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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Iran does not have the capability to kill the US Ambassador to South Africa inside South Africa

It seems that the US news outlet Politico is saying that “Tehran may retaliate following January’s killing of a top Iranian general by targeting American ambassador to South Africa Lana Marks.” As expected, they have no sources except the usual “unnamed American sources.” Which means to me that they have nothing. The article defies logic. In the first place, only something like the obese Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and or the Chairman of the US Joints Chiefs of Staff, are considered to be on the same level as the late Iranian General Soleimani and thus worthy of dying in a retaliation strike by Iran. Not a lowly Ambassador to a country that most Americans cannot even point out on a map. This alone makes it extremely likely and places the Politico story in the bullshit class.

I doubt if the Politico crowd read one of my books and perhaps that is a good thing since my books are not politically correct rubbish but well-researched books based upon personal experience and acquaintances. Like most uitlanders (Afrikaans, foreigners) they have zero knowledge of South Africa’s intelligence capacities. Not that I blame them. Honestly, most South Africans, white or black, do not know either because the spies and counter-espionage operators are never in the news and simply do not exist. Those that are to be seen would be the political appointees, not the professionals that merely smirk in delight when underestimated. When underestimated they have a free hand to do important work.

Should you read my books, Code Name Wednesday 7, Code Name Swan 53, Intelligence Briefing, and more, you will understand about the Muslim Truce and why the Politico scenario is a virtual impossibility not even worth consideration among serious people. Certainly, without evidence (and I mean evidence, not unnamed sources) the planned assassination allegation can be dismissed outright. Nothing, trust me, nothing, happens in sub-Sahara Africa without South African Intelligence in the background either allowing the events or executing the events. Should you read Code Name OST-M you will discover how Islamic Terrorism suddenly disappeared from South Africa in the late 1990s and that was not by chance but design. The spy networks are in place, working with whoever they wish to work and against whoever they wish to work. In the meantime, the US stumbles around like a blind giant causing more terrorism and mayhem whilst pissing everyone else off.

But let me warn again that there is no way that designated target, be it a US Ambassador or whoever will escape once the motions are set in place to take him or her down. All US Embassies are covered, staked out, infiltrated, and planned to be destroyed in advance should a need for that arrive. All the access routes, escape routes, and possible intervention will be countered should a need arrive. Make this applicable to all NATO States. Yet there is no way that an Iranian assassination team will operate freely inside South Africa without covert assistance which I sincerely doubt will be granted. Should you wish to know how to kill a president, and find out what a useless exercise it is, practically speaking, read Code Name Butterfly, the sniper book. I take you through the scenarios.

With some luck the Politico story was only to embarrass Donald J Trump. Having said this, the country of my birth does not need such nonsense articles that will be believed by many. WIthout genuine evidence to the contrary, this can be dismissed as fake news.

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