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Answer: To be relevant in a big world when you are irrelevant since 1943.

One of the things that annoy me most is the claim that Britain “stood alone” in 1940 after running away via Dunkirk (and other harbours) leaving France alone to face the rampaging Nazis. As I said so many times, England had the Commonwealth countries as well as the tens of thousands of “neutral” Irishmen with her and of course, the nephew across the pond. Mind, President Roosevelt humiliated the arch liar, Winston S Churchill, more than once. At one stage Britain’s favorite shyster asked: “What do you want me to do? Get on my hind legs and beg like Fala?” Yes, that was when discussing the Morgenthau Plan which was introduced despite the denials today – see Code Name Anika where we looked at it in some detail.

* Fala, a Scottish Terrier, was the dog of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Obviously, Churchill would have kicked at it during his visits. Whatever I think of Churchill, he had a sharp mind, at times. GMJ.

And it seems that history always repeats. As it was in 1940, the UK is today in a terrible condition both socially and economically. The loyal press is making a lot of the vaccination program, and rightly so, it is world-leading (I wish not to point out the danger of using unproven and new technology DNA altering vaccines at such a scale). But the hard fact is that the UK lost 126,000 recorded Covid-19 deaths (figures which I doubt is accurate but those are the official statistics so I am using them.) This means, wake up to reality mainstream, that the UK has per capita the highest death rate in the world regarding the Corona Panic. Yet the mainstream is quiet on this aspect. Why is that government not resigning in disgrace? Trade with the EU (who I see as something evil from all viewpoints, military, political and legal) is down 40% with tremendous economic repercussions waiting in the very near future. People are going to go hungry and I am sorry, but I cannot take delight in that sight. You don’t deserve such leaders. Especially not when the NHS staff is promised a 1% increase (you know where to stick that up to) whilst at the same time and at four times more cost Whitehall wants to increase the nuclear deterrent from 160 to 280 warheads to be launched from submarines.

I must ask why, what the hell for? Russia has approximately 4,300 warheads with another 2,000 in storage). The US has slightly less and much less powerful ones – that story of “a US President being the most powerful man in the world” is Hollywood rubbish. He is the most disgusting, perhaps, the best liar, for sure, and the most warlike, absolutely, but not the “most powerful.” I know who can cause the most deaths in one explosion and that country is not called the US of A. I also know who exports the most weapons to keep the conflict going, the USA with the UK in second place. That is shocking for the so-called democracies and beacons of freedom. And now the UK leaders are playing the patriot card which reminds me of one Doctor Samuel Johnson who stated flatly in 1775 that “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” So why the planned nuclear increase costing billions of pounds? Simply because the British Forces are no more. The army is going down to 72,000 men and women – the Russians have 900,000 and the Chinese 1,03 million and you will not tell me that they are 15 times less efficient. If you think that you have forgotten history and are trapped in the “OMG it is Montgomery or Patton” thinking. When you see the naked patriotism in the Russian and Chinese Forces as well as their technology (ahead in most cases, see American Military Might – Debunked) you will not follow the USA blindly like a puppy dog. And you will realize that if 160 nuclear warheads are not enough then 280 will not be enough either. Perhaps you might even realize that 160 is enough of a deterrence when combined with common-sense diplomacy starting with taking care of your own first.

There is no such thing as a “just war.” In fact, all war is prohibited by international conventions that you signed. In history, there was no better politician than Churchill to understand the power of naval fleets. That is why he was reluctant and wished not to send the Royal Navy to the Pacific in late 1944 and 1945 simply because he knew that the UK Forces would be dwarfed by the US Forces and shown to be of no real power. He was overridden and the Royal Navy arrived to annoy the Cousins who looked down upon them. This is history, perhaps not in your schoolbooks but nevertheless. I must ask, sending an aircraft carrier to the South China Sea without British aircraft and without balanced escort vessels sends what message? One of a country whose leaders are living in cloud-cuckoo-land and is desperately trying to be relevant. Should my words bother you, if British, and reading here, please note that this is exactly what the so-called enemies, Russia, and China, say to each other. And they are not wrong.

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