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During the last days of 2019 the Chinese Navy (full name China’s People’s Liberation Army-Navy – PLAN) commissioned half a dozen new warships for service. That made them officially numerically larger than the US Navy. PLAN now has some 300 vessels, 10 more than the US. However, the two navies are very different in setup with the US still having their aircraft carrier battle groups around which they project power or think they do – technology changed dramatically in the last two decades. Frankly put, aircraft carriers are not what they used to be even when brand new. Many military strategists think that they are obsolete and an indication of a lack of new thinking/thought in US admirals. I warned many times in my books that they just cannot see past their aircraft carrier even if their carriers are “sunk” often in war games. Most of the US aircraft carriers are anyway in dry dock and the aircraft on them flown to pieces during the endless bombing campaigns that achieved nothing. The vaunted carrier groups are so vulnerable that they cannot come too close to China’s shores to be an offensive (able to strike) weapon system because the Chinese land-based missiles out range the US aircraft by a factor of two. Those missiles, as I explained, can change course, accelerate and de-accelerate and have three times more explosive power than US systems. It is expected that they will get through. What is worse, the CIWS (close defense) on US ships are old and considered inefficient using World War Two 20mm calibers. The Chinese version is heavier, 30-35mm, and much more effective, in another class, actually. The Royal Navy is even worse. Two aircraft carriers. Only enough aircraft (useless F-35) for one carrier and not nearly enough supporting warships to protect them. Yes, and diesel-powered. It is all in my books, Code Name Ghost and/or American Military Might – Debunked. This is not news to people like me.

In Code Name Lucy I first mentioned the Roosevelt-Dreadnought Principle that was so logical and startling that no conservative or other website wanted to publish it. What I said was that in history, during the arms race between Imperial Germany and the British Empire, a ship was designed and built by the Brits that changed everything. That was HMS Dreadnought. The new battleship was so far ahead of what it replaced that the rest, even if brand new, were obsolete. Suddenly it did not matter that the Royal Navy had numerical superiority. Whoever could build enough Dreadnought type battleships would win. A renewed arms race started. As it happened, the Royal Navy out built Germany. Today, not one Western country including the US can out-build the massive Chinese shipyards. The Chinese are commissioning warships so fast that they are running out of names for them. In fact, they have more naval ships being build right now than all other navies combined. Right, so the answer is quality. How will they fare against the US Navy since that is where they will be used – there is no other viable enemy to them. It is the US and mates and no one else.

Frankly, the new Chinese warships are good and improving relentlessly. I described in my books, see Code Name Ndebele 14, how they would test a system continuously and when happy, implement across the board with frightening efficiency. I can throw statistics at you, how with Israeli assistance they have phase array radar able to track an F-35 at 300 miles. I can say that the AI (artificial intelligence) is world leading. I can say again that most new IT specialists graduating with PhDs in the US are Chinese and they are going back to China once graduated. The Chinese have the biggest missile/drone (underwater and above, see Code Name Unbutton) in the world. Above anything that even the US can achieve. In fact, I did do the facts thing – American Military Might – Debunked is nothing but 694 pages of facts. I did not just grab figures from the sky. I was astonished by what the research showed me. I felt compelled to warn. Whatever, the fact is that the Chinese are building a navy second to none and that they are moving over from purely defensive to one that can project power on faraway shores. I also explained in my books how the BRICS countries assist. Something that no US/Western based strategist sees clearly yet. But let me explain, South Africa, a BRICS member, controls the sea route between Europe and the East. That is the only reason why the country is in BRICS. It also has a good navy and air force with a standing army that will fight if invaded. It is a nation of 50 million-plus people, not an Iraq. But, it will also be assisted by China if invaded and the sea route cut or opened if desired to be cut. Whoever controls South Africa controls the Cape of Good Hope sea route. Which means that the chess moves have been made already. The US is surrounded but whatever, I am not explaining more, read the books if interested.

What this is about is safeguarding trade and defeating Western blockades. Another fact, whoever controls the seas controls 94% of the world trade. That laptop/smartphone you are reading this blog on came to you via container ships, not aircraft. The fuel in your car, well, the oil almost certainly came by ship. Keeping the sea lanes open is the beginning and end of major war strategy. All countries that could not keep the sea lanes open lost the war in the end. That is what history tells us, Germany lost twice in the last 120 years. The standard way of war for the West is to blockade, cut trade, and arrive to bomb whilst building a massive invasion force to cross in fast armour strikes. As I explained, this tactic will never work against a major opponent. Again, the reasons are in my books. The lessons are clear. But there is more going on here. Much more. The US Navy’s answer to the Chinese Navy is not to think out of the box or to improve their utterly low standards but to demand more money for more ships. The Trump Administration wants a 355 ships navy. Fine, but remember something, the Chinese version is new, the US version is old, that is the Roosevelt-Dreadnought Principle explained in Code Name Lucy. But there simply is not enough money to do this besides the dreadful lack of technology. Russia and China are deploying missiles/underwater drones that the US does not even have on the drawing board or any known defense against. Let me use an example, when a few weeks ago the US tried to activate its emergency cargo fleet (Surge Fleet) it failed. In fact, the engineers to run the US “Surge Fleet” do not exist anymore, they are steam-powered, old technology. “Of the 61 ships suddenly activated in the test, 40.7% were fully ready to support a major sealift operation - barely half of the standard 85% readiness expected by the Navy. ‘You had 22 out of the 61 ships in either C-5 or C-4 condition,’ Sal Mercogliano, a merchant marine and current professor at Campbell University, told Defense News. ‘C-5 means that you can’t even leave the dock; C-4 means you can leave the dock but you are not in any condition to sail any real distance. In my ballpark, that’s non-mission capable. So right off the bat you lose 22 of the 61 ships. Then of the 33 that they activated, nine of them had issues. Three of them were C-4 level.’ (Copyright to Sputnik but reported widely in non-US outlets). This means you cannot keep your soldiers supplied and if you think that it takes something like 300,000 bullets to kill one terrorist the US logistics are cut by outright inefficiency and a lack of planning. Logistics is everything in modern war. If you cut the logistic tail, extremely vulnerable and long for the US forces, it is over. Therefore it is planned for, to attack the logistic tail. But I have to wonder and ask you, what broke the USSR? Money. A lack of money whilst trying to outspend the USA. Remember Mr Reagan’s Space Wars? They got the USSR to bankrupt itself trying to keep up. So did Bin Laden. He must be laughing at the money blown on unnecessary endless wars. And if so, if the USSR was broken in an arms race, why would the US Navy demand even more money to out-built the Chinese shipyards? Something that we know cannot be done. Yes, I think that the Chinese are going to break the US economy if this trend continues. The answer is not spending more money but to increase standards. Getting out of the unnecessary endless wars and stop annoying everyone else, including friends. Become smart, in other words. Go back to basics.

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