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How long have I been warning you? And what did you do to the messengers?

The above, that there is something terribly wrong with the US military, was said by Professor Victor Hanson to Foxnews host, Tucker Carlson on 4 September 2021. They were speaking of the weapons left behind after the Taliban took Afghanistan with contemptible ease.

Okay, so what was left behind after the Afghan Army disintegrated and ran away as predicted and expected by all except the fools in the Pentagon and Washington? The Times calculated more than 22,000 Humvees. More than 600 M1117 armoured security vehicles. More than 150 MaxPro mine-proof trucks. Almost 170 M113 armoured personnel carriers. No less than 8,000 full-size military trucks and up to 42,000 pickups and SUVs. At least 109 helicopters and 65 fixed-wing aircraft. More than 358,000 M16 and M4 assault rifles. Ten of thousands of machine guns. More than 162,000 radios. More than 16,000 night-vision goggle devices, and 176 artillery pieces. So the Taliban became a conventional army now. They are not lightly armed terrorists anymore. Everyone on the mainstream news is in a panic about it.

Professor Hanson calculated that the US taxpayer, that sorely abused fellow, could have provided his own country with seven supercarriers, a thousand more F-35 rubbish, and three times more Abrams tanks than what the US ever had with the money wasted in Afghanistan. Wow. And this does not count the lives lost or shattered in other ways. So yes, I understand the anger. Especially since nothing was done to destroy the equipment. Not even with the final withdrawal where vehicles and aircraft could have been blown up or torched but no, they were simply abused with hammers. I can only shake my head in wonder. It was a pathetic attempt. What is more, history is repeating once again. Also left behind are 7,000 eye and fingerprint scanners with all the details of those Afghans that assisted the US & NATO through the years. As with the fall of Saigon in 1975 where the CIA left all their files behind, the scanners will tell the Taliban exactly who to target.

It should not be wondered at that wherever I am asked I advise the tribal leaders never ever to trust the US military. They will always run for home and leave you behind to suffer the logical consequences. It is their record, and it is a damn shameful one. And it will not change. There will be zero consequences for the shambolic fleeing from Kabul. There will be new medals and rewards for those in charge. And within a month or two it will be seen as an actual victory which is misunderstood. Those left behind and those brought to America to commit future terrorist acts (because they were not vetted) will be forgotten about too. It is that pathetic.

Right. So there are theories out there that say that the Taliban will now give Iran the surrendered equipment and they will then attack Israel to kick off World War Three. Well, I doubt that. Firstly, they don't share a border with Israel to attack it. Secondly, the Taliban is Sunni Muslims and Iran is mostly Shia, they hate each other. Then, thirdly, the equipment left behind, except for the night vision, is rubbish. That is the only good news.

Let me be clear. No one wants a Blackhawk simply because it is a bad helicopter and without any secrets to it. It just does not make the grade with poor power ratios and even less cargo carrying capacities. See Code Name Angelique where I made the comparisons. You also need pilots and maintenance crews with spare parts. Something that the Taliban does not have. They are not a threat at all.

You may ask how did the Iranians kept their F-14 Tomcats flying? Israel, the Jewish State got them the spare parts needed. How do we know that? Some defected and the airframes were inspected. Yes, read Code Name July 27, where this was revealed. Also note that the top-scoring Tomcat ace is an Iranian, not American. Iranian fighter pilot Jalil Zandi is credited with shooting down 11 Iraqi fighter jets. His victories included four MiG-23s, two Su-22s, two MiG-21s, and three Mirage F1s and this is confirmed by US Intel reports. I wonder if Hollywood knows this. LOL. I know the answer.

The M4 is so bad in killing that it is banned in most of the US States to hunt with. It has a pathetic first kill capacity – see Code Name Butterfly where we discussed its ballistics.

What about the 22,000 Humvees? Well, not mine-resistant, not a good vehicle and one that failed against IEDs all the time. The Taliban is welcome to them and whatever MRAP vehicles they have. Any airstrike will destroy the vehicles if not protected by an air force or missile umbrella, something that the Taliban simply don’t have and never will. Besides the night vision and hundreds of millions of US dollars in cash to be used in terror operations the Taliban pose no threat whatsoever to the West. The rest is just so much nonsense blown out of all proportions by mainstream media. Yes, China will score, it will invest heavily as it will in Syria where not one Western/NATO country will be invited. I wrote of this before, only BRICS Nations will be allowed. That is the price you pay when you lose a war.

So, what is wrong with the US military?

Ask me who warned for years on what we saw from the outside. The best book to read on this is American Military Might – Debunked, GMJ 35. I exposed all that is wrong with the MIC and the selling at a vast cost inferior equipment to the military. I warned that even an African country like South Africa has better SRAMs (Code Name Blue Tang) and better anti-tank missiles (Code Name Alphabet 32). I warned that your standards are low, below that of most countries (in every single book).

But above all, I warned that your officer corps is pathetic. Knowing how angry people will be with me, God knows why, I am but a messenger, I did not cause your crap, I backed every statement with an entire book. Many times I quoted others to prove the point. Like West Point Professor Tim Bakken, who in his book, The Cost of Loyalty: Dishonesty, Hubris, and Failure in the US Military, speaks of West Point standards. He describes how the “system” pays to get potential athletes and accepts students nominated by congressmen commensurate with donations made to fund re-election campaigns. He says straight that the US Military academies offer “a community college-level education only with more hazing, violence, and tamping down of curiosity. West Point takes soldiers and declares them to be professors, which works roughly as well as declaring them to be relief workers or nation builders or peace keepers. The school parks ambulances nearby in preparation for violent rituals. Boxing is a required subject. Women are five times more likely to be sexually assaulted at the three military academies than at other US universities.”

I even wrote about the war crimes committed too. The rape of female soldiers in VOICES - War Crimes USA. I warned that your intelligence agencies are infiltrated, left-wing liberal with political agendas. And I was castigated by those patriots I tried to warn. Whatever. Let us hope that you will now actually do something about your military before you are forced to speak Chinese in the future. And do something does not mean waste more money… it means upping your low standards and make do with much less so that you can learn to think again. There is no such thing as a bad soldier, there are only bad leaders, officers. Go to the YouTube channel at and listen to what every senior noncom and officer is saying about leadership. Perhaps you will learn something.

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