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Part of the Hegelian Dialectic. Part of the Jesuit Principle of Ordo ab Chao. Designed to deceive.

I wrote in recent blogs and books of the Second Beast (USA) that will now do everything needed to create a new world order for its real master (Rome). It is a system that will be based on fascism and closely resemble the Dark Ages where the First Beast (Rome) had full control. I don’t need to explain that such a system will not be good for civil liberties or other freedoms – in fact, if you step outside the official script, you will be dealt with mercilessly. These predictions are not made-up fiction or “conspiracies” but based on Biblical prophecies which are playing out and explained in detail in my books, especially OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism (a free download on my website). Now you can either believe the Biblical prophecies or choose not to – it is your choice – but they will affect you and your family, nonetheless.

So let us see what is happening in the world and being screamed at you by the mainstream liars every day. We have China about to attack and overrun Taiwan which might lead to World War Three with China against NATO (of which the US is the main component, the rest are just there). We have Australia in a panic because China will soon attack and overrun them too. India is trying to play both sides whilst already heavily involved with China via BRICS (something yet to be noticed by the “wise men” of the West). And then we have Ukraine about to be attacked and overrun by Russia on a pretext that might be the Donbas region or Crimea. In the Middle East we have Iran about to attack and overrun Saudi Arabia and above all, the Jewish State (who by its own admission cannot win against Iran alone, it must have US assistance). In sub-Saharan Africa, my theatre and where the books playoff, there is a dramatic increase in radical Islamic terrorism.

Okay, so these are the hotspots. A cursory glance will tell you that there is one common country involved in all the above, the First Beast (USA). The “Leader of the Free World” whose military is everywhere and losing every fight but not before causing enormous harm and leaving chaos behind. I don’t see Chinese carrier groups (not yet, it is coming) circling the US coasts or the Chinese leadership making threats to protect say Cuba against a US invasion even if it should be known that Cuba, like Taiwan, has no chance should this happen. As much as the US can overrun Cuba with ease, so can China with Taiwan – see my blog (using US-based intelligence widely available). What would be the situation if the US sticks to its 50-year-old policy of leaving Taiwan alone as long as China leaves it alone? We would not have rumours of war and the constant sabre-rattling. But it is not like that, since Mr Trump, and before him, Obama, the clamour is to keep China in subjection, a task which is impossible. Yet the stirring goes on unabatedly no matter what the hard military facts are. It is disgusting to witness and then you remember also the prophecies and it starts to make more sense. Chaos is what is needed, from chaos comes a new order – that is the Jesuit Principle of Ordo ab Chao I described so many times before.

About Australia being attacked and overrun by China... Well, unless the US can stop them, it can be done. Australia is a major fighting country by which I mean that their men and women will fight bravely and are known as hard fighters but with a small population, 60 times smaller than China’s, they will lose that fight. There can be only one end for them. Thus, they have every reason to align themselves with the US and therefore they do so in word and deed. But whether that will assist them I doubt since it is also predicted that the King of the North (who does not pretend to be religious) will defeat the King of the South (who indeed looks religious but is not) – another Biblical prophecy perfunctory discussed in OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism. The only thing that can save Australia is nukes and the political will to use them no matter what the consequences when the nukes fall on them too.

The hotspot in Ukraine is entirely caused by the US meddling in Ukraine’s internal politics. It is the 2014 Colour Revolution (with US State Department and CIA support) that caused Crimea to go back to the original mother country – Russia, and there it will stay. It is that same meddling (prohibited under international law and treaties) that caused the Donbas and other troubles too. Now we are at the point where Ukraine feels it has enough US and NATO support to wipe out all resistance and retake Crimea. Let me tell you, Russia will intervene and that will be the end of Ukraine (for the better than what they have now). And the US (with NATO) will not be able to stop this once it starts. It will be yet another humiliation. Luckily, a full-blown nuclear war is unlikely unless the US launches first and it is the only country in the world that stated it will use tactical nukes first, that is not in retaliation of a nuclear strike. Russia stated more than once that if nuked, even on a tactical level, it will respond with every nuke in its arsenals on the homeland from where the tactical nukes came from. That country will then also launch, and the earth will be destroyed. Thus, it is very unlikely that we will see nukes used but with the Beasts in control, who knows.

The Middle East and sub-Sahara Africa can be summarised with the below paragraph. The major cause of all of the above comes down to the unasked for, uninvited, and arrogant military and political aggression from the Second Beast in contrast with UN principles of minding your own damn business (see Code Name Dawn where this legality is discussed and explained). Israel and Iran will not easily come to a conventional war if not supported by a major power. In fact, they used to be very close (in the shadows) to the extent that their intelligence services had a solid working relationship even with the Ayatollahs. It was Israeli intelligence that assisted the Iranian Air Force to strike at the Iraqi Osirak reactor based at Tuwaitha on 30 September 1980 (long before the much more famous Israeli strike and one which Western analysts forgot about – see Without assured US assistance, or even better, if the US can destroy Iran first, the Jewish State will not dare to attack (in a full-blown conventional sense) Iran. It cannot, anyway, the two countries have no shared borders. Yet the US keeps on pushing and keeps on being humiliated with sympathy for the underdog, Iran, growing. Ironically, that was once Israel’s best point – the underdog fighting for existence. Those days are long gone. I warned of the lack of discipline in the Israeli Defence Forces many times in my books. Carry on like that and you will be defeated in the future. And a defeated Jewish State is something I wish not to see. I too lost family members in the death camps, both in Nazi Germany and of course, the British Army’s war crimes against the Afrikaner during the Second Anglo Boer War of 1899-1902. I don’t need to point out again who started the concentration camps in modern times, the British Army, it is in most of my books.

It seems to me that we are dealing here with crisis manufacturing to cause chaos. The problem is that the script will almost certainly not play out as expected in Washington with victory parades. No, you will be defeated and humiliated. Who will then pay the price? You? Yes, almost certainly. Chaos must be created, enough to make you accept the new world order (mentioned many times by Pope Francis, by the way). What is even worse is that the Bible makes another prediction or prophecy, that the King of the North and the King of the South are sitting around one table (in secret) and planning this out to ensure that Rome regains control. That is where the Hegelian Dialectic comes in. I wonder why it is so hard to see for most.

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