LOL. And if you ask any European to explain why they are in Mali, not one knows, and not one can tell you where Mali is. The US presence will achieve nothing but escalation. Either you get the South Africans (formally) in or you get something like Executive Outcomes which will do a proper job. But keep the US away at all costs unless you want to escalate matters to nightmare proportions and be left holding the baby alone.

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