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US MARINES vs THE CHINESE NAVY - reposted from 9/5/2020

The Cuban Missile Crisis once again, but in reverse

“Missile Gap,” “Missile Supremacy,” “New Weapons,” “New Strategy.” Every student of history will recognise the above phrases. John F Kennedy accused the outgoing Eisenhower Administration of allowing a “Missile Gap with the Soviet Union...” As a matter of fact, the so-called “missile gap” did not exist but Richard Nixon, running for President, could not say so since it was an intelligence secret. Kennedy knew because of his background a senator and ruthlessly exploited Nixon’s silence on the subject. In one of the narrowest of margins ever, Kennedy won and was assassinated in his first term.

The Cuban Missile, it is discussed in Code Name Dawn and dismissed as much less serious than portrayed, was where the Soviets placed/stationed nuclear-armed missiles in Cuba. The missiles could reach the US mainland in a time span designed to be quicker than what the US could react to with a counter launch. And so with much saber-rattling and threats the missiles were removed. The world could breathe again since there is no such thing as limited use of nuclear weapons. It will always escalate to a full-blown homeland retaliation strike. See my blog for more details.

Yet, as we know today, the West broke every promise made to Boris Yeltsin and moved NATO closer to Russia, virtually surrounding the country as far as that is possible. And NATO wishes to station the same type of missile as what caused the Cuban Missile Crisis right next to Russia for the same reason. Treaties banning this escalation were broken by the US to achieve the missile fence goal. It makes sense to them because it keeps the country under the barrel of the gun (missile warhead). However, it also vastly increases tension and it completely ignores two important facts of life:

1. Russia is able to launch missile strikes from its modern submarine fleet hovering right next to the US east coast (yes, read Code Name Ghost). The US Navy does not have an answer by their own admittance, it is quoted inside that book.

2. Any missile launch on Russia will automatically trigger a full-blown nuclear strike on the US homeland as well as all countries that support it. Take note NATO countries, you will be crying too when those missiles slam into your cities. I hope it is worth it.

Right, so now the same US “containment” tactic is being applied to the newly declared enemy, Communist China. The US wants to surround it with a missile fence and China is having none of it. Where does this come from? Well, read what I say about Chinese Artificial Intelligence (AI) and their aircraft carrier killer missiles. Not one US carrier group will get close enough to the Chinese homeland to launch a strike and survive the consequences. They cannot even get close enough to Iran to launch a strike (although here they might actually survive the counter launch). Note that the same points relating to Russian submarines launching on the US (by which I include the former SEATO joke) is to be read for China. They are fully capable of conducting low trajectory shots off the West Coast and they will.

Trying to “contain” China is short sighted and based upon a dream world but nevertheless, it is the official policy. A few weeks ago, Pentagon officers declared (at Congress) that they have a plan to counter the Chinese fleet. The plan, it is known, is to use small amphibious forces, US Marines, that will hide on the many South China Sea islets from where they can launch inter alia Tomahawk cruise missiles at the passing Chinese Navy, hopefully sinking them before they can break any US blockade.

Yes, that is their plan for containment...

Now it must be noted that the Chinese Fleet is much more modern than the US Navy and much more balanced than any other in the world – read American Military Might – Debunked where it is dealt with. But tell me, in the first place, how will the Marines be reinforced? Or will they be left to die? As soon as they launch their presence is betrayed (satellites, and other means). They are isolated, they are found, they are taken out. Tell me again, how are they reinforced? How will they escape? Where will this end for them? What, tell me, did history teach us about forces trapped on an island? Can they be ignored or be destroyed if not ignored? Does the word “MacArthur” mean something to you? It seems to me that you are ignorant of history.

Next point. The Chinese Navy has a thoroughly modern CIWS operating on their vessels. Better, newer, and of heavier caliber than the prehistoric US 20mm types. The Tomahawk is a joke with a small warhead (twice and thrice less than Chinese types) and it is slow. It will not hit any Chinese vessel. Of that I am sure (tip – I saw the Chinese AI reports on the likely scenarios and outcomes). I must ask, why use a weapon system that is known will fail? Tell me, how many Tomahawks failed during the 2017/2018 Syrian attacks (US war crimes based upon fake intelligence – see Intelligence Briefing)? So many failed that they are today written off as ineffective against defended airspace. The Russians even captured two Tomahawks after some jamming. You may be sure that they will not be bothered to reverse engineer or copy them because they have much better in their Kalibr systems. Yes, you tried to buy them in the 1990s.

Third point. Why are you missile fencing a country thousands of miles away from your shores and not expecting retaliation? What arrogance. Will you be happy if Chinese and Russian missiles are fencing you in? Nope, we saw your Cuban Crisis reaction. But you are heading that way. Perhaps you should read what I say about BRICS in my books and look where the BRICS countries are. You are already surrounded.

And lastly, do you even know how many Chinese there are in the world or what Field Marshal Montgomery said about conquering them? If not, go and educate yourself. But let me make a prediction here. It is only a matter of time before the Chinese vs US naval clash arrives. I know who will lose that fight. I know whose naval ships are tired and built for colonial/imperial bombing raids without expecting serious opposition. I know whose latest carriers cannot even load ammunition on its hoists. I know whose aircraft are flown to pieces bombing mostly civilians. I know whose aircraft are so badly supplied with spare parts that museums must be raided to keep them flying. I know whose pilots fly in one month what US aviators fly in a year. I know about the USAF’s dramatic lack of pilots. I know how bad the F-35 really is. I know whose tanks were shot out with such contemptuous ease in Iraq. And I know who is getting desperate now. Is this really the best that you can do? Where are your Heinz Guderians?

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