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And what will be next?

Right. Kabul has fallen and NATO humiliated. Perhaps lessons will be learned but don’t bet on it. History always repeats. The next humiliation might be much worse, you know, when China sinks your aircraft carriers. Let us hope that never happens. What I wish to note to you is the disappearance of Covid-19 fear-mongering…

I was counting the Covid articles for months. In the Western news sites about 7 out of every 10 was Covid related. And what headlines they were too. “Will this nightmare ever end?” Or “Mutant virus skyrockets…” Or “Coronavirus horror…” and many more.

The UK government rapidly became the UK’s top advertisers for 2020 when they blew £164m to spread the word on vaccines and lockdowns and other horribleness. So did every other Western nation. In fact, it went ballistic in craziness terms. A lot of people fell for it. People now think, nah, they actually believe that the death rate is 100 times more than what it is. So they went into panic mode buying toilet paper and whatever food they could get. And it was not only in the UK, it was everywhere, so much so that it formed a pattern.

Every single day we were informed how many died but never how many others died of other diseases. Nope. ONLY Covid and nothing else. When outlets like Skynews Australia showed that Covid deaths were nothing (statistically, not in terms of human tragedy) to cancer or heart disease and what is known as “other” it got banned off YouTube. When doctors and professors warned that it is an overreaction, they got silenced by outraged officials. When the laws came into place to destroy all resistance and protests, few if any could be bothered. When economies were crashed deliberately with lockdowns no one in senior positions cared. And Project Fear went on unabatedly.

Now let me be clear. I am not denying the existence of the Corona Pandemic. But I will say that 98% of those getting the disease will survive. Also that it cannot be stopped with lockdowns or vaccines that are not working since they have to be repeated every 8 months. Just yesterday it came out that those, me included, that survived the virus, has a 13 times better chance against the next one than those double vaccinated. Do some research, you will find the articles but don’t bet on the Clinton News Network to say so. Note also who is making record profits from the pandemic.

But something strange then happened. Suddenly the deaths disappeared from the news. Now you had only the figures for those diagnosed (by a totally unreliable PCR test) with Covid. Of course, it was tens of thousands and the panic was on again. This phase went on for months. Presumably to get people vaccinated.

And guess what, now that too disappeared and was replaced with the silly “Oh I wish I was vaccinated” stories of people on their death beds. I wrote about them in a previous blog - I also exposed the Jesuit Dr Fauci time after time as he twisted figures and gave contrary advice. All designed to confuse and to create chaos. From chaos comes order, by the way, the Jesuit slogan, Ordo ob Chao. But now, even that is disappearing. The newspapers are barely mentioning Covid. Okay, so why is that? The pandemic is not gone. We are still wearing masks in most parts of the world. We are still required to disinfect our hands and of course, the covid passport is being enforced despite the shysters promising it never will be. And let me not talk about the rubbish when travelling. Oh my. So what is happening?

Frankly, I find the sudden quietness disturbing. It means that they got the laws in place and have no need to create fear anymore. The objective was reached. I dare say that a new variant will now appear against which the old vaccines are useless. Then the process will start again. I also know of a Canadian document that leaked the “plan” and to this day it was followed. This document expects food shortages by the end of the year as well as the army deployed to stop civil unrest. Let us see how it plays out. My advice to you, stock up before the above becomes reality. And keep in mind that whatever happens you will be blamed. Never those behind the panic.

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