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Joe Biden vs Vladimir Putin…

There is a warning in history about elected leaders which many forgot today. As it goes, there were two leaders once. One was an obese drunk taking bribes from anyone willing to pay and the other was a teetotaller, in shape, a vegetarian, and not known to take any bribes from anyone, willing to pay or not. The fatty is today a hero, Winston S Churchill, and every word I said above is proven in my books, he was no hero of mine and not much more than a punk that got lucky because the USA and the Soviet Union won the Second World War for him. By the time that the British troops got back to France in 1944, having run away at Dunkirk in 1940 (and other harbors), there were 48 American troops for every British one and under the supreme command of a pre-war colonel, Dwight D Eisenhower. You should have figured out by now that the teetotaller vegetarian was Adolf Hitler, not a man admired either by sane people. The lessen or warning is that you need to look deeper than just the superficial to make a judgment call on leaders or presidents (Prime Ministers, Chancellors, whatever).

Last week Joe Biden, the Social Media elected POTUS called Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, a “killer without a soul” probably based upon the lie that he did so in the Russian’s face in the past (the two did not even meet on the day that Biden supposedly said so - just another Biden lie). Putin smirked at the latest insult and wished Biden “good health” (seen by the mainstream as a death wish or death threat, God knows how since I don’t) and challenged the US fellow to a live debate which the US fellow wisely declined (ending up looking like an idiot that is running scared and we know why, he cannot debate, he does not have the mental acumen to debate in public). In the background, the Biden US Secretary of State tried to convince high-level Chinese delegates that they should bow to the might of the USA. China responded by pointing out the long list of evil deeds (patriotic deeds if American) that the USA engaged in for decades. And threw down the gauntlet by basically challenging the USA to make them bow, something which will never happen. China is a powerful military power with a booming economy, the new kid on the block that will replace the USA soon. In every instance where an existent empire fell, the new kid on the block won a war to become the supreme power. I warned about this in American Military Might – Debunked, and yet the Washington Swamp animals, of which Joe Biden is the arch and most disgusting example, do not quite understand life. But let us look at the two men, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. Let us look a bit deeper before we end up with the Churchill vs Hitler scenario. It is as the highly respected, yes, there used to be such people in the land of the not-so-free, American journalist Walter Lippmann, that wrote, “Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.” Note also that this will be a long blog, I am sorry, but it is better to put the facts into one blog even if longer than usual.

I tried humor in my books when speaking about Mr. Putin, but the West’s madness went on with absurd and totally without evidence claims of murder, assassination, and God knows what else. Usually, the fact that the Russian (elected) leader was a spy once is always mentioned. Okay, I think it is overrated and overvalued by the leftist mainstream US media: “OMG, Vladimir Putin was a KGB colonel, OMG he is a superman, OMG he can steal my emails, OMG WikiLeaks is a KGB front working for Putin, OMG we lost the election because of Russia, OMG Putin controls Trump and not Jerusalem, OMG where is the evidence? And OMG it is your own NSA that steals all your emails! And if not NSA then your very own Social Media and Tech Giants read everything that you do online, OMG!”

Now, for posteriority’s sake, let us look at Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Yes, he was a lieutenant colonel after 16 years in the KGB. There are a great many people who see service with the KGB and the GRU as honorable, and it was. These were the chosen elite of their country as much as MI6 or the CIA would be to their respective countries. Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is a former Sayeret Matkal member, why is that not a problem? What about George HW Bush being the head of the CIA? Would that matter? If you look at that era, you should, thousands died in Latin America and other places because of CIA meddling. Some may even call the CIA agents murderers and I wrote a book, Code Name Mélisse, on their troublesome links with the Roman Catholic Church instead of the US Constitution. The same for the FBI, created by you know who, read also OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism where it is revealed, and much will become clearer. OATH OF EVIL, is free, by the way, see the end of this blog for details.

I warned about patriotism before, it is not restricted to the West. And there were many lieutenant colonels in the KGB, it was not a senior position. Yes, he later became the head of the KGB successors under Yeltsin, for just over one year. But he did not institute torture or places of detention (kidnapping, in law) like you have or drone programs that miss the intended target 96.5% of the time. And he is a man of faith, clearly proud of his Orthodox Christianity. Biden, on the other hand, is clearly under Jesuit control and influence – see and on this and shake your head since it should not be like that – there must be a separation between Church and State. That is in your Constitution and yet is not.

During the Trump time (another that came from Jesuit schools) the Russian president was called a “slow learner” by Jim Mattis, the former Secretary of Defense whose record in Iraq is examined in VOICES – War Crimes USA. You should read that book, it is beyond belief what was done on your behalf if American and reading here, yes, serious war crimes were committed. War crimes as bad as what the Nazis did and covered up almost always. But is Putin really a slow learner? Nope. He is also a qualified lawyer, they are, despite my often-tongue-in-cheek comments about them, not known as “slow” people. Joe Biden also qualified as a lawyer, yes, and was accused of plagiarising course work and despite his claims to the contrary, he came almost last in his class… Probably that is why he went into politics and stayed on for 160 years according to himself and 48 years according to facts. When it comes to IQ levels, I have no doubt that the “killer without a soul” is far more advanced than the US fellow whose “gaffes” are as legendary as they are creepy and at times plain stupid. The only reason why Biden does not look more stupid is that he is protected by mainstream US and Western media – note that is not the case in other countries where he is exposed fully. Thus, “your enemies” know what you are denying.

Mr. Putin speaks three languages fluently, Russian, German, Swedish, and more English than what is let on. A slow learner, eh? How many languages does a modern American President speak? Hmm? I will tell you, I did the research, between 7 and 11 out of 45 US presidents could speak something else than English and since it is claimed and no real evidence exists, I will be very sceptical about the claims. Saying a few words is not the same as speaking it. That too is an American thing, I can say “Hola” and thus I speak Spanish. Ahem, no, you don’t, you know a few words. Biden speaks only American and not even well these days.

In the Intelligence Briefing, I described what he achieved in Russia as their elected leader. No US President can boast a similar record, in fact, not one Western leader can do so, not even close. That is the reason why he is a cult-like figure for most of his people that took great offense at Jim Mattis’s comments about him being a “slow learner” and now “a killer without a soul.” But let us hear the man speak, explain himself, let us get to know Mr. Putin better:

“Even before I finished high school, I wanted to work in intelligence. Granted, soon after, I decided I wanted to be a sailor, but then I wanted to do intelligence again. In the very beginning, I wanted to be a pilot.”

That is true with most intelligence officers. They want to be in that world, it is a great desire to serve in the shadows. On further inquiries he was told a law degree would ensure entrance to the KGB, and so he studied law at Leningrad State University, graduating in 1975, “We had a class of 100 people, and only 10 of them entered immediately after high school, the rest had already completed military service. So for us, the high-school graduates, only one out of 40 was admitted. I got four out of five for the essay, but top marks for everything else, so I passed. When I began studying at the university, new goals and new values emerged. I mainly focused on studies and began seeing sports as secondary. But, of course, I trained on a regular basis and participated in nation-wide competitions, almost out of habit.”

You will recall he is a seventh-time black belt in judo and a fit man to this day practising other sports too (Sambo and Kyokushin, some say 11 black belts). Yet numerous articles in the West call him a “fraudulent fighter,” whatever that is. Certainly, he would know about weapons too and he fully understands military and intelligence operations. Of that, there is no doubt whatsoever. Now Joe Biden is famous for wanting to go behind the gym and beat up people. Okay, let is imagine a Vladimir Putin in the ring with any US President you care to mention and start laughing at the vision. I know whose ass is going to be kicked and so should you. Yet, grownups in responsible positions don’t talk of taking people behind the gym, juveniles do.

Like everyone else outside the Great Game, Putin soon learned how far fiction is wrong, “My perception of the KGB was based on the idealistic stories I heard about intelligence.”

Yes, the Soviets had their own “James Bond”, and their penetration agents are considered to be heroes even among their enemies, me, for instance. As is, the West had no human assets of the same type, that is Americans / British / French operating inside the Soviet Union, not one. Read Code Name VET 101 on Reinhard Gehlen’s Org in West Germany and hang your head in shame on the hundreds of men parachuted blindly into Ukraine after World War Two to die. The West had to work with traitors that defected as well as Satellite and SIGINT and that is ALL they had.

A few months after graduating from the KGB Academy Putin was chosen to work abroad, a great honor and responsibility, “Fairly quickly, I left for special training in Moscow, where I spent a year. Then I returned again to Leningrad, worked there in the First Main Directorate – the intelligence service. That directorate had branches in major cities of the Soviet Union, including Leningrad. I worked there for about four and a half years.”

You will note that he says absolutely nothing about what he did there, that is a mark of professionalism highly respected by those in the Great Game. In 1991 he resigned his commission and became involved in politics. He saw the collapse of the Soviet Union and probably the worst years in Russian history as the West, especially Americans, moved in to “advise on elections and democracy.” Something which is today proudly admitted as meddling to keep Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin in power. Putin was as I said, the political head of the FSB for just over a year between 1998 and 1999, appointed by Mr. Yeltsin. By that time, he was out of the KGB for seven years. Remember George HW Bush, hmm, also a CIA chief, as I mentioned before. And the “Catholics in Action” destabilized according to themselves more than 60 countries causing millions to die (some say up to 50 million dead since created). Did the KGB do the same? Nope. Not even close. It is an exclusively American thing and happening to this day right across the world.

Putin replaced Yeltsin on Yeltsin’s recommendation. Even that was done with the tacit approval of the West, “I found out he is a solid man who is kept well abreast of various subjects under his purview. At the same time, he is thorough and strong, very sociable. And he can easily have good relations and contact with people who are his partners. I am sure you will find him to be a highly qualified partner.” That was what Yeltsin told Billy Goat Clinton.

To Vladimir Putin, the choice was clear, “I had my own thoughts, my own reasoning, but at the same time, there was another logic I had to consider too. Fate was offering me the chance to work for the country at the very highest level and it would have been foolish to say, no, I’m going to go and sell sunflower seeds instead, or go into private legal practice. I could do all those other things later after all, and so I decided that this had to come first, and everything else later.”

And a legend was born whether you like it or not. You can bet your last penny that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin will do what is right for Russia. He is highly respected by many, more than the joke of an imploding US mainstream media relentlessly attacking everyone who has different views.

Lastly, take a look at what Putin achieved, an economic miracle, and begin to understand his genuine popularity. He tripled the PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) from $9,889 GDP per capita to $27,900. China’s, to show you a comparison, is standing at $16,624 but remember, there are many hundreds of millions of such people in China. The average monthly wage went up 11 times, yes, from $61 to $652 per month which is still way below that of the US but imagine the same figures for any country whilst at the same time reducing unemployment from 13% to 5.2%? That is First World anyway you look at it. Did your own income increased or decrease during the same time? Did your debts increase or decrease during the same time? We know the answer. You cannot even raise $500 in an emergency.

Putin took the shattered Russian economy to the sixth-largest in the world and growing all the time, Russia did not implode from sanctions, she became more powerful and frighteningly, moved closer to China and the Middle East. Any idiot except those in Washington could have told you that, sanctions do not work unless they are intended to start a war as happened at Pearl Harbour as we explained in many GMJ Books, apparently the memo did not reach them yet.

International auditors, PWC, predicts that Russia will have the largest economy in Europe by 2050. Let me explain clearly what else is foreseen by PWC – as said, it is worth repeating, by 2050 Russia will be the largest economy in Europe, above Germany and the UK. China will be the largest economy in the world and that is expected from 2030 onward. India of all places will be rated above the US, and note please, all of them are BRICS Powers with even NATO member Turkey now begging to join BRICS. This is typical Chinese long-term thinking and strategy, but it gets worse, read on.

Under Putin, the Russian economic output went up by 600% in 17 years, inflation dropped from 36.5% to 2.5% whilst the Russian banking system increased 24-fold. In 2000, Russia had no reserves left, $12 billion, and debt equal to 92% of the entire economic output. Today, that debt is down to 17.4% of the GDP and the reserves are at $356 billion. This is despite sanctions and the 2008 Billy Goat Clinton financial crisis (see the Glass-Steagall Act often mentioned in GMJ Books as well as the known Clinton links with Wall Street).

As I often say in GMJ Books, whereas the West is selling gold reserves, Russia and China are buying at record levels. Russia has increased its gold reserves by 500% since 2000, holding 1,838 tons. Guess who are the world’s first and third largest gold producers? South Africa and Russia, both BRICS countries, and see the pattern since China is buying every silver mine that they can get in Africa. In 2016, Russia, yes, without Ukraine, traditionally Europe’s breadbasket, Russia, became the world’s largest exporter of wheat. They went up from 4% world market share in 2000 to 16% in 2016, which is beyond fast growth. Grain exports too, increased by 600% and although still not much, it shows what is happening in Russia right now. The Oil & Gas sector dominates and will never stop, Europe will at no time abandon cheap Russian gas for more expensive American gas. All that the US sanctions are doing is annoying the West European countries. Then comes agriculture (strategically important - to feed themselves, thus not caring about sanctions) and then only arms. In fact, the world’s biggest armaments sellers are the US of A and the UK. How odd is it that the two premier democracies are at number one and two on this list? Think about it.

It is also reported that Vladimir Putin made a comment to Metropolitan Hilarion, foreign relation chief of the Russian Orthodox Church after he presented evidence to the effect that, “Every five minutes one Christian was dying for his or her faith in some part of the word. You need to make the protection and defense of Christianity around the globe a major part of your foreign policy.”

Putin replied, “You needn't have any doubt that that's the way it will be...”

Up to now his actions confirm the above policy, as a serious Orthodox Christian, he will do what he said he will do. But perhaps Golda Meir, the legendary Israeli Prime Minister explained, indirectly, the difference between Vladimir Putin and the West’s leaders best, “A leader who doesn't hesitate before he sends his nation into battle is not fit to be a leader.” Joe Biden is known to have supported all US military actions since he was born and yet he avoided service in Vietnam because of his “asthma.” It is pathetic how military service was avoided by US Presidents during the last four decades.

Be careful who you call a “slow learner” and “killer without a soul.” The world had enough of slow learners and killers in Washington DC who think that they are exceptional, God knows why. As we know today, Jim Mattis was fired (or resigned) because Donald J Trump wanted to remove US troops illegally occupying Syria and assisting ISIS and Al-Qaeda. And guess what, none of the gloom and doom predictions made across the political spectrum came to fruit. Mark Dubowitz, chief executive officer of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, “pulling US troops out of Syria would be a gift to Putin and to the mullahs in Tehran. And it would be a disastrous gift for the region.” Yet it would not have been, not at all. Peace could have reigned. Biden, by the way, is trying to stay on in Afghanistan where you lost the war only 18 years ago.

Brett McGurk, special envoy to the “global coalition to defeat ISIS,” also resigned, “Enduring defeat of a group like this means you can’t just defeat their physical space and then leave.” He would have left the Administration anyway.

“We have been dishonourable. This is a stain on the honor of the United States. Having been in the military for quite a while, I’m very aware of the sacrifices required to go overseas and serve in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan... So I told President Trump – if you withdraw and do not think this through, you're creating a nightmare for Turkey. This is going to be Iraq on steroids.” Lindsey Graham, Republican war mongrel.

This is a fellow that served as a lawyer in the USAF and later USAF Reserve, reaching the almighty rank of colonel. He calls himself an Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm veteran, but he never actually deployed to the Middle East. Eh, no, he served as a lawyer at McEntire Air National Guard Station in Eastover, South Carodefenselina during that time. Eh, yes, okay... His defense when eyebrows were lifted? “I have not told anybody I’m a combatant. I’m not a war hero, and never said I was... If I have lied about my military record, I’m not fit to serve in Congress.”

Hmm, okay, I know what I classify as stolen valor. It is also so that he somehow never reveals that his two largest campaign donors are Lockheed Martin and General Electric, the Merchants of Death. And so it went on, the war mongrels, international law abusers, and worse, complained bitterly. Deep State operatives slowed the withdrawal down as much as possible, undermining an elected POTUS and his sixty million supporters. American soldiers are dying because of their cowardice and self-interest.

“We were always playing shell games to not make clear to our leadership how many troops we had there… The actual number of troops in northeast Syria is a lot more than the roughly two hundred troops Trump initially agreed to leave there in 2019.” Jim Jeffrey Trump’s special envoy for Syria.

So he lied to the President. And everyone applauded. No sanction against him, no shame. That is how deep the corruption goes. And also wonder how a man that signed a “Never Trump” letter can ever be allowed by that very same Administration to hold any type of power… Of course, those paying Congress, the Merchants of Death selling their crap at overinflated prices do not wish peace either.

Those that preach peace are seen as from the devil. You might also want to read VOICES – War Crimes USA, where I devoted many dozens of pages on the war crimes committed under Jim Mattis’s command. It makes for gruesome reading.

Sadly, I could have continued like this for many hundreds of pages, but I think that my point is made – there is a very serious perception problem with the Beacon of Freedom these days. And that is due solely to the Washington Swamp and its supporters, not the average man who merely wants to live in peace conducting his life in his chosen profession. You really should not throw stones when you have a record as black as that of Josef Stalin whose victims were mostly Orthodox Christians. And if you are really worried about China then an alliance between it and Russia is to be avoided at all costs. Oh, too late, BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, already in an alliance against you. With that goes your latest idiotic idea that India will attack China on your behalf to save Australia and Japan. It will never happen.

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