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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

The new GMJ book coming soon!

In the last ten GMJ books, from about Code Name GSSP-40, GMJ 40, I warned of the strategic threat posed by the Roman Catholic Military Order, the Society of Jesus, SJ, or Jesuits. I am by far not the only one or the first one to warn: John Adams (1735-1826; 2nd President of the United States): “Shall we not have regular swarms of them here, in as many disguises as only a king of the gypsies can assume, dressed as painters, publishers, writers, and schoolmasters? If ever there was a body of men who merited eternal damnation on earth and in hell it is this Society of Loyola’s.”

In the above GMJ books, the characters would speak about the above matters and by doing so convey the messages to the readers. However, it occurred to me to write a non-fiction book where all the evidence, research, and suspicions are gathered into one logical sequence. I thought it would be about 200 pages... the print version is over 500 pages. And so we have GMJ 51, The War on Protestantism, which will be available as soon as the editors are done with it (and they cannot be hurried along – our editors are the ones that make the GMJ Books readable). Say the end of August, somewhere in September 2020. I will make an announcement on my blog and website.

The War on Protestantism is unusual for a GMJ Book in that it deals with the battle of the mind and not earthly warfare or counterterrorism as do the rest of the series. The new book is exactly what the name says, the secret war raging upon Christians. It is deliberately and purposely only on Protestants even though many Catholics died too. It is being waged by the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church although the Church cannot claim innocence for what is done with its overt approval.

Destroying the Reformation is the only reason why the Jesuits, the so-called Society of Jesus, SJ, the Catholic Military Order exists. You simply need to look at their oath which is in Chapter 2 to understand the evil intent. We looked at history, where this started, and why the Vatican is identified as the Antichrist by all the great Reformation leaders. Nothing has changed since then except that Protestantism is folding and moving back to the “mother church.” Yes, the Jesuits are winning for now. Those that stay outside the shenanigans and hold firmly onto the Word of God and only the Word of God are relatively few, the remnants, mostly to be found in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Note that I have no official relationship with the Seventh Day Adventist Church or Amazing Discoveries ( - an amazing platform for truth which I quote often. I did not ask nor do I need their permission to write this book. I wrote it because I felt strongly about the subjects under discussion.

The reverse of destroying Protestantism is also true. Once destroyed, there will be a new world order. Yes, the one that existed during the middle-ages with one church, one leader, and one world. That is the forgotten part of the Jesuit war on Protestantism. What they will achieve will have dreadful consequences. We will be back in the Middle Ages with total Church / State unity. That is exactly what is not wanted and yet is predicted by the Bible. And if this sounds odd to you, know that I am not known to write conspiracy theories. What I write can be researched and I invite all readers to research by all means. To help you, I will quote the sources as we go along. Nevertheless, I expect many cynical denials from the Catholic side. There will also be those that nit-pick until they find something to complain about. Shrug. The evidence presented here speaks for itself. I will leave it to the reader to judge and act as he wishes.

It is an impossible task to write the entire 1,500 years of the Catholic Church and 500-year history of the Society of Jesus, SJ, Jesuits, in one book. There is probably a book waiting to be written for every sentence written in this book. It will take hundreds of thousands of pages if not millions to write the full story. Thus this cannot be more than an overview with many examples and should be seen as such.

I wish to state something else upfront. It is not my concern, nor do I care that much, who you choose to serve as your Maker, God. These are your private beliefs but you ought not to be lied to when you make that choice even if in the negative, i.e. choose to be an atheist, which is also good if that is what you want. You must be able to make your choices freely and not by way of deceit and I will repeat this dictum more than once. If you wish to serve the devil, Lucifer, then do so. If you wish to serve Allah, the Compassionate, then do so. If you wish to serve Indian/Tibetan/Chinese deities, then do so. If you wish to be part of the Roman Catholic system, then do so. If you wish to serve God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, the Holy Trinity of the Protestant Faith, as I do unashamedly, then do so. It is entirely your own prerogative and you will one day explain your deeds, good and bad, you alone, not me. I don’t care one way or the other. To me, this decision is ALL about informed and free choice, nothing else. There should not be deceit involved. Deceit is unjustifiable.

It is astonishing how everything started to slot into place once the pattern of deceit was uncovered. We are heading for dreadful times. Certainly, this Corona Panic is part of the plan. The War on Protestantism covers the following subjects: The Historical Context of the Reformation. The Jesuit Oath. The bizarre links between Roman Catholicism and Islam. Fundamentalism, Radicalism, and a Cult. Jesuit Influences: The 1,260 Day Prophecy. The Third Temple Fable. Jesuit Education. Mary, the Mother of God. The Art of War. The Rape of China. Theater and Hollywood. The Occult Code. The Mark of the Beast. The “Grace Defense.” Sunday Laws. Loyola’s Spiritualism. The Catholic Doctrine of Purgatory. Secret Organisations. The Knights of Malta and the Compromise of Avranches. The Pope identified as the Antichrist. Bible Changes. Freemasonry, and, How the Jesuits created the United States as the Second Beast. Patterns and evidence of the US acting as the Second Beast pushing for the Third World War predicted by the high occultists (Albert Pike).

I must also say that a practicing Roman Catholic is not an evil person in any sense of the word or seen as the enemy to be hunted and killed. Misguided he certainly is, in my view, yes, and betrayed by those that he trusts most, yes, but not inherently evil. This book is not an attack against Roman Catholics and should not be read as such. Rather it is the expression of the other view, the Protestant one, backed by facts as set out in the Holy Bible and whatever evidence is available. Some might even see it as a warning. Babylon, the Roman Catholic system, is a system of worship incompatible with worshiping God and based upon false, unbiblical, doctrines and according to the Book of Revelation, run by unclean spirits. That is what I have a problem with.

I can only hope that enough people read The War on Protestantism to understand what is happening. I say again, what came out in the research was plain evil. The pattern exposed, the dots linked, is even worse.

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