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VIOLENCE IS NEXT - reposted from 27/3/2020

I cannot help but be suspicious of the way that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is playing off around us. This is so wild and so out of normal life that it is beginning to look like it is controlled to ascertain a predetermined outcome. Note please that I am not denying that the virus is real or that people are dying or that it is a tragedy. Wash your hands, be safe, take whatever precautions needed. However, the way that the mainstream media and those in power, the main suspects, are reacting, makes me very skeptical to what I am seeing. I see a pattern and that pattern is very ominous. In fact, what I was warning in my books is happening.

In my later books, I looked in detail at various Ordo ab Chao strategies (Order Through Chaos). Especially Code Name Masemole 26 deals with the evil. In short, Ordo ab Chao is the preferred stratagem used for social engineering to control the masses. Some call it “Globalism.” I call it evil because Ordo ab Chao threatens your very existence and many millions died already. A more technical term of Ordo ab Chao is known as the Hegelian Dialectic about which I wrote in other books. In Code Name GSSP-40 we first looked at the troublesome Jesuit / Roman Catholic influence inside the CIA as well as the Hegelian Dialectic that is part of their existence. The Hegelian Dialectic comes down to using two total opposites to create enough fear to get people to do what you want them to do in a pre-determined way. This effect gives you, the spymaster or whatever you are, a controlled solution, a pre-determined outcome. Angelique described it much better as “imagine a sheepdog chasing the flock of sheep towards the pen, the dog is all over the place, that side, this side, and so the sheep are herded into the pen. Now, think of the sheepdog as radio waves, mass communication, and that is how it is used currently.” They chase shadows and make something so scary that you will accept what they wanted in the first place, let us say the right to spy on you without court orders authorizing them. Or, to spend trillions on weapons against a non-existent foe wanting to “attack” you. And it is playing out right in front of our eyes.

And so I have to wonder about the Coronavirus pandemic. I know that something else is playing off in the background which will be revealed soon. I want to make a few predictions here, why not, we will soon know if I am wrong or not. I believe that an incident is required, a very violent one where shooting will break out – citizens will die. In South Africa, would you believe, no cigarettes can be bought for three weeks – yes, see how that turns out and remember that South Africa is seen as an “experiment” by many. What happens there will be duplicated in other places. People will be rubbed against each other until something breaks. The spark will lead to a popular demand for the restoration of order. This will only be possible through the declaration of martial law (where all human rights are suspended).

Already in Switzerland we witnessed massed surveillance (denied with the usual lies). I will bet you that the same will happen where you are reading now. All the major European cell phone companies are handing over mobile tracking information to the authorities to support the pandemic clampdown. They don’t need to do that in the USA – the National Security Agency (NSA) is already doing so on every single American & Canadian citizen. I guarantee you that laws will be changed and enforced, mark my words, to ensure that you lose even more freedoms. And all this will be done via the mantle of “human rights.” Draconian laws will be signed to give much more power to the state (as with the US Patriot Act). Socialism will become the norm, the way to go under one strong leader, one that unites the world under his leadership. That fellow is the Pope, aka the anti-Christ. That is what all the Reformers called the Pope. Read Martin Luther, John Calvin, every one of them, the same warnings. Whether you believe them is your choice to make.

Socialism, by the way, read Code Name Swan 53, is a doctrine of Thomas Aquinas. Aquinas is seen as the greatest theologian ever produced by the Catholic Church and better known as St Aquinas. His thinking is “Foundational for understanding the economic thought of the Roman Church-State” according to Henry William Spiegel, The Growth of Economic Thought, Revised. I quoted Aquinas in Code Name Swan 53 - you will find his socialism doctrine as clear as daylight. There is no room for speculation. Therefore, the reports coming in of the “Virgin Mary” being spotted in Argentina and other places will continue. I am not the least surprised. This is not to say that the reports are untrue as such, they probably did see something, exactly what, is the question. Certainly it is impossible to see a 2,000-year-old deceased woman appearing. And lastly, neither Prince Charles nor Boris Johnson, both tested positive for COVID-19, will die... but many tens of thousands of others will. A 2012 German report predicts seven million deaths in Germany alone. Most will be the “burden” of society, the elderly – and that is the UN Agenda 21 in motion – see Code Name Masemole 26 where it is discussed. So, I am waiting for that spark to take place. Yes, we live in astonishing times. It is an honor, actually.

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