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Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Music and death, the connection.

Now that Joe Biden is installed by Social Media and Big Tech as the US President to run Barack Obama’s third term, you may expect the illegal killings to continue merrily. History will tell you that under the Obama Administration, drone strikes took place 563 times in Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen. Right, now contrast this with the George W Bush Administration, they had 57 such strikes, almost 10 times less. It is very much worse now. In March 2019, then President Trump issued an executive order prohibiting the release of an “unclassified summary of US strikes against terrorists outside areas of active hostilities and assessments of non-combatant deaths caused by those strikes.”

In plain language, the civilian/innocent casualties caused by US drone strikes will from now on be kept secret. We don’t need to speculate why, we know – covering war crimes. It is a disgrace beyond words and a dreadful mistake that will cost American lives in the future. Remember something, those murdered – the innocents – their family and friends know what happened... it is the American public that is deceived. And note that Biden did not remove that Executive Order, it stands. And we know from NGO reports that these drones miss their intended target 96.5% of the time which means you have to murder 96.5 humans out of every 100 to get the 3.5 you wanted to kill. A fine record of “surgical strikes” eh? No, not really, even one innocent death is one too many.

So let us look at the US Drone Program and what those involved had to say about it. The vetting, to begin with, was all wrong, they would be tested on video games and shown “kill TV.” Those that asked questions were removed, those that did not were recruited. Now you had people with borderline psychopath symptoms and no sense of military honour operating drones from their air-conditioned offices close to Las Vegas. They are paid six-figure salaries (when contractors) to murder women and children.

Many became disillusioned quite quickly, “I was under the impression that America was saving the world, like, that we were Big Brother and we were helping everyone out...” One female whistle-blower stated bitterly, “It’s so primitive, raw, stripped-down death. This is real. It’s not a joke. You see someone die because you said it was okay to kill them. I was always shaking. Sometimes I would just go to the bathroom and just sit on the toilet. I mean just sit there in my uniform and just cry.”

Eventually, she was diagnosed as suicidal. Two of her colleagues did commit suicide and others abused alcohol and hard drugs. You may be surprised but I have great sympathy for her. That is how an honourable person OUGHT to react.

This is also why the US Drone Program is being moved to the CIA, away from the USAF and any type of scrutiny. Former imagery analyst, Michael Haas, “Everyone drank. There was a lot of coke, speed, and that sort of thing. If the higher-ups knew, then they didn’t say anything, but I’m pretty sure they must have known. It was everywhere.”

When another reported for service at the base, Metallica heavy metal music was being played as part of the indoctrination. The welcoming speech? “Gentlemen! Welcome to Creech. While here, it will be your job to blow shit up and kill people!” Creech is the base outside Las Vegas where the drones are controlled from.

I wish to refer you to OATH OF EVIL – The War on Protestantism, in this regard. “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” Plato, the famous Rationalism philosopher.

Now there is only one “Moral Law” that interests us and that is the Ten Commandments as given by God to Moses. Music is used to either honour God or Satan but never both. Let me explain, simply put, harmonious music is pleasing to God since it deals with your brain, your intellect. Rhythm, on the other hand, is nothing but flesh reacting, there is no intellect involved. As part of the Vatican’s plan to bring all religion under itself, rule as a one-world church/religion, a decision was made at Vatican II, 1962 to 1965, to bring dance music into churches, the so-called “Charismatic / New Age Movements.”

This is entirely based upon rhythm. This is where the idea of rejecting the “old” hymns came from and today you have rock bands in churches going like demented werewolves. That is alien to Christianity, taking away the dignity of a house of God. If you should listen closely to the words of these new songs, you will find that they often make a mockery of God. Many times, the words were written when under the influence of drugs (by their admittance).

A recent study, August 2020, by Earex (UK) found that 90%, that is 9 out of 10 people do not hear the words when they sing along on a popular track. Thus, they might be singing praise to Lucifer and not even realising it. Or they might open themselves to drug abuse (totally not what God desires) as it becomes mainstream through music. Take as an example the Beatles song, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” Many will tell you that the song refers to LSD use even if vehemently denied by the Band. Despite the denials, the BBC banned the song from the airwaves in 1967 which says it all.

There are countless other examples. Too many to mention. The only advice is to look for the occult signs on their albums and especially how they make occultic hand signals during performances. You will find even the best-known “Christian” Bands doing the above. They do so at times inside churches. I repeat, this is important, unless you look and listen very closely you will be singing along to the detriment of your soul. Be very aware. It is happening. Having heavy metal play at the drone base is indicative of the state of mind of the drone operators, GMJ.

You look at such disclosures with disgust that only a professional can feel. Mickey Mouse people trying to play God. They are creating more terrorists. Some will get through, it is inevitable, and you will die or your kids will. Brought to you by Uncle Sam’s low standards. Then you will be angry with everyone including military authors like me that stood up and warned for years that you are on the wrong road, the road to defeat. And remember something else, that drone has your flag on it. What is happening is being done in your name. You are as much guilty of war crimes as would be the fellow that pulls the trigger. You will do well to read GMJ 46, VOICES - War Crimes USA, where we take a hard look at US war crimes and the reasons behind them. And make no mistake, nothing will change when a new fool arrives at the oval office claiming rather arrogantly to be the leader of the free world…

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