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Using negative intelligence deductions against your enemies.

One clever fellow said that if you wish to know what your masters don’t want you to know you only need to see what they are not promoting or publishing. There is much truth to this statement. When last did you hear of statistics that show how many people die early because of cancer, heart disease, or strokes vs the Corona Panic? Never. And then you ask why not, and you are told that you are a “conspiracy theorist” or something equally insulting.

But note how the questions are never answered. Take the fake news of the 2016 DNC leak (there is no evidence that anyone hacked that server and especially none that Russia did it). When last did they explain the contents of those emails? Never. What about Hunter Biden’s laptops with their deadly evidence against him and daddy (according to yet another Catholic Organisation member, Rudy Giuliani)? When last was the evidence against the Bidens explained? Never. All you see is a vicious counterattack and de-platforming together with active suppressing the exposures. That, folks, is how the guilty reacts, not the innocent. Why, tell me, was Donald J Trump so confident on the Russia Gate Hoax (aka a colour revolution against an elected President)? Because he knew he was innocent. He knew that the allegations could never be proven and were not.

I often say that clandestine Jesuits betray themselves by supporting each other’s books and statements or meeting with their master, the Pope. Frankly, why would someone from a different religion, that broke away from the Catholic System, want to meet with the crossdresser? Yet they do, dressed in black (subservient color) and bow first, and they also accept membership of Catholic Organisations like the Knights of Malta (Ronald Reagan, Nelson Mandela, the British Queen and so many more). For those that read the Jesuit Oath in my books and blogs, you will understand that they undertake in terms of murdering those not inside their cult but let me quote from their oath:

“Superior: “My son, heretofore you have been taught to act the dissembler: among Roman Catholics to be a Roman Catholic, and to be a spy even among your own brethren; to believe no man, to trust no man. Among the Reformers, to be a reformer; among the Huguenots, to be a Huguenot; among the Calvinists, to be a Calvinist; among other Protestants, generally to be a Protestant, and obtaining their confidence, to seek even to preach from their pulpits, and to denounce with all the vehemence in your nature our Holy Religion and the Pope; and even to descend so low as to become a Jew among Jews, that you might be enabled to gather together all information for the benefit of your Order as a faithful soldier of the Pope.”

Okay, so we know that they have many more undercover influencers and agents than their actual membership of about 16,000 indicates. They will go as low as to become a Jew (a gross anti-Semitic statement if ever).

And the above, who they support and belong to, is just one of the ways that you can spot them. Let us look at other examples which I discuss in some books, Hollywood, aka “Jesuit Theatre.” When last did you hear or see a Hollywood movie about the many undisputed Mossad screw-ups where they get caught for being stupid or murder the wrong man? Never, right? Just reading me saying that they are not as great as you think is shocking enough for some to write to me and say I am anti-Semitic despite my family background and wife being from a Jewish family. Or my very positive books where Mossad is involved in combined operations. Yet my comments are not seen as a fair warning from an expert in this theatre but as an attack on Jews. It is the same liberal argument that all conservatives are automatically racists and horrible people.

But it goes further. The structures defending you are also constantly under attack by Hollywood, which is under Jesuit control, not Jewish. Look for the patterns like we do, automatically, with our backgrounds. Take the poor “Virginians” as we call the CIA, a Jesuit controlled organization as is the FBI (see my books why I say so). Every second “political thriller” coming from Hollywood, has the criminal/traitor/killer as a former CIA agent. Yes, he is committing the most awful crimes, and sometimes not even after retirement. No, it is the dark official policy behind the president’s back, if only he knew about it. Interestingly, the same argument regarding the camps and war crimes was used by Nazis after World War Two. Everyone said: “if only Hitler knew about the camps, he would have stopped it.” Well, he must have known, and he stays guilty because he is.

There is nothing new in life, it is all repeats from the past. Go a bit further back, contrast the conquering heroes of World War Two coming home victoriously, having fought an “honorable” fight, to the lads from Vietnam despite much evidence (read Code Name Alphabet 32) of their horrendous war crimes. But how different are the Vietnam men treated by everyone, the VA hospitals, the public, everyone including Hollywood for a while, and why? Because the war became unpopular? Tell me, why is it that four US Presidents growing up in that era, Vietnam, are seen as draft dodgers but yet got elected? One, Billy Goat Clinton, was hiding away at Oxford University, smoking a joint and not inhaling too deeply. George W Bush was hiding in the Texas Air National Guard. The same story for Donald J Trump and Joe Biden, both dodged the Vietnam War with ridiculous medical excuses. There is no difference between the two US political parties than ruins, not run, America, once the undisputed leader of the free world. Same animal, same bowing towards Rome in action and deeds. What you need to learn is to spot these people through their actions and decide how much trust you should put in them.

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